Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 80



Perfect Publicity


“Marilyn, you were great today as well,” the Hero Gray gasped out while leaning on Marilyn’s chest. She responded by stroking his head and giving him a small smile.

“Mr. Gise looks like he is doing well.”
“Yes, and it’s all thanks to Marilyn.”
“By the way, Gise, the full-blown renovations done to the male-only street will be finished tomorrow. Ten days later we will have an open event at the night club. Please feel free to attend if you want.”
“What kind of clothes should I wear for that kind of event?”
“Generally, I believe most people will be wearing a tuxedo.”

Gray instantly became embarrassed. Although he had certainly accrued a good bit of money, he had never worn a tuxedo before. He didn’t have a clue where he would go to buy one.

“Where can I buy a tuxedo?”
“If you don’t mind, would you like to let me guide you after this?”
“Is that really alright?”
“Well, I’ve actually finished all my work for the day with this.”

Afterwards, Marilyn gave Gray a little extra service before the both of them left to get dressed. It took Gray only a moment to get changed into his simple clothes, and he waited for Marilyn in the lobby.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting.”
Today as well Marilyn’s Eros was in full bloom. Gray had no idea why an ordinary blouse and semi-long flare skirt could look so erotic, but he was starting to wish his appointment had just started instead of ended.

“Well then Gise, let’s head out.”

Marilyn invited Gray to go out by grabbing his arm and holding it close to her. A dirty smile spread across his face as his arm pressed into her chest, and his mind became mud.
Soon, the sight of Marilyn almost dragging Gray along could be seen in the city streets.
Marilyn began to explain to him that after construction had began, all of the men’s specialty clothes shops moved from the city square to the men-only street.

“Master, this person is looking to buy a complete tuxedo!”
“Hoh Marilyn. Thanks for your hard work as always.”

When Marilyn walked in while dragging along Gray, she greeted the store owner with a wave of her hand. Then, leaving the Hero behind for a second, she walked up to the owner and whispered into his ear,
“Do you remember the Mohawk price? Please use that.”
Marilyn gave the store manager a cute wink, and the manager replied in turn with an evil smile.

“Well then Gise, you should be fine with this.”
“Yes, thank you for everything Marilyn. I will definitely see you in ten days.”

In this way, Gray was lucky enough to acquire a nice tuxedo……..at twice the market price.



“Margherita, you were great today as well.” The Demon Lord going by the name of Berudeus breathed out a sigh of relief while thanking Margherita.

“Did you like the camel clutch Beru?”
“Ah, it was great.”
“By the way Beru, the full-blown renovations done to the male-only street will be finished tomorrow. Ten days later we will have an open event at the night club. Please feel free to attend if you want.”

And then Margherita continued.
“Actually, that black one-piece dress that Beru recommended has been adopted as the uniform for the new bathhouse attached to the nightclub.”

The Demon Lord had been lying down with his face buried into the mattress until now, but he decided to flip himself over and lie on his back instead. His lower abdomen would hurt otherwise.

“Beru has actually helped me out quite a bit, so I prepared a gift for you. Would you wait in the lobby for me while I get it?”
“Sure. I’ll quickly change my clothes.”

The farmer’s clothes the Demon Lord wore slipped on with ease, and he waited for Margherita in the front lobby while wearing his usual straw hat. When she came out, she was wearing a white blouse underneath a black vest and a tight black skirt.

“Did you wait long? This is the uniform for the games department of the nightclub. Do you like it?”

‘That is way too erotic, what is with that cleavage? I should hire the person who designed that as my head torturer. That slit in the back should be a crime!’
After a few seconds, the Demon Lord was able to reset his brain.

“Hey, can we extend today’s time?”
“Sorry, but I have a meeting today after work. After all, I can’t leave everything to the younger girls.”

The Demon Lord was a slave to his urges, but he knew that he couldn’t force Margherita to do something she didn’t want to. He wouldn’t. So, he would endure.

“By the way, this was the present I was talking about. I think it will suit Beru quite well.”
What she held out was a fine black suit, fresh pressed and ready to go.

“Is that okay? It looks expensive.”

“You saved my life. Something like this is quite cheap compared to that. But if it’s okay with you, I would be very glad if you would come to the opening event while wearing this though.”
Margherita found herself feeling just a little giddy, and a rosy blush rose to her cheeks for the first time in a long time. However, the Demon Lord wasn’t the type of guy to notice something like that.

“I understand. I will most definitely come again after ten days.”

And so Margherita grabbed hold of the Demon Lord’s left arm and pulled him in close. She slowly guided him to the entrance before reluctantly pulling back.

“See you again, Beru,” Margherita said while lightly waving her hand in front of her chest.

“Ah, I will definitely come again.” The Demon Lord gave a short reply before turning around and walking out of town.

When he was out of sight, Margherita allowed herself a small sigh. “This isn’t like me,” she muttered to herself while slowly making her way to the Thieves’ Guild.


“Katie, thanks nya.”
“Katie, thank you.”

Mati and Labra had both safely arrived in Warren. They had learned where Ellis’s mansion was at the Adventurer’s Guild and immediately gone over for a visit.
The five Jewelry Box members warmly welcomed the two inside. Well, three actually.
There was someone hiding behind Mati, but before they entered inside, Mati took her hand and pushed her in front.

“This kid is Ravi, the daughter of a rabbit family I know nya. I brought her with us to be a server nya.”
“I’m Ravi nano. Nice to meet you nano.”

The young rabbit girl did her best to give a proper greeting with outstretched ears. She was coated in thin brown hair that was pretty in the sunlight, yet the way she was ever-so slightly trembling while introducing herself was childishly cute.

“Because it’s a restaurant, it’s better to have more hands nya. But until profits start coming, expect to get more sticks than carrots nya.”

Katie has become a champion of saying terrible things.

“Well then, since you all are new here, this time all of us can guide you.”
The other four all nodded their heads, and after a few minutes to get ready, everyone was ready to go.

Currently there were six stores in total in Cross Town.
Hanna and Ken’s cake shop was on the same side as Lily Garden on the north side of the highway. Aiful and Credia’s teahouse was next to it with an open deck connecting them both.
Furthermore, there was a woman’s boutique that had already opened thanks to Ellis’s loans. There was an opening next to the store large enough for several carriages to park.
On the south side was the manju store that Shin and Nonna would be running. They were placed right across the street from the cake shop.
Next to them was the live house. The building itself was already quite large, so a road was made going alongside it to the back. A large parking lot for carriages was designed expanding back.
Lastly was a cafe that also sold takeaway snacks built next to the live house. This was secretly Ellis’s favorite shop, and she ate out there more than anywhere else in Warren. It had also opened thanks to a loan from Ellis.

Mati’s shop, the steamed food restaurant, would be on the end next to the cafe. Construction had already finished, and the main entrance welcomed any who wanted to enter.
Katie looked quite proud of herself standing in front of it, and as she unlocked the front door with her key, she urged the three visitors into the store.
There were a total of three round tables capable of seating six people, two tables that fit four, and four two person tables.
The kitchen was in the back. There were a total of six Claire-Flint brand steamers, 3 burners, and a kiln off in the corner. A large cooking table sat in the middle of the room, looking ready to be used.

Frau explained the presence of each.
“Because some of your steamed dishes will require you to make bean paste and sauce at the same time, you’ll need a large stove, and with the kiln, you can immediately bake crepes after putting them together. You should be able to pull in all sorts of customers with this.”

“If you ever need help with the menu, just ask Frau.”

Mati, Labra, and Ravi all nodded their heads simultaneously at Ellis’s advice while looking around the room dumbfounded. Then they came to the living space in the back.

“I used Hanna and Ken’s room as a reference, so everything’s perfect nya.”

Apart from the kitchen, there was a living room, a washroom, and three bedrooms. Katie explained that she had used Ken and Hanna’s requests as a base–one bedroom, one guest room, and one room for future children. Considering the extra addition of Ravi, this meant that there was enough rooms for each of them. It was a happy surprise for the three ladies who had been prepared to share a bed with each other.

“Well then, I’m going to buy uniforms and furniture nya. Frau, I want you to come with me nya.”

It seems that Katie wanted to take care of everything herself. Well, this cat girl had a hundred million in assets and was currently giving away a building as a gift, so she could afford this much.
It was here that the five girls would split up. Katie and Frau were headed towards the city square, and Ellis would join them into town before heading off to the Thieves’ Guild. Reeve and Claire were going to go home after treating their new neighbors to a cake set and some tea at Aiful’s shop.


“The entrance fee can all go to the Merchant Guild while the Thieves’ Guild receives 10 percent from the performers’ paychecks. How about that?”

Ellis was currently in the middle of negotiations with Baltis. Margherita, Marilyn, and Machel were all there as well, but there was no way they were getting involved in this.

“Aren’t you being a little too greedy as just an advisor?”
Ellis had argued on the Thieves’ Guild’s behalf before, so maybe Baltis was thinking she would give him a better deal. There was no way she was going to so blatantly cross Maria however.
“The Thieves’ Guild is honestly stepping into Merchant Guild profits here. Besides, the Thieves’ Guild has already gotten two bathhouses and a nightclub from this, or are you forgetting that Uncle?”

Baltis began to laugh as if a great joke had just been told.
“Yeah, you’re right Ellis! You’ve been doing really great for the Thieves’ Guild. All right, new deal. Become my daughter and take over for me.”
“I refuse.”
“Don’t you want to think about it?”
“Uncle, if you keep trying to do things in such a round-about way, you’re going to make the Adventurer’s Guild and the Workshop Guild your enemies.”
“Oh, it’ll be no problem as long as Frau and Claire succeed them too.”
“I’ll think about it after all you old men are dead.”

Ellis could spin the story in whatever way she wanted after that.

“So, we need to decide a name for the store. Does anyone have any ideas?”

Ellis brought the discussion back on track, and surprisingly, Margherita raised her hand.

“I want to change the image of the bathhouse, and I think the name ‘Master’s Hideaway’ suits the nightclub more. Since the current bathhouse is becoming more for general use, I was thinking about having its name changed to ‘Healthy Paradise’, and the new bathhouse meant for good things only can be called ‘Dandy’s Shangri La’. Then how about just calling the men-only street ‘Gentleman’s Street’?

Hmm, it sounds good at least.
“I think it’s good. What about everyone else?”

Baltis had no objections. As for the other two, it seems like they had already talked about the idea with Margherita before, so they just nodded their approval.

“Then I’ll report it to Maria at the Merchant Guild in advance just in case. If she says it’s okay, I’ll talk to Flint and have him prepare a sign and a few fliers.”
“C’mon, I’m begging you Madame Advisor.”
“I’ll stab you Uncle.”
“Aah, scary scary.”

Baltis put his hands up in surrender, but nobody was buying it.

“Well then, I am off.”

And so Ellis next headed towards the Merchant Guild with four others watching her off.

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  1. Ellis, is already getting rich from harassing the hero and the demon lord. The Warren’s jewelry box will probably turn everyone in Warren into livestocks. Thanks for the chapter


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