Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 47


A Female Swordsman’s Moment

Reeve had regrets.
The question of just how much trouble she had caused her home when she ran away was weighing heavily on her.

To be honest, she had never expected her desertion to cause any problems. Lake had always derided her as a breastless girl.
Although they have gotten a little bigger recently thanks to Ellis.
At the very least, Lake had clearly made his displeasure to the engagement well-known, so the knowledge that her family had to pay reparations to the Durkfienance house came as a shock.

There are four others at her family home. Her father, mother, little brother, and the grandfather who had spent all their money in the first place.
She also had two older sisters who had already been married off to nobles at Sky Castle.

What’s going on there right now?
She has already worked up quite the fortune for herself.
It would be all too easy for her to pay off her family’s debt to the Durkfienance house.
The only problem is that grandfather of hers.
Giving that old man is just asking for trouble.
At least, that is what her two older sisters had always told her.

Reeve sighed.

“Should I return to my parent’s home once?” she thought to herself.

Then Ellis returned home and disrupted her melancholy.
“What a Reeve. You look so serious.”
“Mistress, I’m sorry. Can I get some time off?”
“Are you returning home?”
“Okay. We are going too.”
Ellis made her decision, and there was no room for argument.

The harvest festival had ended and restlessness had returned to Warren.
Claire had already finished the design for the steamed cake shop that she and Ellis had talked about.
As soon as the Workshop Guild had reopened its doors, the two had taken it to Flint in order to begin construction.

“Since Ken did a lot this time around, let’s build a nice living area for him and Hanna to raise a family. You did really well Ken.”
When Ellis told the two of them this, Hanna and Ken were both brought to their knees, shedding tears while squeaking out words of thanks.
In actuality, this was Ellis’s plan to have two dedicated employees tied to her new store, but if they are happy, then that’s good too.
Claire was also apparently fooled by Ellis’s kind words though, and she promised to make the two of them some new furniture.

In the meantime, Ellis had to come up with new ideas for what would be sold at the store other than just steamed cakes.
But Frau, who had seen Ken’s talents, told her that that would be unnecessary. “Ken has a few ideas himself, so he can think up the new products.”
That is why the store would be equipped with various ovens and kilns along with steamers for him to experiment.

The only question Ellis had left then, was how she was going to profit off of anything Ken made.
That’s why she decided to alter the deal.
“How about doing things like this?”
Ellis smiled while presenting her proposal to Ken, Hanna, and Claire at the construction site.

It was Hanna and Ken’s choice to make with Claire acting as the witness.
“I will give this shop and residence to the two of you free of charge. You two would be able to sell the steamed cakes along with anything else Ken creates. In exchange, I will get the sales rights and 10 percent of what you sell. Everything else will be yours to live with.

It’s a dreamlike story for Ken and Hanna.
It is possible for them to start a store of their own right out of the gate. In addition, their first product is the five-colored steamed cake which had sold very well during the harvest festival.
For Ken and Hanna, Ellis truly was the benefactor of a lifetime.
All according to plan.

Binding people with money can only get you so far. Now binding people with grace, that’s forever.

Besides, it’s not just the sales rights of the steamed cakes but also any new items that Ken ends up creating. In other words, 10 percent of everything they take into the store will flow directly into Ellis’s pocket.
As Ken develops new products and his fame rises, so too will Ellis’s profits without her having to do anything.

What is especially shady here is the fact that it is 10 percent of sales and not profits.
At first glance, Ken and Hanna might think this is a really good deal, and by working harder, their profits will increase as well. In reality, it means that they will both have to shoulder the cost of purchasing goods while Ellis will end up making money no matter how well one of Ken’s products ends up selling.
In some cases, the two of them might have to work days without sleep in order to ensure that no mistakes are made.
What looks like a paradise is actually a ball and chain with no room for escape.

In this way, Ellis had made an investment for future profits along with binding a servant to do her bidding.

And so Ellis declared her decision at dinner over Frau’s special tapas.
“We will all be going to Wheat Grace.”
“Is this really alright?”
Reeve was a little embarrassed and hesitated to drag everyone along, but she couldn’t stop them if she wanted to at this point as everyone had already gotten in the mood to take a trip.
“I’ll be able to pick up some of those agricultural products that Wheat Grace is so well known for.”
“I want to meet Reeve’s family.”
“Traveling is fun nya!”
“Then we leave the day after tomorrow!”


During the harvest festival, Lily Garden operated during the night. Now that the harvest festival, the large public bath was being monopolized by Ellis’s group for the first time in awhile.

Five girls enjoyed the hot water with outstretched limbs and sighs of genuine comfort.
“Reeve’s grandfather is a hobbyist, right?”
When Frau brought it up, Reeve felt her cheeks turn red in embarrassment.
“You could call it that, but he is a little too sloppy to be one too…….. Either way it is true that he is an uncountable grandfather.”
“It sounds rough.”
In this conversation between Reeve and Frau, an air of awkwardness was growing as thick as the steam.


And Ellis broke it.

“I shall sing Ellis’s number one hit, The Breast Clause!”
Kathie jumped out of the water and joined Ellis.
“I will sing too nya!”

The Breast Clause is a song that a certain comedy singer sang on top of the harvest festival stage. It made for a wonderful addition to Ellis and Katie’s repertoire. The other three didn’t quite have the appreciation for it though.

Still, the large public bathhouse was able to regain its usual atmosphere as everyone competed in the first Throat Boast Competition in forever.
Today again, the evening ended peacefully.


The next day, Reeve headed to the Adventurer’s guild to confirm the balance in her account.
The receptionist Helen was more than a little surprised when she saw the amount.
“That’s…certainly a lot.”
The balance was a little over 200 million ril.
Much of it came from the fact that the Resistance plate armor sold for 1.2 billion ril. That alone meant that Reeve’s share would amount to 120 million ril. Then there was the tens of millions of ril she earned from searching labyrinths and selling off the equipment from the scarlet laundry she hung up to dry.

“Make a guild exchange note for 200 million ril.”

Helen was able to regain her composure rather quickly, and she produced the guild exchange note at Reeve’s request.
“The commission will be 10 thousand ril.”
“Thank you.”
“You’re going to Wheat Grace tomorrow right?”
“I hope something fun happens.”
When she saw the confused look on Reeve’s face, Helen laughed and gave her a meaningful smile.

With that, Reeve walked over to the Merchant guild.
This was to consult with Maria about selling the jewelry that she had received from all the members of the Reeve Fan Club. The second that she had arrived, she was ushered into Maria’s office who greeted her with a small smile saying, “No matter what, I always have time for you.”

“Are you going to Wheat Grace then?”
“Please enjoy various things.”
Maria also gave Reeve a small laugh and a meaningful smile.

When Reeve returned to the mansion, she sorted out everything she had from her Pouch of Gluttony.
There was 200 million ril in cash from the Resistance Hyaaha armor that Ellis sold to Brave party. That was set right next to the 200 million ril guild exchange note that she received from the Adventurer’s guild. Lastly, there were 10 cut gems that had been given to her by members of her fan club.
“If it’s this, I can manage somehow.”

Frau was preparing some ingredients. Claire was directing the construction of the cake store. Ellis was at the Workshop Guild getting the carriage prepped. Katie was at the Thieve’s Guild to inform them about her trip to Wheat Grace.
Reeve was alone for the first time in a long time.
She sat down on a chair, and she started to think.
Every day has been exciting ever since she arrived at Warren.
Outsmarting Kevin and his followers, overhunting all those cattle and horses, cooperating with her friends to take down the monsters in the labyrinth, and even the silly little singing competitions held in the public bath.
She had become acquainted with a lot of strange people.
All thanks to Ellis.

“I can no longer picture my life without her.”

Suddenly, Pi-tan made one of his rare ventures outside his basket.
When Reeve picked him up and stroked his shell overtop her knee, his eyelids started to quake, and he could feel his afternoon nap calling him. He stretched out his body and fell asleep in Reeve’s tender embrace.
Reeve watched Pi-tan with warm eyes.
“You’re just like me. We are definitely happier now.”


By evening, all the girls had returned to the mansion.
Frau quickly started prepping dinner.
Since they would be traveling starting tomorrow, she whipped up a delicious deep-fried meal to make up for the easily prepped food they would be eating on the carriage.

The five girls confirmed their itinerary while enjoying some crispy white fish fries.
It takes the carriage five days to travel to Wheat Grace. The number of days they would be staying was still undecided, but they wanted to return by the time that the cake shop would be done.

“Alright. Let’s go to bed early tonight.”
Today, after everyone had finished their bath, they made their way to their rooms.


In Reeve’s room.
“Mistress, I’m sorry to bother you like this.”
“What are you talking about? Aren’t we family?”
“Well, I’m glad to hear you say so.”
“Don’t cry like this.”
“I’m sorry.”
“Because I’m going to make you cry in a different way.”


The other three girls waited anxiously for their turn.
If Ellis doesn’t come to someone, then she won’t come to any of them, and if she comes to one of them, then she will come to all of them.
When Ellis left behind the fallen Reeve, she went around to everyone else like usual and slept with all of them.
Then she returned to the start.
There was an uncomfortable feeling inside today’s Reeve.
Ellis would burn it away.
She dove into the second round with Reeve who was about ready to drown in happiness.


Today as well, the morning was cheerful
When Reeve woke up, she saw Ellis resting on her chest looking up at her.
“Mistress. Good morning.”
“Reeve, your eyes are red.”
“Ah, sorry.”
“Such a child will be treated like this.”
Ellis gently kissed Reeve’s eyes.
The moan that Reeve released was completely unintentional. Still, it acted as the start, and for the first time in a long time, Ellis’s early morning exercise was started.


“It’s morning.”
“It’s definitely morning.”
“It’s morning nya.”
Three girls having just woken up, were waiting in a line outside of Reeve’s door–arms jealously crossed.
After ending their decisive battle, Ellis and Reeve hurriedly dressed themselves and opened the door. Ellis decided to completely ignore the eyes of the three people and said,
“Come on! Let’s go!”

They head south towards the city of Wheat Grace.

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