Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 54

A coworker got sick, so I had to work some bonus overnight hours. Do you know what that means? More time where I have nothing else to do! So here’s a second release for the night.



Tea and Oyakodon

“Wow! It smells so good!”
Frau raised an unexpectedly adorable voice when she smelled the tea fragrance wafting through the building.

Ellis, who had made quite the name for herself after the Wheat Grace incident, was guided by Ferdinand to the factory in charge of producing Lorenburg tea where sweet scents and calm atmospheres were the forte.
The manufacturing process itself was simple.
After the tea leaves are sufficiently fermented, dry them out overtop a roaring fire until they’re finished. However, each newly produced batch of leaves requires sound judgement and a precise handling in order to ensure the taste it is so famous for.

“Mr. Ferdinand, good morning!”
Loud and cheerful greetings rose up from the factory workers as Ferdinand passed by.
Apparently these workers were quite pleased that the right of ownership for this tea was back in the hands of its true owners.
Under the Durkfienance family, the production volume was prioritized over the quality, so the craftsmen would often receive complaints from the shops who were not satisfied with the product they were receiving.
On the other hand, Ferdinand was actually the person who had made Lorenburg tea as renowned as it is across the county. He always carried a quality first principle and praised his workers for their hard work.
Because the craftsmen know this, they were putting their all into properly welcoming him back.
Lorenburg tea will return to its former glory.

“The tea leaves are harvested three times a year. Once in the spring, once in the summer, and once in fall. The most fragrant leaves come during the summer, then the fall, and finally is spring.”
By the way, they were currently harvesting fall leaves right now.
Ellis-Eiji felt a little strange at that explanation just now.
From the information she had pulled out from the square box in Eiji’s world, spring should have the highest grade tea while summer tea would be slightly coarser-ranking second, and finally fall with the coarsest tea.
Recently the night-activities had been going in top form resulting in a stress free environment, so it took Ellis a few minutes to realize the discrepancy.
‘Oh, is that the difference between black tea and green tea?’

“Ferdinand, do you know about green tea?”
Ferdinand gave Ellis a strange look.
“No, I have never heard of it. Is it a brownish-green color?”
“Ferdinand, can you share a few tea leaves with me?”
“Sure. Take as much as you want.”
Ellis then turned to Claire.
“Claire, did you bring a steamer?”
At the realization that Ellis was planning something again, Claire’s interest was piqued.
“I did. Is it an experiment?”

Claire followed Ellis’s instructions, and after removing the steamer from her bag, she filled it up with water and began preparations.
Ferdinand looked down at the steam with curiosity from behind her.
In the meantime, Ellis grabbed some freshly picked leaves from the workshop.

“Was it like this?”
Ellis put the tea leaves into the steamer after it warmed up and started to emit high-temperature steam.
The steam began to give off a good scent almost immediately.
Ellis then immediately took out the tea leaves, placed them flat out onto a warmed up wooden table, and began to unrelentingly massage them with both hands.

“What are you doing?”
Ferdinand watched Ellis work with a weird look on his face.
Ellis continued to rub down the leaves on the heated wooden table.¹
Eventually the leaves started to gradually roll around.
“I wonder if this is good enough. Frau, could you prepare the tea? Reeve, Claire, and Katie, could you make up some steamed cakes?”
Ellis gave out some instructions while continuing to massage some more leaves.
Ellis didn’t take a break until Frau finished the preparations to make the tea and the other three finished up the steamed cakes.
“It’s just a prototype, so it’s not perfect.”
The tea leaves were rubbed down until they rolled into a needle-like point.

Ellis gathered the tea leaves in both hands and brought them over to the prepared vessel and handed them over to Frau.
“Frau, can you add in these tea leaves and make tea like you normally do?”
Frau received the tea leaves from Ellis with an interested look in a sharp contrast to Ferdinand who was looking at them both as if they were crazy.
“I got it.”
Frau dropped the leaves into the pot and poured in the hot water.
After letting them soak together for awhile, she poured out the brew into the prepared cups.
The poured out liquid had a clear green color.
It reminded the girls of Ellis’s shining emerald eyes.

“Bon appetite.”
While surprised at first at the strange new color, Ferdinand brought the tea up to his mouth.
“I feel unsatisfied, but it is refreshing.” This was Reeve’s impression.
“A faint delicious taste lingers in the mouth.” This was Frau’s impression.
“It’s a bit awkward for me.” Claire.
The only comment that came from Katie’s mouth was, “Too hot nya.”
“Hmm. This is quite the thing.”
Ferdinand continued to taste the tea time and time again–rolling the new concoction in his mouth.
Ellis began to explain her methods.

“This does not ferment the tea leaves like traditional tea instead opting to steam the leaves and massage them. You avoid fermenting them to preserve the moisture inside the leaves although without the fermentation process they can’t be stored as long. This is a prototype, and I don’t have the resources or the time to perfect it. Although, I’m sure you could perfect the process, can’t you Ferdinand?”

This was surprising to Ferdinand.
It was already surprising seeing an 8-year-old girl give an in-depth description for the professional procedures, and his first ever viewing of the steaming process certainly tickled his curiosity.

Then Frau held out a small cake laid out on a dish to Ferdinand.
“This was also made with the steamer.”
This was the steamed cake made through everyone’s help.

“Grandpa, this is also delicious.”
Ferdinand brought the cake to his mouth and Reeve’s urging and gently narrowed his eyes after taking a bite.
“It’s a gentle taste. Baked goods are better for the past tea, but this cake might fit better with that green tea of yours.”

Then Reeve came out with her proposal.
“We will be selling these cakes on the outskirts of Warren, but I would like to sell Lorenburg tea in a shop next to it. I will take care of talking it out with the Warren Merchant Guild.”
Reeve continued on before Ferdinand could say anything.
“I will be taking Aiful and Credia to Warren with me, and the two of them will manage the shop for me.”
Ferdinand frowned at the second claim Reeve had made.

Ferdinand did not feel an ounce of sympathy for Aiful or Credia, but he also did not have any hostility either. Until Reeve had brought it up, he had honestly not even thought about their banishment from Wheat Grace.

“Alright. You have my blessing as the former head of the Lorenburg house.”
Ferdinand bowed his head to Reeve with a serious expression across his face.
However, that seriousness quickly gave way.
“Re-boy. I’m starting to understand how you were able to work up 200 million ril.”
In Ferdinand’s heartfelt and boisterous laughter, Reeve’s face took on a slight blush, and Ellis welcomed the interaction of the two with a round of applause.

Thus the last concern of Wheat Grace was also resolved.
Ferdinand and his craftsmen repeatedly studied the process to make green tea and had already started gathering the raw materials to sell what would be called ‘Emerald tea.’
In accordance to that, the traditional tea would be newly named ‘Ruby tea.’

In addition, Ferdinand received Ellis’s advice and succeeded in putting up a proper plan  for developing spring tea as the highest quality product for Emerald tea. Thus the profits of spring tea, which had until now the lowest quality of tea until now, would increase from now on.
In this way, Lorenburg brand tea would become known as the foremost tea in the entire Almerian continent.


Mother Lux welcomed back the five girls after they returned to the Lorenburg mansion.
“How are Aiful and Credia doing?”
Lux gave a troubled look towards Reeve’s question.
“Neither of them have come out of their rooms yet.”

Aiful and Credia are currently staying with the Lorenburg family.
Since the Lorenburg family was in charge of cleaning up the mess Acoms and Lake left behind, the responsibility for dealing with these two ladies fell on their shoulders.
The idea of having them becoming tea shop managers prepared by Reeve was to help them avoid life behind the alley, but it also meant completely abandoning their lives as nobles.
So it was necessary to confirm the intentions of Aiful and Credia.
What do they want to do now?

But when Reeve knocked on their doors, the two did not even voice a reply.
Frau gently patted the sighing Reeve’s shoulder.
“Feel calm, things will work out.”
Frau tried to comfort Reeve by letting her know that something like this was inevitable.
“Let’s try visiting their rooms again tomorrow.”

Meanwhile Ellis was watching this whole situation with a strange look on her face.
Hee Hee Hee. It’s my turn.

She was decisive.
Oyakodon² was every man’s dream. Although she was no longer a man.
Aiful was a slender, mild-mannered 40 years old.
Credia was a young 12 years old yet had developed quickly.
This was her chance.
And she decided to keep it a secret.

Ellis snuck into Aiful and Credia’s room that night while everyone was sleeping.
Ellis sat in silence after making sure that Credia wouldn’t wake up.
She then Silenced Aiful so that she could not scream out and then Stupored her so that she wouldn’t try to run away. Once everything was prepared, Ellis whispered into the ear of the frightened milf who wasn’t sure what was going on.

“You are safe. I will surely save you and Credia; you just need the courage to open the door when they knock tomorrow morning. Now, strongly release….”
Aiful’s fright gradually melted away along with the gentle whisper.
While observing the easing tension, Ellis released the Silence and Stupor to free her from her restraints.
She then continued to use every technique she knew to completely work Aiful over.

It was a feeling Aiful hadn’t felt since Credia was born.
Ellis continued to work her over several times until Aiful finally fainted.
In this way, Aiful was able to have a happy sleep.

Next was the young lady’s turn.
Ellis whispered into Credia’s ear just as she had done like the mother.
“You are safe. I will surely save you and your mother; you just need the courage to pen the door when they knock tomorrow morning. Now, strongly release…..”

The 8-year-old Ellis continued to use her devilish techniques to completely take advantage of the 12-year-old Credia.

It was the first time that the sheltered Credia had felt such a sensation.
She was able to last a couple rounds under Ellis’s barrage of attacks before collapsing as her mother did.
Thus Credia was also able to sleep peacefully.


On her way back to her room, Ellis did a bit of reflection.
It was unsatisfactory.
Apparently oyakodon was not as good as it sounded.
Honestly, Ellis thought, it was a little boring.
Would it have gone differently if I did both of them at the same time?
No, probably not.
Compared to the usual passion and sensuality from Reeve, Frau, Claire, and Katie; tonight was much too tame.

Perhaps I should pay a visit to the others?

Ellis regretted that she challenged the oyakodon and made her decision.
“Well I suppose I should visit them after getting fixed up.”

Ellis quietly returned to her room so that nobody would notice.
However, as soon as Ellis slipped in through her door, a Luminescent stone suddenly switched on.
Ellis’s body was exposed by the light.
And a string of assertions drilled into her.

“Where have you been?” Reeve’s saber glowed a silver light right before Ellis’s eyes.
“You won’t be forgiven this time.” Frau’s maul radiated red as it hung overtop Ellis’s head.
“I am angry.” Claire had already cast a {Bind} spell which restricted Ellis’s movement.
“Punishment to the point that the Sacrificial doll doesn’t activate nya.” The claws on Katie’s Brave Ripper shone brightly even in the dimly lit room as they coldly lifted up Ellis chin.

Ellis, who could not move due to {Bind} broke out into a cold sweat as she came to a horrifying revelation.
Ellis was the weakest among all five of the girls.

“Wait, I can explain!”
Ellis tried to entreat the four.
But the four didn’t look very merciful.


“Sorry. I apologize.”
Ellis wholeheartedly apologized.
But the four would not let it end like that.

“Strip nya.”

Ellis wasn’t quite sure she heard correctly, so the four told her again.

“Take it off.”
“Take it off.”
“Take it off.”
“Take it off nya.”


“I will do exactly as you said.”
There was no other answer Ellis could give.

When Claire released her binding, Ellis reluctantly took off her clothes piece by piece.
The four girls grew delighted seeing this rare display of shyness from Ellis, and a distorted smile crossed each of their faces.

“I won’t let you sleep tonight.”
“Tonight I will make you moan for me.”
“Tonight I will pay you back for everything.”
“I’m interested in various places nya.”

Ellis was passively overruled and played with by Reeve, Frau, Claire, and Katie all throughout the night.

Until at last morning came.

Ellis’s skin looked a tad yellow from the sun’s light.
Four other girls looked tired after clearly not having gotten enough sleep the night before.
Each of them was lined up in the Lorenburg dining hall waiting for breakfast with a dissatisfied expression on their face.

Mother Lux, who had no idea what had happened the previous night, greeted each of them with a large smile saying, “I had a great night sleep last night.”
The five girls could not reply to such an honest Lux.
It was not out of embarrassment.
It was because if they were being honest with themselves, they were all unsure if they would describe last night as ‘fun’.
Each of them silently came to a decision.
“Let’s take it easy on the riba.”
Riba being a technical term meaning acceptance of change.³

In such a delicate air, Reeve rose up from her seat and cleared her throat.
“I will go visit our two guests for a moment.”
“We will go as well.”
The other four chased after Reeve partly to give her emotional support, and also partly to not have to endure the innocent smile of Lux.

When Reeve arrived at Aiful and Credia’s room, she once again gently knocked on their door.
Then, unlike yesterday, although looking a little awkward, Aiful and Credia opened the door and welcomed Reeve.

Reeve returned a smile to the both of them.
“There are no innocent people here, so let’s enjoy some breakfast together.”
The two girls left the confines of their room, shedding silent tears against the invitation from the gentle Reeve.

Regarding the future of the Durkfienance family members Aiful and Credia, Leopold and Ferdinand had already persuaded the other nobles and gotten their consent.

Aiful and Credia would be kept at the Lorenburg mansion until the messenger arrives from Skycastle.
Along with the Durkfienance house’s discontinuance which will almost certainly be handed down by the kingdom, the two shall discard the last name Durkfienance.
At the same time, the noble’s caution against the two will be dropped.
Together with Aiful and Credia’s personal belongings approved by the messenger sent from the kingdom, the two shall be sent to Warren under the Lorenburg family’s protection.

All of the Wheat Grace nobility was convinced with that.
To be honest, none of them held a grudge against Aiful or Credia.
And they certainly did not wish any evil on them.
If the two of them could find happiness in another town, then that would be for the best.

And eventually, the day for Ellis to return to Warren came.

“Well then, sorry to keep you waiting.”
Reeve greeted the arrival of Aiful and Credia with her usual smile.
They both had all their belongings packed and gave Reeve a dignified smile back.

“You girls really are angels to us.”
On behalf of the Lorenburg family and the other nobles who had come to see them off, Ferdinand gave Ellis their thanks.
Ellis also gave her farewell to Ferdinand and everyone else.
“Thanks for all your help. Please visit us if you are ever in Warren.”

Ellis then turned around and issued a command to all her colleagues.

“Come now. Let’s return home!”

1. In the process of making sure I was translating all this correctly, I have learned so much about tea. It’s amazing how much there actually is to this.

2. Having sex with a woman and their mother.

3. Riba or リバ is Japanese gay slang which means versatile. Think of it as you are a top, a bottom, or are versatile.

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