Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 13


Design Commencement



Claire unconsciously leaked out a sweet breath she had never made before.

Her whole body was wrapped in a warm gentleness. Something gently touched her lips.

Claire resisted the idea of waking up for a second, but she eventually began to open her eyes.

When her eyes were fully opened, a pair of emerald eyes were gazing back into hers.


Ellis smiled at the shaking Claire as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

“Claire, good morning.”

Claire was brought into Ellis’s pace and mechanically returned Ellis’s greeting.

“Eh, oh yeah, Ellis, good morning.”

Ellis slightly raised herself up in bed and looked down at Claire. “Do you remember what I asked you yesterday?”



Claire remembered in the middle of last night’s fluff. It was a conversation during an interlude of pillow talk. Ellis would tell her about the ability that she possesses, but she had to promise to keep it a secret.

“Yeah, I remember.”

“Will you listen to my request?”

“Of course, Ellis.”

“Thank you, Claire.”

Those emerald color eyes slowly came closer to Claire, and she was drawn into the luscious world again.

But the two would soon be brought back to reality.

“Miss! Claire! It’s morning!”

“Ellis. Claire. Breakfast is ready!”

Reeve and Frau were both knocking on the guest room door and calling for the two.

By the way, the both of them were tormented by Ellis the previous night, and they were both in very good moods with glossy skin.

Ellis and Claire hurriedly threw on their clothes and opened the guest room door as if nothing at happened.

“Good morning, Reeve, Frau” X2

“Good morning, you two.”

“Alright, let’s go have breakfast.”

The four people went downstairs and took their usual seats at the breakfast table.

“Then I will explain my secret to Claire after we finish our food.”

“Once you hear it, you can’t unhear it.”

“You don’t know what you will see if you betray this secret.”

Two people were unnecessarily intimidating and threatening Claire, but Claire argued against them, even though her voice was like a mosquito crying compared to their pressures.

“I will absolutely not betray Ellis…”



Towards the Reeve and Frau who were admiring Claire’s resolve, Ellis was making a smug face as she showed off the results of her training. However, for the two whose training involved them giving up various things, Ellis knew she would never be able to give that type of face on their behalf.

“What, please be a little more jealous.”

It is good that no one is able to read the mind of the hikineet.

After breakfast, Ellis told Claire about her secret abilities as she had done with Frau.

While Claire was surprised, she was calmly convinced.

“Oh, so is that why Ellis suggested using a Fever Stone yesterday?”

“As to be expected of Claire. You understand that with my abilities, we do not have to worry about the heat source.”

“Naturally, Ellis.”

“That’s why I’d like to officially order the design and construction of the large public bathhouse and the flush toilet we discussed yesterday from Claire’s workshop.”

To Ellis’s request, Claire gave a hearty smile. “I will do a good job. The only favor I ask is that you let me supervise the design and construction of the project. I also hope that you can lend me a room to stay in.”

“No problem.”

Ellis accepts.

Both Reeve and Frau who have already accepted Claire also have no objections.

“There is one more thing I would like to ask for.”

“Go ahead.”

“With this project, I would like to repay my master, so…then…”


“Because I will quit my position with him, I want to live with you. Ah, I will continue doing design work, so I will be able to properly pay rent.”

Reeve and Frau looked at each other expressionlessly. They were two people who were sighing continuously.

“Miss, I have no objections.”

“I also have no problems with it.”

Naturally, Ellis also has no reason to turn down Claire’s offer.

“Okay, Claire, then welcome.”

After completing the settlement, the four people headed to Blacksmith Alley again and made their way to Claire’s studio. Frau entered first and calls out.

“Master, are you here?”

Then, like the other day, a giant old man came out from the back of the workshop and looked down on them.

“Oh, did the request for work come together?”

Here, Frau replaces Ellis and begins to describe the design and construction of the waterway and bathhouse to the master. However, in the drawing she provided, she provided camouflage and stated that they would be using firewood to heat the water.

“It’s quite the large-scale project for a couple of people.” When the master so muttered, Claire advocated from her side to her boss.

“I will take care of the project from the construction to the design management. I want to be in charge!”

The master narrowed his eyes at Claire’s aggressive proposal that could not be imagined coming from her usual frightened appearance.

“Hmm. Can you do it?”

“I can do it!”

“I understand. Then, Frau. I will calculate the estimate based on the approximate design right away, so you will have to pay half the fee to the Construction Guild up front. Please pay the remaining half once the job is finished.”

Ellis made sure to add on a further condition to the master.

“If you do not mind, we will provide one room to be used as a work room, so Claire can stay on site and do her design work at our mansion.”

There is no real reason to turn down such favorable conditions. This means you can stay on scene. In other words, it means that design modification can be done on site each time something goes wrong or if one party’s request alters the project in some way.

When the master looked over to confirm with Claire, Claire puffed out her chest and nodded confidently.

“I, I will go!”

The master was satisfied with Claire’s response. “Alright. First Claire will complete the design’s outline. Once it’s complete, bring it back to the workshop, and we will calculate the estimates based on her design.”

And so the provisional contract is successfully completed.


Ellis took Claire to the city’s center afterwards in order to buy goods for Claire’s magic tools.

“Claire will have to prepare a favorite bag.”

Ellis came up with a few other ideas as well.

“Well, maybe Frau and Claire could use weapons as well? I use a dagger, and Reeve has her shamshir as you can see.”

Then Frau showed an expression she had never shown before.

“When I go adventuring, I am part of the ‘Morning Star’ and ‘Kite Shield’ faction.”

“Morning star?”

Frau did not notice the expression that had donned on Ellis, and she replied with a smile.

“Yes, it is an iron ball with thorns connected to a stick with a chain.”

“What do you mean by a kite shield?” Reeve had the same ‘what are you talking about’ expression as Ellis did, but towards Reeve, Frau laughed and turned up her nose.

“I’m not sure what you’re imagining it to be, but a kite shield is a rectangular shield. It is a durable piece of equipment compared to other flimsy weapons like shamshirs.”

Reeve immediately reacted to Frau’s provocation.

“If so, then why don’t we try it out?”

“Right, knock it off.”

Why does Reeve always blow her top off toward all of Frau’s provocations? As for Frau, she always remains calm even when she gets passionate. I wonder what would happen if she ever became enraged.

Ellis sighed while working her way between the two of them.

On the other hand, Claire had a troubling look as if she was chewing on some dirty linen.

“I have never held a weapon before. Since I never became a member of the Magician’s Guild, I never received a magic wand.”

Apparently the magician guild is not a pyramid-shaped commercial organization like the thief or adventurer guilds but is rather a magician’s mutual help association.

“What does a magic wand do?”

“The magic wand is a magic tool that reduces the mental power needed to use spells, and it can also shorten the spell’s casting time.”

Frau supplements here. “Magician’s can reduce the needed mental strength by increasing their affinity with the magic. In the case of ‘fire bullet’ the basic MP needed to cast is 5, but a master class magician could cast the spell for as little as 1 MP.”

“Are wands the same as a Magical Ring?”

“It has a similar effect of a magic wand, but why does Ellis know about them?”

Actually, Ellis found a Magical Ring when they were looking for tools to help Reeve prevent her assassination. However, since that effect had little to do with Ellis or Reeve directly, we passed it by at the time.

As Ellis told this to Frau, Frau panicked.

“Most rings have higher capabilities than canes, so let’s quickly go look before it’s gone!”

Ellis hurriedly headed to the stall she had visited that day. Although she saw a few lightly shining objects on the way, she ignored them and went straight towards her destination.

“Oh good, it’s still here.”

Ellis was relieved to find a silver ring set one place higher than a mountain of other rings at a street stall.

Magical Ring–When the wearer uses magic, it reduces the required MP by 2. However, the cost cannot become less than 1. Does not work on magic tools. Necessary MP: 0 Autonomous type.

“Little lady, it costs quite a price.”

Looking at the complexion of Ellis who was heading straight for the ring in question, the young shopkeeper smelled an opportunity.

“How much is it?” When Reeve calmly asked, the shopkeeper replied grinningly.

“It’s a satisfactory total of 20 thousand ril. You can’t beat that price.”

“Buy it!” Ellis responded immediately.

The shopkeeper was overwhelmed by the momentum of Ellis pushing upon a swordwoman like Reeve’s back.

“Also, please give us one extra ring from the mountain underneath it.”

Ellis moved her body in front of Reeve and picked out a random ring from the pile while Reeve handed over 20 thousand ril to the shopkeeper.

“Oh, okay, why…This is usually the part where we negotiate the price.”

Then, when they had reached a few steps away from the stalls, Reeve handed the Magical Ring to Claire. Claire put it on one of her fingers.

Yup. It looks nice.

“By the way, why didn’t you activate your ability over there? Couldn’t you copy the ‘Magical’ ability onto one of those other, cheaper rings.”

As the person with the longest social relationship with Ellis, Reeve knew how Ellis usually operated, and Ellis had to smile in spite of herself.

“Because this one was my favorite, I wanted to leave quickly.”

While chuckling, Ellis held up the poorly made ring that she had grabbed as a freebie in front of the three.

“This funny looking ring…maybe!!”

Frau talked with doubt at first, but she soon felt a faint, magical power being transmitted while gazing at the ring.

“As expected of the veteran receptionist Frau from the adventurer guild. Yes, this is an Ice Ring.”

Ice Ring–Covers the surface of one object with ice damaging it and preventing it from moving for a time. Basic damage: 10. Frozen duration: Depends on the opponents resistance. Required MP: 5.

“We also grabbed an amazing magic tool that would be worth at least 20 million ril from a specialty shop.”

Reeve clapped in amazement, but Frau continued with Ellis’s words.

“So you wanted to grab it and leave quickly?”

“Yes, I do not know who might be paying attention if I’m charging in to grab a ring decorated like this, and I want to avoid duplication on the fly in that kind of place. In other words, you can think of it as us throwing away 20 thousand ril to get a treasure worth 20 million ril.”

“Just to be safe, we should duplicate it and have everyone equip it.”

After that, they walked around the street stalls, but they could not find any other remarkable magic tools. After Claire had picked out a backpack, they went back to the store they had eaten lunch at the other day.

Ellis was the first to sit down and as she did, she mumbled, “We will use about half of our money on the construction of the property.”

As the former member of an aristocratic house, spending large amounts of money like this drives a nail into Reeve’s heart. “Yeah, that’s right. I would like to avoid increasing the cost as much as possible.”

Then Frau put out a proposal that everyone could find fun. “Then while Claire is designing, how about the three of us go exploring together.”


“Is there a place that we can go to for only a day trip?”

“Yes. If it’s Aida’s Labyrinth, three people can go there and be back in half a day. With our Bag’s of Gluttony, we can carry an unlimited number of mushrooms, too, so we can make back some of this money.”

“Then let’s go home and organize our equipment tonight.”

Reeve nods to Ellis’s proposal.

“Oh, yeah.” Claire, not to be left out, chimes in as well. “I will go with you once construction is over.”

“If we have a heavy fighter, a light swordsman, a thief, and a magician in our party, we can go for a high level in labyrinths, but a healer would become essential to us.”

Ellis hurriedly responded to Frau’s analysis. “Oh, I forgot to tell you, since Reeve’s shamshir has the [Inhalation] ability, she recovers any damage she deals.”

The second Ellis said the word “Inhalation,” Frau had become rigid. She licked her lips and said, “If you duplicate that onto my morning star, it means I will recover as much damage as I deal to my enemy.”

“That is true.”


Frau leaked out a laugh.

Frau is scary.

As I thought, she is the opposite of Reeve. If she ever blows her top, it will be an emergency situation.

I must be careful.

So the four people who finished lunch arrived home early.

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Chapter 14

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