Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 14


I will go to the Labyrinth


“Should we all put our adventurer equipment on?”

Reeve and Frau nodded to Ellis’s suggestion and returned to their own rooms to grab their equipment.

Because Claire didn’t have any equipment yet, she stayed in the living room and acted like the audience for a fashion show.

Ellis also returned to her room and put on her favorite black clothes. After awhile, the four women returned to the living room.

First was Ellis.

She was wearing her usual black thief clothes along with her Flying Swallow dagger. Her dagger was hidden inside her clothes on her left thigh. Other magic tools include her Intelligence headband, Sacrificial doll, Ring of detoxification, Ice ring, Flash bracelet, and a Mimicry brooch. She also had a new Bag of gluttony thief’s purse tied to her waist.

Reeve was wearing her favorite cotton lined chainmail along with her leather breastplate, boots, and belt. Her Flying Swallow • Inhalation shamshir was in its usual place at her hip. Her other equipment included the Intelligence piercings, Sacrificial doll, and a Mimicry brooch. Her usual Bag of gluttony pouch was already suitable for dungeon travel and was tied to her belt.

And for the first public appearance of Frau, the outfit was an exquisite half plate armor and a long rectangular kite shield in her left hand. In addition, the weapon in her right hand was a morning star that’s iron sphere was loaded with thorns and dangling from its chain. Other equipment would end up being similar to Reeve and Ellis’s.

Ellis watched the morning star seriously.

“On the day that I am beaten with an iron ball like that, I will find my place in the empty stars above.”

Meanwhile, Ellis felt a strange incongruity in Frau’s appearance.

“You know, half plate armor with a tote bag really doesn’t suit you.”

Reeve is throwing out more jabs again, but with them, Ellis finally realized the reason for the incompatibility. It is because Frau was wearing her stylish black tote bag despite being equipped with heavy armor.

Frau’s face went red from Reeve’s teasing. “Because when Ellis told me to grab my favorite bag, I really did grab my favorite bag, but when I explore, I have another backpack I take with me!”

What is this stupid girl…….

Ellis sighed and ordered Frau to go back to her room and bring back the backpack.

“Oh, and leave the scary thing behind.”

Frau, who guessed the next development, carefully placed her morning star in front of Ellis with a joyful look, and skipped back to her room.


I guess I should get started.

First copy the Flying Swallow and the Inhalation from the shamshir to the morning star. Then transfer the Inhalation from the morning star into Ellis’s dagger.

Next, taking out a bunch of rings from her shoulder bag, Ellis duplicated 3 Ice rings, 2 Spirit rings, and 2 Rings of detoxification. Furthermore, she made two more Mimicry brooches. Unfortunately, there were no extra bracelets lying around, so she was unable to make any extra Flash bracelets at the moment.

Ellis then brought out five Sacrificial dolls from the second copies that she had made in large quantities. Night after night, Ellis had crafted more and more extra dolls after her first one was shattered. Claire’s explosion felt really dangerous.

“I should buy more dolls.”

Afterward would be ‘Intelligence’ items, but those weren’t especially necessary.

Then Frau returned with her backpack.

“Here it is, Ellis.”

It was a mortar backpack that fit perfectly over Frau’s metal armor.

Ellis made sure that there were no items in either bag before copying over the “Gluttony” ability to Frau’s backpack. She continues and copies the ability again from Frau’s backpack over to Claire’s.

Claire was impressed by merely opening and closing her backpack.

“Wow, this is amazing!”

Claire replied happily to the pride of Ellis. However, she suddenly muttered with a serious face, “I really can’t use this out in public.”

“You’re right. That’s where I am in trouble.”

Ellis shrugged her shoulders and shook her head.

“We can probably just pretend that they’re Adventurer’s bags.”

As soon as Frau absentmindedly made such a suggestion, her face once again became dyed red. Ellis, who notice her change, squinted her eyes and stared at her.

“Frau, if you have something to say, then say it.”

Frau’s face became weird as she quietly explained. “I’m sorry, I completely forgot about Adventurer’s bags. They’re magic tools that can store items, but while a Bag of Gluttony  has unlimited capacity, the Adventurer’s bag can only hold up to one cubic meter.”

Adventurer’s bags are relatively expensive because of their convenient ability, but it is not unusual to have one as they appear regularly in dungeons. In Frau’s case, the knowledge probably just flew out of her head because of her surprise over the Bags of Gluttony. Conversely, we can say that Claire’s levelheadedness which quickly noticed the problem is precious.

Claire’s levelheadedness will continue to be helpful from now on.

“I wonder if everyone is ready?”

Ellis distributed two Sacrificial dolls to each person. One to wear and one to keep as a backup in their bags. They each received an Ice ring as well. Everyone besides Ellis also equipped a Spirit ring as well–Ellis didn’t need one as she was able to cast magic tools without spending any MP.

All three weapons had become magic tools as well with the Flying swallow and Inhalation abilities.

“Everyone looks so cool!” Claire clapped her hands while comparing everyone.

Ellis wore jet black clothes, dropped her golden hair straight down to her shoulders, and turned her calm emerald eyes towards Claire. She clearly had the atmosphere of a cold assassin.

Reeve was wearing her leather armor and had her thin shamshir equipped at her waist. Her short blue hair and unwavering sapphire eyes complemented each other and the words rich and lively did not do her justice.

Frau was equipped with her heavy armor and a kite shield in one hand, and her morning star in another. Her burning red wavy hair and fierce red-colored eyes made one think of a battlefield goddess.

“It feels nice.” x3

All three of them were satisfied with their appearance.

“Since we need to buy a search tool from the adventurer guild, should we head out tomorrow morning?”

As Ellis suggested, Reeve and Frau both agreed, and Claire showed a slightly envious expression.

After that, Frau finished the dinner preparation as usual, and once everyone was finished eating, it was bath time.

“I can’t wait to bathe in that new bathhouse.”

“It will be a pleasant thing.”

“It will be a time for women only.”

“I will design it to the best of my abilities.”

While exchanging such conversations, Ellis wiped down her body. She then wiped down the bodies of the other three as well. Ufufu.

And then it was night.

“Hey, Miss.” A badly oppressed Reeve suddenly called out to Ellis.

“What’s wrong?”

As Ellis prepared to move on to the next room, Reeve made a funny request.

“Will you embrace me gently like you do Claire?”

“I don’t mind, but I don’t think you will be satisfied by it.”

“Please try it.”

“I understand.”

Ellis took Reeve’s head into her arms and hugged her gently.


Reeve was absolutely unsatisfied.

“I was right. You aren’t satisfied.”

“Sorry, Miss.”

“It’s alright. Now, what are you?”

“I am the Lady’s toy.”


And next.


In Frau’s bed.

“Hey Ellis?”

“What’s wrong?” After thoroughly bullying a certain pig woman, Ellis was about to move on, but Frau also had a strange request.

“Could you talk to me like you do Claire?”

Hey, hey. These girls are just lumps of jealousy.

“I can, but I don’t think it will be enough for you.”

“I’d like to try it.”

“I understand.”

Ellis leaned in and gently whispered in Frau’s ear.


Frau was also unsatisfied.

“Is it not enough?”

“Sorry, Ellis.”

“It’s alright. Now, the usual line.”

“I am a pig owned by Ellis.”


Yes, next.


“Ellis, could I ask for a little favor.”

While being pressed into Ellis’s chest, Claire called out.

Ellis had a bad feeling. Because at it is said, ‘everything that happens twice, will surely happen a third time.’

“What’s wrong?”

“I want you to treat me the same way you treat Frau and Reeve.”

It came after all.

I absolutely don’t want to…..

“Alright, but Claire might die.”

“Is that so?”

“That is so.”

“I won’t die, so just a bit.”

“Then I have no choice.”

Claire was shown a smile that she had never seen Ellis make before.

“Hii” Claire let out a small scream from the expression that she believed could only come from a demon.

But Ellis wasn’t done.

“Here, Claire. You are my toy. Beg me to call you a pork girl. I want you to say it.”


Claire was already about to cry.

“See, I scared you.”

“I’m sorry, Ellis.”

“It’s okay, Claire.”

And Ellis wrapped her arms around Claire’s head.


And next.


Well, I guess it’s Reeve’s turn tonight. Rotation must be properly protected.

And another satisfying night for Ellis was over.

And the next morning.

As usual, Reeve and Frau woke up with glossy skin and begin preparing breakfast and the laundry.

Ellis is once again performing experiments on the living room carpet.

Once Claire woke up and made her way downstairs, the four gathered together in the dining room.

“Today, we will go to Aida’s Labyrinth. Meanwhile Claire will work on the design for the bathhouse.”

“Yes. By the time everyone will be back, the first draft will be completed. Afterwards, I will adjust it depending on everyone’s wishes.”

“I am looking forward to it.”

“It will be a pleasure.”

Reeve and Frau have also begun to look forward to the completed bathhouse.

While Frau, who has recently been appointed to full-time food officer, is preparing breakfast, Reeve was washing everyone’s dirty laundry with the previous night’s bath water.

“Clare, I just put your clothes out to dry.”

“Thank you, Reeve.”

“Breakfast is ready, everyone.”

This conversation was exchanged naturally. Yup. Everyone has become familiar and friendly with one another. Ellis was also having fun.

After having finished breakfast, the three girls put on their equipment and headed to the adventurer’s guild. On their way there, men would stop in the street and stare at Ellis’s group. Three people of gold, red, and blue, move down the highway without worrying about the eyes of such people.

It was not long before the presence of these three beautiful girls became a rumor throughout the city.

“Oh, Ms. Frau. Welcome back.” When they had finally arrived at the adventurer’s guild, the receptionist greeted Frau.

“Hello. I’m afraid I’m not here for a homecoming. We are off to explore a labyrinth.”

“Is that so? Which one?”

“Aida’s Labyrinth.”

“Yes, ma’am. The party leader is Ms. Frau, right?”

As if to answer the question, Frau and Reeve turned to Ellis.

I understand why……

“No, Ellis is.” Frau swiftly responded to the receptionist’s question to try and appease the slightly discontent Ellis.

“Certainly, would you like to use a Ring of return?”

“Yes, please.”

“Then I will just ask for the 10,000 ril deposit.”

A ‘Ring of return’ is a magic tool that can return a party from a labyrinth to their adventurer’s guild. Since the destination of the ring is limited to a receiver in the adventurer’s guild, there isn’t anyone who would want to steal the ring, but there is sometimes a fool who drops the ring in the labyrinth. That is why it became necessary to ask for a deposit on the ring. By the way, since the ring also has a function of transmitting a party’s location to the adventurer guild, it can be easily collected.

The labyrinths of this world are said to be passages through the spirit world, and they suddenly appeared one day. The most mysterious thing about these labyrinths is that even if someone cleans out a labyrinth, monsters and treasure chests will continue to respawn. Luckily, the monsters do not necessarily resurrect quickly. For the adventurer guild, because they are trying to grasp the situation of nearby labyrinths and the restoration period of monsters, they will usually not send out a search request immediately after a labyrinth is cleared. In other words, the fact that the adventurer’s guild puts out a search request for a labyrinth indicates the labyrinth is active.

“Aida’s Labyrinth consists of mostly goblin nests, but you will run in to hobgoblins the further back you go in.” On the way to the labyrinth, Frau started to explain everything she knew about the labyrinth.

“There will always be a trap on the doors and the treasure boxes, and two monsters will come out at a time. That’s why unless you’re very confident in your abilities, you should always challenge it with at least two people.”

While Frau was providing labyrinth guidance, the three women arrived at the entrance to the labyrinth.

Ellis took out a torch from the exploration set they had previously bought and lit it with some flint. She then passed the torch to Reeve.

As they stepped into the labyrinth, damp air enwrapped the three as if it had just rained. Ellis took the forward position, with Reeve in the middle, and Frau serving as their rear guard.

With the ability given to her by God, Ellis carefully searched for any traps. When they reached the first door, Ellis made sure to check the stone pavement in front of the door and the nearby walls before checking the door itself. When she checked the keyhole, Ellis found a hidden ‘poisonous needle trap.’

Pulling out her tools, Ellis carefully worked the trap while confirming the internal structure of the lock.


The trap was successfully disabled and the door was unlocked. Once she was done with her work, Ellis was unexpectedly sweating and had to wipe her forehead with the palm of her hand.

“Next is your two’s turn.”

As previously planned, Reeve first puts the torch at the center of the door, and Reeve and Frau line up in front of the door ready to charge in.


Frau nodded in silence.

Reeve gently touched the door, and slowly opened it.

Ellis entered first through the doors gap and hid in the darkness.

Frau jumped into the room with her kite shield at the ready for any preemptive strikes.

Finally, Reeve slipped in with her sword drawn standing behind Frau and her shield.

Two goblins were lurking at the middle of the room.

“Go left!”


Frau charged down the center towards the two goblins, and from the right side, her morning star was swung and smashed in a goblin’s head. At the same time, Reeve moved to the left of Frau’s shield and cut the neck of the other goblin with her shamshir.

It was an instantaneous victory.

“That was amazing.” Ellis, who saw the whole fight from the shadows of the room, honestly admired the skills of the two. They were strong.

“Well, this much is elementary.” Despite her words, Frau was clearly pleased at the praise of Ellis.

“They didn’t even put up a fight.” Reeve on the other hand, looks a little disappointed at how easy it was as she grabbed the torch from the door.

As they advanced further into the room, Reeve waved the torch over a wooden treasure box found off to the side of the room.

“It’s your turn, Miss.”

Ellis carefully examined every inch of the box. It’s circumference, the handle, keyhole…..

“Found it.”

There was another poisonous needle trap located in the treasure chest’s keyhole. Ellis had already gotten used to the trap and was easily able to disarm it and open the box.

Several coins were scattered inside. A little less than 300 ril.

“300 ril.”

“Aida is a beginner labyrinth.” When Ellis frowned, Frau had to lightly laugh.

Ellis’s party continued to break through the labyrinth. Ellis was able to easily work through every trap in the labyrinth while the goblins were not even a proper match for Reeve and Frau.

After breaking through ten rooms, they had apparently reached the last room.

By the way, every enemy had been killed with only one blow, and the total earnings was less than 3,000 ril. Not only Ellis, Reeve was also becoming dissatisfied with their earnings. They would need a little more before they could make up for the 50 million they had spent.

However, Frau was still moving forward with a smile. “Let’s see what we get when we take the last room.”

Although the last door was much more luxurious than the others, it was taken the same way as the others. Ellis carefully checked the area for any surprise traps and then took out the one on the door before Reeve and Frau took their positions. By now, their movements had become natural, and they were confident.

Reeve opened the door, Ellis slid into the room’s darkness, and Frau stood in front.

But this room looked a little different.

The three girls faced a large, golden goblin that was exceptionally bigger than the goblins they had faced before. He was equipped with a sword and a shield and took a similar stance as Frau.

“We got a hit.” Frau was getting excited and swung her morning star, but the goblin took it with his shield.

Meanwhile, Reeve slipped to the left of Frau’s shield and took a swing with her sword, but the tip slid off of its thick golden hair.

“This guy is a gold hobgoblin! It’s a medium grade monster, so be careful!”

Frau’s cries called Ellis and Reeve to attention. At the same time, Ellis’s magic tool begins to shine.


The hobgoblin’s whole body was covered with ice in an instant, and its movements completely stopped.

“I got it!”

An enemy who is unable to move could do nothing to protect itself. Reeve calmly slit a vital point of the hobgoblin while Frau accurately smashed its brains in with her morning star.

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