Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 65

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A Seriously Dangerous Demon Lord


The Demon Lord greeted his second wise man period of the day.
At the same time, he was cursing himself for being unable to think up a creative idea for Margherita’s outfit today despite his usually vivid imagination.¹
However, that technique, the ‘chicken wing face lock’ was simply wonderful. With her boobs on his back, the arms hitting his face, and her hot breath on his ear.
Moreover, the flow that followed where he was dragged down and brought into the combined body scissors technique was equally wonderful. His lower abdomen tightened right alongside the tightening of her thighs.

How truly suitable for a refined nee-san character like her. She was always pushing the boundaries. He would have to try harder to keep up.
For now, he was happy to just spend his time as a wise man² with her while taking a bath together.

“Mr. Beru, thank you like always.”
The Demon Lord had already become a regular. Because of that, it became possible for Margherita to call him by a nickname.
Unfortunately, Berudeus was not his real name, so it was a nickname from a pseudonym.

“No, today was wonderful. I want you to survive the Demon Lord’s invasion that is coming up no matter what.”
Margherita had long ago figured out he was at least a member of the Demon Lord’s army, and it was at times like this that she wondered if he had actually intended to really hide the fact in the first place.

“Well I should tell you Beru, this area will soon be redeveloped into a male area of the town.”
“What do you mean?”
“We will be building a private bathhouse over there, and a new night club will be opening up as well.”
“Is it a place exclusively for Margherita?”
“No, but it is a place that will only be serving ‘very good things’, so Marilyn and I will be moved there automatically.”
“Will the service change?”
“Now that there are no ordinary customers eyes getting in our way, I am going take you much deeper than ever before.”

The Demon Lord’s wise man time was instantaneously blown away. The one word, ‘deeper’ was lingering in his ears.
“So what is a nightclub?” Fighting back the rising urges, the Demon Lord moved to sate his curiosity instead.

“It’s a place for gentleman to hang out socially. It will serve alcoholic drinks there along with other snacks. It is a shop where customers are allowed to grab a drink, talk amongst friends, and they will be able to walk over to the new bathhouse if they so desire.”

A certain thief who resembled a bandit popped up in the Demon Lord’s memories. The exchange they had at the time was very fun. It was 100 times more fun than being picked on by the real Berudeus.
They might meet again at this nightclub.
The Demon Lord thought that he would love to share a drink with him.

“By the way, what kind of clothing will Margherita wear in this new store?”
“I’m thinking of asking the customers to put in some requests. You always think up some nice ideas.”

The Demon Lord could no longer handle himself. He wanted to go another round.
“By the way, is it possible for me to extend today?”
“Sorry. I have a reservation after this.”

The Demon Lord’s shoulders dropped. However, he knew that there was a pleasure in being made to wait as well.

“I understand. I will come back after making another reservation. I will also try to think up a uniform for the nightclub that Margherita will love!”
“Thank you Mr. Beru.”

This was a service for the Demon Lord regular who waved his arm farewell as he moved to leave the store. At this time, Margherita was wearing the default maidware.
“Farewell, Mr. Beru.”
“Yes, I will come again.”


Then suddenly, the expression on Margherita’s face turned severe and she cried out.
“Watch out Beru!”
Margherita suddenly embraced the Demon Lord, swapping her position with his and pushing him down onto the floor.
She took on the full blast of a burst of light intended to hit the emerging Demon Lord.

A groan rose from Margherita’s lips.
A set of demon claws had struck her.
And she fell forward, straight into the outstretched demon claws of the Demon Lord.
Margherita’s entire back was soaked with blood.

“I’m all right……always………welcome………Beru……..”
Margherita had completely lost herself protecting the Demon Lord.

“What the hell have you done!?”
Without giving them a chance to answer, the Demon Lord cast magic to blow away the two demons’ heads that stood before him and cast a full recovery spell onto Margherita.
He picked her up into his arms before carrying her back into the store.
“Take care of Margherita!”
The Demon Lord entrusted the unconscious woman in his arms to the receptionist and barreled back outside.

“What have you done to my Margherita!?”
For the first time since he was born, the Demon Lord was overcome with an anger that could not be contained.

“My wings, come to me! {Fly}!”
With the figure of an ordinary farmer, the Demon Lord ascended to the sky above.

First he read the situation.
“It’s that fool Zavnat,”
and he began forming his spells.
“Bring the flames of my anger to everyone who stands in my way.”
Numerous {Flare Bullets} began floating behind the Demon Lord–dyeing the sky blood red.
“In my name burn them all without missing a one. {Homing Missile}!”
The numerous bullets fettered Warren’s streets, burning down and instantly killing every pawn demon while greatly injuring the normal and high demons.
And so the Demon Lord continued.
“You are demons wounded, and so at my will, return to pits of hell. {Death Scythe}.
A circle of magical power ran through the streets of Warren, focusing on the still living demons. After a second had passed, every normal and high demon that still remained turned to ash.
“Dust of the sky, heed my call. {Call Comet}!”
Tiny comets rained down from the clouds leaving tiny white tails in their path punching a hole through the ten great demons that still remained. After the inevitable explosion of blood and entrails, both the comet and the carcass disappeared into the ground.
“And now the annoying finish.”
The Demon Lord floating in the sky turned his gaze at the lone remaining demon that was beside himself in panic.
“Ancient evil, distort space and time at my discretion. {Closed Dimension}!”
The remaining demon was caught up in an alternate space made of invisible light, restricting any hope of escape.
“Watchdogs from Hell, follow your desires and devour everything before you. {Hungry Brother}!”
A pack of demonic dogs straight from hell were summoned in the rectangular parallel dimension alongside the trapped demon.
In a hopeless attempt to run, the demon started clawing at the walls until his fingers bleed, but soon even that became impossible for him as the dogs ripped his arms from his body and his flesh from his bones. Just like that, every speck that once made up that demon was eventually swallowed down the demon dogs’ throats.

After the last demon was killed, the Demon Lord took a breath.
“Okay, that should do it…..”

A Demon Lord that had just wiped out a fourth of his army by his own hands.
“I should return home and debrief Berudeus.”
He was worried about Margherita, but if he were to descend down now and everyone were to realize his true identity, it would be problematic for him to return to Warren again–or so he thought.
And so the Demon Lord kicked off the sky and flew back to his magic castle.


Ellis was confused.
Before her was the edge of despair, but the demons she was facing were burned, turned to ashes, pierced by a comet, and devoured by dogs floating in the sky.
And only Ellis and her four companions noticed it.
The farmer with a straw hat floating in the sky.

“That is the Demon Lord……”
Ellis didn’t know. Why did the Demon Lord destroy his army?
Were the demons and the Demon Lord hostile towards each other? Is the demon army on the side of the Hero? Did the demons originally come here to kill the Demon Lord?
The more she thought about it, the more confused she became.
There was, however, one fact that she knew for sure.
“The Demon Lord is dangerous.”
In a flash, thousand of demons were slaughtered without him breaking a sweat.
In the town, there were voices crying out, saying, “A hero has saved us!”
But those voices quickly died down.
There is no doubt that the threat has passed.
But everyone knew that that did not guarantee that the threat would not return.


Margherita woke up with a start.
And she was convinced. That farmer calling himself Berudeus was a powerful presence. He may be the Demon Lord just as Ellis had suspected.
She certainly remembered a demon’s claws gouging out her back. She also remembered the sound of bone breaking as her spine crumbled.
She thought her life was at an end, but now here she was, awake.
She didn’t know if he was a demon or an angel, but he saved her life. That was a fact.
“Sorry about that.”
For the first time in her life, Margherita’s heart was doing a leap.
“I have to report this to the ladies immediately.”
After all the previous ruckus, all the scheduled appointments would be canceled.
Margherita began running to Lily Garden in her bare feet.


“Is this alright, My Demon Lord?”
“What is Berudeus?”
“Zavnat lost an army of thousands of soldiers.”
“That’s, the fellow who was complaining about how bored he was the other day?”
“That’s right.”
“Well then how about you call him to me.”
“Yes, he will be here soon.”

Soon, the demon executive class great demon Zavnat was kneeling before the demon Lord.
“This time you performed an action without my approval in a fit of impatience, but……did you bring me the Hero’s head?”
A truly unfair Demon Lord.
The demon Zavnat went rigid, but he was able to desperately squeeze out a response.

“No, I’m afraid we were defeated. We never even saw the Hero coming. He was able to manipulate thousands of {Flare Bullets}, purified our demons, called down comets from the heavens, and summoned demon dogs straight from the pits of hell. There was nothing we could do.”

“I see. Such a thing, I could easily do as well.”

Zavnat looked up at the Demon Lord with a look that screamed, “Seriously?”³
Unfortunately, Zavnat was unable to voice a decent response to this fact.

“Berudeus, would you gather our executives here now?”

After awhile, a couple of demon executives gathered together in the palace hall.
“Well Zavnat, please explain to everyone what you saw.”

Zavnat retold the story of what had happened during his invasion of Warren that he had just explained to the Demon Lord.
“Have all of you guys properly heard his story?” the Demon Lord asked.
Every demon executive obediently nodded their heads.
“Well, some of you have been talking about how you want to see my power. So be it.”

A wave of killing intent was released with the Demon Lord’s ruthless smile.
“Well then, let’s begin. {Bind}.”
The Demon Lord robbed Zavnat of his ability to move.
“The price for death, is death.”
Zavnat furiously shook his head back and forth trembling in fear.
“Well then, shall we do this one at a time?”
The Demon Lord floated Zavnat away with telekinesis and guided him out of the castle.
And then, {Homing Missiles}.
{Death Scythe}.
Since Zavnat was on the verge of dying after just that, {Perfect Heal} was used next.
Then {Call Comet} was used, but it was purposely directed to not hit any vital spot meaning the worst damage that Zavnat suffered was only a gaping hole where his shoulder used to be.
“I believe you said that he used dogs to finish things right?”
After confining Zavnat in {Closed Dimension}, {Hungry Brother} was used to lick up every last remaining drop of blood that remained.
“See, I can do it too, but I like to think that I add a little more flare to it. Would you like to see it again?”
The demon executive unanimously shook their heads no.

“Alright then. Taking the initiative is something to be lauded, but just remember that the punishment for failure is death. And one more thing. If any of you try and touch Warren, I’ll kill you.”
Even if he hadn’t said anything, none of the demon executives wanted to go near the city where Zavnat had been so utterly crushed.

“Good. You are all dismissed.”
The Demon Lord sent all or his men away.

“Well then, I suppose now I should use the full extent of my imagination to figure out a good costume for Margherita to wear.”
For the first time in a long while, the Demon Lord found himself unable to sleep. His thoughts were too full of the nee-san like woman who had risked her life to try and save a Demon Lord.

1. This first part is a little weird because it is mostly in the first person for the Demon Lord, but it eventually switches back over to third person. I decided to just switch it all to the third person so that there would be no confusion with who is talking later on.

2. In the Japanese, it uses this term a lot, but I always avoided it choosing to cut it out for something a little different. This time is a little more specific though, so for anyone who doesn’t know, wise man time is the period right after sex where you are completely free from sexual thoughts because you just did the deed.

3. Another piece of wordplay. The word ‘maji’ in katakana is what the Japanese refer to as the ‘seriously?’ pose. In the title, instead of using the actual word for seriously, they use ‘maji’, probably to reference the fact that not only is the Demon Lord seriously dangerous, but also the utter surprise at the fact that he is going to kill a fourth his army and then say the Hero did it.

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