Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 7


Booby Trap

Evening of that day.

According to the summons she received, Ellis headed towards the thieve’s guild while carrying her work tools.

Reeve accompanied her up to the entrance. However, since this was work that had to be done in the darkness, Reeve was not allowed to join her. Originally, this was work that would be completed without informing one’s family of their whereabouts. If you succeed, then you would return as if nothing had happened. If you failed, though, a former companion would bury you in an unmarked grave. It was that sort of job.

“Then let’s separate here.”

“Understood.” Here, Reeve activated the Spirit Ring and the Intelligence Piercings. With this, Ellis’s remarks will be transmitted to Reeve. After confirming the activation of the piercings, Ellis replenished the mana inside the Spirit Ring.

“Well then, please be careful.”

“Reeve, you too.”

After exchanging words, Reeve disappeared into an alley behind the thieve’s guild and Ellis entered through the front door.

Katie was at the receptionist’s desk silently waiting for Ellis. Ellis walked towards the back of the guild, and as she passed by the side of the receptionist’s desk, Katie gently murmured without moving her lips, “I have the rat by its tail, nya.”

“Thanks Katie.”

Reeve, who heard the voice of Ellis through the piercings, understood that Katie had grabbed some useful information and that the plan was going smoothly.

Ellis entered a changing room prepared at the back of the guild building. Inside, she began changing into her favorite black uniform. She equipped her father’s dagger to her waist and hid her various other tools along the bosom of her shirt. When she was finished preparing, she headed towards the Guild Master’s room.

“Master, I’m here.”

“Oh, glad you could make it.”

The Guild Master of the Thieve’s Guild appeared to be a “Mr. Chubby” kind of guy, but if you are experienced enough, you can notice that this body was a disguise. The recognition of that disguise is a requirement in order to become a guild executive candidate.

When Ellis was six years old, Angus brought her to meet the Guild Master. When she saw him, she saw through his camouflage and asked him, “Uncle, why are you hiding?” From that point on, the Guild Master accepted Angus’s request and Ellis was admitted to the infiltration unit.

“Ellis, I have some work for you.”

“Yes, master.”

The Guild Master’s ugly face distorted into a smile toward the obedient Ellis.

“You are a smart girl, so you should already have a certain grasp about the situation, right?”

“I wonder?”

The Guild Master began to laugh graciously. Ellis-Eiji, who had learned about the master’s temperament from Angus and Ellis’s diaries, laughed with him.

After awhile, the Guild Master pulled out a single envelope and handed it to Ellis. “Your mission is leave this letter on the bedside of the adventurer Guild Master’s daughter.”


“That’s right.” Finally finished with his laughter, the Guild Master hunched over his desk and smiled once again. “We’ll grab a fool’s tail this way.”

Oh. Master already understands everything.

“Okay, then I’m off.”

“Yeah, and don’t worry about the rest of the organization. I’ll take care of everything.”

At the voice of the Guild Master at her back, Ellis disappeared into darkness.

Meanwhile, Reeve had been carefully listening in on Ellis’s conversation, and she was able to draw in four pieces of information. 1. Katie is a friend. 2. Frau is an enemy. 3. The rat has begun to show its tail. 4. The Guild Master could be counted on to help Ellis and possibly Reeve as well.

Ellis quickly arrived at the hall of the adventurer Guild Master and easily infiltrated the mansion. In addition to Ellis’s abilities as a thief which were already at a high level, there was also the agility bonus gifted from the God of Thieves.

Ellis began to organize her thoughts as she made her way to the attic.

Ellis knew that Frau was jealous of Reeve. That’s probably why she agreed to cooperate in order to get rid of Reeve.

Ellis licked her lips.

“Bad girls need to be punished.”

There is no doubt that Frau has some feelings for Ellis. At the very least she favors her. Yosh. It’s about time to make my second conquest.

There were signs of several people approaching Reeve. They weren’t grouped up but were acting separately, and they were hiding their killing intent. A normal person would think nothing of it, but Reeve was a swordsman. Swordsmen read all signs, not just bloodlust.

Reeve turned her feet and arrived at a wide open place. If you have multiple opponents, you should draw the fight into a narrow place. It is a principle in order to turn a fight into a one-on-one battle to overcome the difference in numbers.

But this time, the opponents were thieves.

These people live in the darkness and rely on poison and surprise attacks. On the other hand, they have low defensive power.

Here it is.

In the darkness of a new moon, Reeve arrived at a wide open space. The signs accurately follow her through the darkness and move to surround her.

“{Chameleon}” By the effect of the Mimetic Brooch, Reeve disappeared.

Reeve’s sudden disappearance confused the people who were tailing her. They quickly gathered to where Reeve was to find some sign of where she had gone. Thus when they had all gathered together, Reeve recited another command word.


The Flash Bracelet released an intense, blinding light.


The presences who had been silent until now cried out in surprise and tried to shield there eyes with their hands.

“{Swallow Come}” As she murmured her shamshir’s command word, Reeve slid the double damage sword tip into the chest of one of her pursuers.

You could not even call it a fight. From that point on, it was a one-sided annihilation.

With every swing of her shamshir, Reeve tore through another vital point and her would-be assassins were robbed of there lives almost instantaneously. Then, when she saw a face that she recognized, she mercilessly cut off its head. She drained the blood, wrapped in a cloth, and put it away in her Pouch of Gluttony.

“Here it is.” Ellis had finally discovered Frau’s room within the attic. Seeing that all the lights were out specifically in this area, Frau was most likely dead-set on capturing Ellis.

“Well, I wonder what I should do. Perhaps I should let her capture me to give her a sense of superiority.”

Ellis left the attic and made her way up to the roof. She then quietly entered Frau’s room through her window. Then, in accordance with her mission from the Thieve’s Guild, she placed the letter on Frau’s bed.

Suddenly, the room was filled with a magical light, and Ellis was grabbed from behind. It was Frau herself who had restrained Ellis.

“I’m sorry,” Frau apologized, but she was clearly excited at her triumph.

Ellis nodded. “Mission failed.”

Ellis’s response surprised Frau, and Ellis continued.

“Frau, kill me…”

“What!?” Frau’s grip relaxed and she spun Ellis around to face her. “You idiot. I can’t kill you.”


Ellis began shedding tears. In that figure, Frau felt a pain take hold of her heart. “It’s different, it’s different! I didn’t mean to make you sad Ellis! It was just…”

Ellis was satisfied by her performance. She was also convinced that Frau was just caught in the spider’s web and didn’t really know what was going on. Still, Ellis continued to speak words of despair to the dismaying Frau.

“The price of failure is death. Those are the rules of the guild.”

To Ellis’s squealing voice, Frau realized what she had done.

“Hey, Frau. You killed me with your hands. Even if I go back to the guild, I will just be dealt with the way all failures are.”

Frau was becoming more and more disoriented. “I’m sorry…You didn’t fail. You haven’t failed, so please stop crying.


Frau looked into Ellis’s emerald eyes which were filled with large tears. Ellis suddenly embraced Frau who remarks,

“Truly, so don’t cry.”

Suddenly, Ellis kissed Frau and pushed her onto her bed. Frau, who was already panicking, accepted the strange circumstances calmly, and returned Ellis’s hug.

“Sorry, Ellis. I’m sorry…”

And the second victim was born.

Until the next morning, Frau continued to be blasted by the devil’s technique of this 8 year old girl. She repeatedly attacked the body and spirit of Frau without giving her any time to take a break or catch her breath.

Eventually, the night ended.

Along with the morning sun, Ellis spoke gently to Frau, “So my mission was a success, right?”

Frau was too weak to get up, so while lying on the bed, she could only move her eyes towards Ellis and say, “Ellis, your mission is successful, so please come again…”

But Frau’s appeal was grasped mercilessly.

“Fucking pig woman.”


Frau became panicked at the violation from Ellis. What do I need to do to gain Ellis’s favor? With the pig woman abuse, Frau became confused and afraid that Ellis would no longer want to meet with her.

Then Ellis continued to speak to Frau while grinning.

“I’m going to return to the Thieves Guild, but isn’t there something you have to report to the Thieve’s Guild as well?”

Oh yeah. If I tell them everything, maybe Ellis will come see me again. I should go…

Frau hurriedly started to get dressed.

“I’m back.” Ellis entered the Guild Mater’s room from the secret back entrance to make her report.

“How was it?” The Guild Master asked with a smile.

Ellis smiled back. “The thieve’s guild sure has some unpleasant points.”

With those words, the master understood everything. “Well don’t say that. We are in the process of cleaning out the garbage as we speak.”

As the master began to laugh loudly, a messenger jumped into the room. “Master. A person claiming to be Ellis’s guardian has brought in Kevin’s head. Should we kill her?”

Another messenger jumped in. “Master. The daughter of the adventurer Guild Master is complaining that Kevin tricked her into trapping Ellis…why is Ellis here?”

Finally Katie jumped in as well. “Master! I have found evidence that proves Kevin killed Angus, nya.”

“Calm down, you guys.” The thieve’s guild master made Katie sit in a chair and motioned for one of the messengers to call his aid.

“You wanted to see me, master?”

The Guild Master handed the aid a list that he had received from Katie. “I want you to have a talk with these guys.”

The aid quickly read through the list. “They’re rule-breakers?”


“I will clear up any misunderstandings soon.”

The Guild Master then turned to Ellis. “Ellis, daughter of Angus, from this day forth, you are a thief adventurer. I hope to see you continue to contribute to the guild from now on.”

“Thank you, master!” As Ellis hugged him, the master pointed to his neck.

“Around here.”

“I understand.” Ellis gently kissed the master’s exposed skin where his finger had designated.

By the time Ellis left the Guild Master’s room, everything was settled.

Thieve’s Guild iron law: “Fellow killing equals death.”

Everyone involved in Angus’s killing, including Kevin’s wife Alicia, was purged by the guild’s hand before the sun could set that day.

Chapter 6

Chapter 8

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  1. Eh, Not a fan of Kevin’s wife dying or whatever. Was hoping she’d come back as a somewhat important character later. Hell, She’d probably be even a conquest for Ellis.

    Also not sure why Frau ( However you spell her name) was a target.


    1. Why? Just because she is a woman? Shes no different than Kevin, having Ellis’s father murdered and planning to sell her into slavery.

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