Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 8

Alright. We have finally hit the point where 9ethtranslations stopped, so be prepared for me to butcher just about every proper noun I run into. Let’s do this.


The Second Victim

“Ellis, you can have Kevin’s house.”

The thieve’s guild master issued an order that all of Kevin’s property would be given to Ellis. If he didn’t do it this way, then a fight would break out among guild members over inheritance. The Guild normally takes possession of all property owned by members who are removed due to criminal offenses, but Kevin’s cleansing was performed by Reeve. Also considering the circumstances of the incident, Kevin’s property could be considered as remuneration for Angus. Other than that, the property of the other cleansed members shall be forfeited to the guild and distributed to the other members.

Ellis and Reeve started the next day by cleaning up Kevin’s house.

Then, the cat-girl of the thief guild popped in. “I’ve come to help, nya!” Furthermore Katie continued, “Ellis, what are you going to do from now on, nya?”

Suddenly, that ‘question’ from Katie caused Ellis’s head to swirl.

Brave… Demon Lord… Can not forgive…

Ellis-Eiji remembered. She was incarnated in order to harass.

“Reeve, Katie, have you ever heard of a brave or a demon lord?”

To Ellis’s crazy question Reeve and Katie looked between each other.

“I’ve never heard of them.”

“I’ve never heard of them, nya.”

So neither the hero or the demon lord have appeared in this world yet. Or maybe they just haven’t become well known yet.

So first, I need power to harass them. Ellis-Eiji noticed how excited she had become. As a former hikineet, this was the first time she had ever had a purpose.

While cleaning Kevin’s house, a lot of treasure was pulled up from hidden spaces throughout the house. Although they didn’t find any magical tools, they were able to find various jewels, cash, and expensive ornaments.

“Katie, can you take care of this stuff?”

“If you go through the thieve’s guild, they’ll take a 10 percent commission, nya.”

“That’s fine.”

After liquidating all of Kevin’s property, it comes to about 30 million ril. Isn’t this an amount of money where I would never have to work again?

Reeve disagreed. “What a half-hearted amount.”

“What do you mean?”

“The usage of 10 million ril can easily be imagine, but if you multiply that amount by just 3, it becomes 30 million ril and people believe that they have received infinite wealth. People give into this illusion and end up spending all their money even though it’s actually not that large of an amount of money.”

“Hoh.” Ellis was impressed. Reeve is amazing. As expected of a former daughter of an aristocrat.

“What about the building, nya?”

Ellis’s house is already quite large. The dining room has a table big enough to seat six people, a living room, and four bedrooms along with a guest room. She also has a kitchen and a washroom, so her house was big enough for five people to easily live there. With one room for Ellis and Reeve, there are still four more vacant rooms if you include the guest room.

Kevin’s house was almost right next to Ellis’s and the space between them was only big enough for one person to be able to squeeze through. They were both only a short distance to the highway, and Ellis had a large backyard that could be used to spread a garden.

“Miss, why not sell Kevin’s house as well?”

Reeve’s suggestion was probably the right one, but in fact, if it is done carelessly, it would go against Ellis’s interests. She didn’t want any strange new insects to become the new residents.

“Can you have the price evaluated?”

“Sure, nya. You should make the offer price double the value and drop the price according to the opponents negotiations, nya.”

“Let’s do that for now.”

While Ellis and Katie discussed the price, Reeve had a bad feeling about something.

Ellis, on the other hand, felt that a new prey was about to be caught.

A few days later, as to be expected, Reeve’s enemy and Ellis’s prey visited the mansion.

“Hello, I’ve come to greet my new neighbors.” What appeared before Ellis and Reeve was Frau, the daughter of the adventurer guild master.

“I bought this mansion as a girls’ dormitory for the adventurer’s guild,” Frau explained.

By the way, the purchase price of the mansion that the adventurer guild presented to Ellis was 100 million ril. This was three times as much as the market price. Honestly, it’s crazy.

Then the adventurer guild master himself appeared from behind Frau. “Sorry to bother you with no prior notice.”

The guild master could only look awkwardly at Ellis and Reeve.

Frau ignored her father. “Well then, would you please lend me a room in your residence from where I can manage the dormitory?”

Ellis had to work hard to not reveal her disgusting smile. She gently walked up to Frau and whispered in her ear with a low voice that no one else could hear.

“Is this a request from a pig woman?”

“Yes.” Tears began to form at the end of her scarlet eyes.

“I understand.” After softly kissing Frau’s ear so that neither Reeve nor the guild master could see it, Ellis returned to Reeve’s side.

“From this day forward, Frau will live with us in this house.”

“Miss! What are you saying?”

Reeve objected. This was natural. But this time, Ellis whispered into Reeve’s ear. “The sun is still out, and the words we use now are not the same, right?”

Reeve stiffened.

“What will you say when the sun goes down?”

Reeve, overwhelmed by the pressure from Ellis, became red and shyly scratched her ear.

“I am my lady’s toy.”

Very good. Ellis turned back to the adventurer guild master as if nothing had happened and showed him the intention of accepting Frau.

“I’m sorry. I will pay you rent, of course. Well, I can be more relieved if she stays with you than some funny bastard, so I do appreciate your help.

Papa Frau, you are being deceived.

Certainly, there are no strange guys here, but that doesn’t mean nothing will happen.

“Let’s all take a bath.”

“I understand. I will go get it ready.”

As Reeve left to go prepare the washroom, Ellis reminded her to prepare a spot for Frau as well.

Frau stood motionless in a corner of the living room. In a new situation and a new house, she was in a situation where she was unsure of where to put herself. Adjusting to a new place is hard work. Ellis, remembering the feelings of the hikineet, took Frau’s hand and guided her around the house.

“For today, please use this room.” Ellis brought her to the house’s guest room which was the highest room in Ellis’s house. However, Frau felt dissatisfied.

“If it’s alright with you Ellis…could I have a room next to you and Reeve?”

Ellis slept in her mother’s old bedroom and Reeve slept in her father’s old room. There was another bedroom near Ellis’s that was across the hall from Reeve’s but no one had slept in it for quite some time.

“Please give me that room,” Frau pleaded.

Ellis admired Frau’s spirit.

“Alright, you should fit right in to a filthy room like that. Tomorrow, you can help me clean up my father’s mementos.”

With her peach skin flushing a slightly darker shade of red, Frau replied delightfully, “Then I will take that room, please.”

“Miss, the bath is ready.”

“I’m on my way now.” Ellis responded to Reeve’s calling voice and began pulling Frau to the washroom.

“Alright, let’s take a bath together!”

Frau’s expression showed that she didn’t know what Ellis was talking about. Is bathing not done alone?

While entering the washroom with such a doubt, there was a girl who was already naked inside.

Frau shook.

Because standing there was a beautiful woman with shaggy green hair and bright green eyes. Furthermore, she had a naked body that seemed to have jumped right out of a painting.

Before Frau could figure out what was happening, Ellis had already stripped naked as well. Straight blond hair that reached her shoulders. A thin body that looked like it would break if you squeezed it too hard with white porcelain skin. Frau became dizzy from the two beautiful women that stood before her.

“REEVE! Pour the water!” Then Ellis and Reeve jumped into the water.

Frau felt a sense of alienation. Frau watched the two jump into the bath, and she came to a decision. She took off her blouse and long skirt. She stripped off her underwear. She became naked and quietly asked, “Ellis, please teach me the proper manners.”

Reeve showed a look of triumph.

Ellis was full of humorous laughter.

Burning deep red hair spread across her back in a fluffy wave. Sparkling crimson eyes as if to expose her passion. Peachy skin, which usually silences men, was now dyed red. And an impression that was the exact opposite of reeve. Rich breasts, a tight waist, and a glamorous butt.

“Frau, come in as well.” At Ellis’s request, Frau began to approach the two.

“It feels good.” Ellis handed a squeezed towel of cold water to Frau.

“Miss, let’s clean your body first.” Reeve cut inbetween Ellis and Frau as if to neglect Frau.

Reeve wiped Ellis’s body with a towel.

Ellis wiped Reeve’s body with a towel.

Frau could only stare at the figure of the two. Her sense of time was gone. The sense of alienation peaked. She was overcome with sadness.

Ellis came over to Frau. Frau left her body to Ellis’s hands. Ellis began wiping Frau’s body with a towel. The sense of alienation evaporated and the sadness turned to joy.

“It’s time for supper.”

The evening meal on that day was made by lightly grilling the meat that Reeve had pickled the other day. They also had leafy vegetables for sandwiches and had tea that was bought from the market.

Frau ate silently.

Reeve ignored Frau.

Ellis did not say anything to either of them.

After dinner, Frau returned to the room she had requested, but she could not sleep.

“Why did I come here? Because I had a sense of inferiority to the harmonious relationship between Reeve and Ellis?”

She could not understand her own actions. Sorrow struck again.

Then she heard the door open in the next room over. Frau’s curiosity was piqued, and she tried to pay attention to the sound. A new sound was coming from Reeve’s room. Frau snuck out and tried to casually listen at the door. The sound she heard was the panting voice of Reeve and the irrepressible voice of Ellis.

Frau felt several times more terrible than she had in the bath. She got caught on the door. She lost all power in her legs. Tears began to come out.

“Why am I even here?”

Then the door was suddenly flung open.

“What a bad girl, eavesdropping like this.”

Ellis was standing there in the doorway.

And Frau understood everything.

I was happy when Ellis called me a bad child.

“Let’s go to your room.”

Frau’s left hand was taken by a girl whose height only reached up to her breast, and she wiped away her tears with her right hand.

Frau was thoroughly embraced that night until her consciousness began to fade. As she slowly drifted off, she realized that she was being toyed with.

There is no point in competing with Reeve.

We are both just toys for this doll.

And we both enjoy it.

“Frau is unexpectedly muscular.” After Frau fainted, Ellis rubbed Frau’s stomach before getting up and returning to her other waiting toy.

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Chapter 9

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    1. It’s a typical Sadomasochistic nickname. Frau is called like that because of her well-endowed body, not because she’s ugly.


  1. Uwaaa that’s a dropped, I don’t like how the main character who is literally 8 years old is making pets out of other older women, and even abusing them! I kind of though this had potential, but in my opinion now, this is definitely dropped, bye.


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