Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 64

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The Strongest ♥

This is Cross Town. An open deck tea room.
Ellis’s group of five are currently enjoying some Lorenburg tea and some tarts which are Ken’s newest creation.
The tarts use an abundant number of macadamia nuts, pistachios, dried cranberries, rum raisins, cashew nuts, and finished with some distilled liquor.
He calls them Jewelry Box Tarts.
Steamed cakes do not have a long shelf life, and they cannot be used as souvenirs because they would go stale if you were to take them while traveling. This is the case for most of his baked goods like his cookies. So Ken developed these for the specific purpose of allowing guests to take them as souvenirs.
Nuts and dried fruits are the main ingredients used. Because they use distilled spirits and syrup as a finishing touch, they should be good for around 10 days if kept at room temperature.
They adapted the Flint factory special string purse to form a stronger container suitable for travel.

The end result was a big hit.
It has already surpassed the steamed cakes and is their highest selling item. Although the cost to make them is a little more expensive as well, but Ellis makes 10 percent of all sales, so she profits no matter what.

“Ken, it’s a good one.”

Frau, who was the first one to discover Ken’s talent, was quite pleased with these results.
And then Ken came out of the store and walked up to the five.

“Ellis, actually, I have a favor to ask.”

“What? Please ask away.”

“Actually, I was thinking about making this with the steamer.”
What Ken held out was the so-called Chinese manju. It is cooked meat and vegetables wrapped up in dough and cooked with steam.

“You really put a lot of thought into this Ken.”
Ellis was honestly impressed. And so Ken continued.

“I think it will go well, but the problem is the smell.”
Yes the Chinese manju certainly smelled nice, but it was not the kind of smell you would want at a cake shop.

“So, Hanna and I talked with each other, and we decided to give the idea to someone from town. He is actually a friend of Hanna’s. If it is okay, could you supply a loan?”

“Do you mind becoming a guarantor?”

“What is a guarantor?”

“It’s the person who takes responsibility if the business fails.”

“Oh, that’s no problem. In the worst case, I’ll just run the store myself.”
He was already prepared.

“Then please consult the matter of being the guarantor with Hanna. Also, please check to see how big the store would need to be and find a good place to put it.”
Ken nodded his head and was almost skipping as he headed back to the kitchen of his confectionery shop.

“Isn’t that guarantor thing overkill?”

Ellis cut off Reeve’s words.
“What kind of stupid thing are you saying? Aiful and Credia would not have been able to open up their store without your guarantee.”
“Human relations are important.”
“To start up a business casually is a problem nya.”
Four girls seemed to be convinced with this.
And one girl was left smiling by herself.
The cormorant fishing was doing well and drawing in more fish.¹

When they were done eating, the girls started talking about the main subject.
The Demon Labyrinth.
As they were told, the entrance to the Demon Labyrinth had disappeared after beating the boss ten times.
The Adventurer’s Guild was currently investigating the reason for the disappearance, but Ellis would not report the reason to the guild. After all, she wanted to make sure Wight labyrinth was destroyed for the Brave Party.
The spoils were as follows.

First time:
Grand Magical ring – When the wearer uses magic, the required MP is reduced by 5. However, it cannot become less than 1. Magical tools are excluded. Required MP: 0. Autonomous type.
{Distraction Needle} scroll – Invalidates the opponents magical resistance ability. Required MP: 7

Second time:
A Dark Mithril stiletto. Mad God had already been copied onto it.
Ellis used this weapon to defeat the rotten giant that appeared during their next lap in a single blow.

Third time:
Spell Encyclopedia part 2. {Runaway Dungeon} – Escapes a labyrinth and returns you to the front entrance. Required MP: 1.

Fourth time:
Darkness Dress – Halves the magic damage received from the opponent. Converts the half-depleted damage into MP and absorbs it. Necessary MP: 0. Autonomous type. Unique.
It was a jet black gothic dress. The design was similar to what Claire had worn so far, but the waistline was squeezed like a corset and the skirt’s length was a little short.
Because it was unique, the ability could not be copied.
By wearing it, Claire’s sacrificial doll wouldn’t explode even if she was hit by an unexpected {Flare burst}.

Fifth time:
Awakening ring – The users MP is increased by 20, and any MP spent is drawn from this ring first. Required MP: 0. Command word to refill ring: [Mental Power Reflux]. Unique.
Equipped with this ring along with a Spirit ring and a Grand Magical ring, Claire would be able to cast a spell costing 35 MP without having to use any of her own mental power.
Because it is unique, it is impossible to copy over the ability.

Sixth time:
Falcon long leather boots – Doubles the number of attacks. Required MP: 0. Autonomous type. Unique.
A pair of brown leather boots that cover the upper knees. The guard stretches up to protect the thighs above the knees as well.
Reeve will wear the original.
Because it is a unique, it is impossible to copy.

Seventh time:
Spell Encyclopedia part 4. {Homing Missle} – Tracking bullets that send out multiple {Flame Bullets} against the target. Basic damage: 10. Necessary MP: 5 per shot.
It was a spell that allowed you to shoot out multiple {Flame Bullets} at once.
With the effect of Grand Magical ring, it is possible for each shot to only cost 1 MP. So with the Awakening ring and the Spirit ring, Claire could send out thirty tracking bullets without using any of her own mental power. If the opponent has zero magic resistance, they will take a total of about 300 damage from one blow. On the other hand, they will end up taking zero damage if they are equipped with Resistance armor.

Eighth time:
Dark Mithril long single-edged sword.
It was a so-called katana.
Flying Phoenix and Exorcism were copied on it at Reeve’s request.
During the next lap, coupled with the Falcon long leather boots, Reeve was able to kill a Zabinas grade high demon in the blink of an eye.

Ninth time:
Dark Mithril halberd.
A two-handed weapon with a deadly-looking axe coupled with a pointy spear end, it was a weapon even more violent looking than the Minotaur maul.
Frau used it with the Flying Phoenix and Exorcism abilities on it as well.
In the next lap, it was Frau’s turn to kill a Zabinas grade high demon with one attack.

Tenth time:
Abyssal leather costume – It is possible to instantaneously move from one shadow to another visible shadow. You can move anywhere inside the dark. Required MP: 1. Command word: [Melting]. Unique.
It was a round black leather garment. It covered the whole body in jet black material.
Ellis put it on, and it instantly changed to fit Ellis’s size.
Because it was unique, the ability could not be copied.
Ellis is now able to instantly move out of range of the opponent’s magic.

“We might be able to fight even the Demon Lord or the Hero now.”
“We were already able to take on a demon executive class great demon without any problems.”
“I’d like to try fighting them.”
“I want to try out {Homing Missile}.”
“I didn’t get anything nya.”

After clearing the labyrinth ten times, 20 million ril had also been accrued. With a 4 million ril split between everyone, things were going well.
These girls, have they become the strongest? That was the feeling spreading through each of them.
But those ideas were quickly dashed into fantasy.

Suddenly, a number of shadows, too many to count, covered the sky above Warren.
At the same time, countless grotesque and strange creatures popped up from the city back alleys.

It was a sudden invasion from the Demon Lord’s army.

Spawned demons attacked the people of the city at random.
Their strength was about the same as an ordinary person, but there is no way a person taken completely off guard could win against a malicious demon prepared to kill.
Residents were attacked one after another. They screamed, they ran, they begged for help.

Member from the Thieves’, Adventurer’s, and Workshop guilds ran out to help, but the numbers were not in their favor.
In the meantime, the demons that were flying in the sky descended down to join in on the attack.
Their power far surpassed the pawn demons that had come up from the alleys.
Residents were continuously frozen in ice or knocked down by some claws.

“Hey, don’t fight alone!”
“Let the citizens escape first!”

A loud roar echoed over the people’s heads.
What appeared was a stronger demon. It was bigger than a normal demon. Its body was reminiscent of a giant.

“Let’s go!” Buzz yelled, lightly tapping his sword to his armor.
“Defeat them!” Doug responded.

There were some skilled adventurers as well however. Charging forward with their friends, they were able to concentrate their attacks under the high demon’s knees and the five of them were pinning the one demon down.

Ellis rushed in on top of her Magical horse.
“An opening!”

Following Ellis’s orders, Reeve, Frau, and Katie scattered around to face the numerous high demons.
Claire prepared 30 {Homing Missiles} and thinned out the normal and pawn demons.
Ellis immediately refilled Claire’s Spirit and Awakening ring allowing Claire to fire off another volley.

Reeve truncated the normal demons in her path and headed straight for a high demon.
Frau wielded her halberd and crushed everything in her path.
Katie was also aiming for a high demon and was moving through the back alleys in order to ambush it from behind.
The Thieves’ Guild master Baltis held a dagger in each hand and cut out the demon’s jugulars one after another.
The Adventurer’s Guild master Theseus wore a pure white set of armor and shield, cutting through the demons with a one-handed sword.
The Workshop Guild master Flint’s body grew from his expanded muscles and decapitated every demon he could get to with his huge battle ax.
The Merchant Guild master Maria was hanging back, rescuing injured citizens with healing magic and directing medicinal herbs and recovery potions to those that needed it.

But there was just too many demons.

The citizens couldn’t escape.
And then the great demons appeared.

“They’re dangerous! Everyone, run away!”

Even though Claire and Ellis screamed at the top of their lungs, these were members of the Adventurer’s guild and Thieves’ guild. They’d sooner die than run away.

Danger! Danger! Danger!

Ellis’s brain was running at top speed. There was a way out of this, she just need to think of it.

She could easily save herself, but the city of Warren would fall.
For Ellis, Warren had already become home.
There were friends here she refused to lose.
Think. Think! Think!!!

But no answer would come.

Despair was clogging her throat like a giant clump of peanut butter.
Katie was surrounded by multiple high demons.
Frau was using herself as a shield to guard the citizenry.
Reeve had moved to rescue Buzz and Doug.
A great demon was moving in on Claire.


1. A cormorant is a type of aquatic bird. The Japanese used to use them to fish by tying a rope around their neck. When the bird would leave the boat, the chord would prevent them from swallowing large fish which they would spit back up on the boat. So basically, Ellis is funding numerous specialty shops instead of larger general stores.

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