Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 48

“What am I doing with my life?” This chapter almost broke me. Since it’s short, I figured I would do this quick and throw it out there. Then I’ll go get a drink. It’s just a song, so feel free to skip it. Actually, you probably should skip it. Just skip it and pretend that there never was a chapter 48. If you do want to read it, then I put a romanization of the Japanese lyrics underneath the words so that you could sing along.



Breast Clause

Katie and Ellis’s new signature song.
The melody is to the Coal Miner’s Song.¹


*Opening Melody*
(Tsucha ~ rakka chan chan. Tsucha ~ rakka chan chan.)

The Boobies came out, came out. The boobies came out, came out. Breasts. Breasts.
Chi chi ga deta deta chi chi ga deta a ̄ paipai

The next door Nee-chan’s boobies came out.
Tonari no nee-chan no chi chi ga deta

Because the Nee-chan was too erotic
Anmari nee-chan ga eroino de

This Nii-chan will sit back and watch. Breasts. Breasts.
Nozoi teta nii-chan koshi hiita sore paipai


Big boobs. Busty boobs. Tanky boobs. Breasts. Breasts.
Ki ~yonyuu baku ni ~yuu chi chi tanku a ̄ paipai

The mens’ eyes are overjoyed
Otoko no mesen ga kokochiyoi

Because there are so many huge boobs
Anmari oppai ga dekainode

It’s too much nutrition for the mind. There are breasts. Breasts.
Otsumu ni eiyō ga ikanai no sore paipai


Small boobs. Tiny boobs. Washboards. Breasts. Breasts.
Hin ni ~yuu bini ~yuuni sentaku ~uitaa a ̄ paipai

Nevertheless the nipple is number one
Soredemo chikubi wa ichininmae

Because the nipple rubs a lot
Anmari chikubi ga sureru node

It is up from rubbing the bra. Breasts. Breasts.
Burajā shite mitara ui chatta sore paipai


Boooooooobs. Booooooooobs. Booooooooooooooooooobs.
Ō pa ̄ i ̄  oppāi   o~tsuō oooooopaipai

Breasts. Breasts. Booooooooooooooooooooooobs.
Oppai oppai ̄ i ̄ ō pa ̄ i pai

So many breasts. Boobs and breasts.
Anmari, oppai oppai pai

Breasts and boooooooooooobs. Booooooooooooooooooooooooobs. These are breasts.
Oppai i o ̄ o oppai ō pa ̄ i pai sore paipai

1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPGIgnn3evA

Chapter 47

Chapter 49

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