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The Noble Girl Who Left the Heavy Armor

If you ask someone if they’d like a tailor made dress, anyone who isn’t the daughter of a cow would have their eyes light up. Call up both familiar and popular designers through your social circles, and talk with them about how an ordinary piece of cloth would be transformed into something beautiful. Precious preparations and a gorgeous shine must be put into the dress, and it allows the person wearing it to feel as if they are temporarily inside a dream.
The same can be said for even a noble girl and witch who usually wears nothing besides a full body suit of armor. I held my chest high as I looked towards the door or a room inside the royal palace.
Today my wedding dress was being tailored. Of course, it was meant for my wedding with Percival.
Though, it’s not a gorgeous, luxurious event that is held inside some social circles. There are very few people coming, including Alexis and the others and a few witches I had become acquainted with. It is something with an attendance that could be counted on one hand so to speak. The venue as well is my old castle. It is not certain whether this can be called an extravagant event anymore, but at the very least it is safe to call it a gorgeous tea party.
It is certainly still going by the title of a ‘wedding ceremony’ for the moment, and thanks to Ordo who put out some money for the occasion, I was able to provide some wonderful invitation cards.
The wedding dress I would wear for such a ceremony……..just thinking about it my chest started to warm up, and the feelings bouncing around my heart became even more violent.

Today, I would be taking off my helmet in this place.
I would ‘properly’ wear a wedding dress that suits me for my wedding with Percival.

Even now I repeat this to myself.
Because Percival told me, “I am cute even inside armor,” I was able to move forward and love myself even when I was encased in iron. That’s why I strongly want to marry him as ‘Monette’ and not the ‘Heavily Armored Noble Girl’. This is why I must take off my armor.
Take off my armor and appear in front of him wearing the best dress I can. It’s okay, he will surely praise me.
With that determination in mind, I took a deep breath in front of the door. Inside there was Percival and Gina who had brought the preparations for the dress. Inside also were a few craftsmen who had tailored such dresses before, but they were handpicked by Alexis and Ordo, so I’m sure they can be trusted.

Certainly I cannot wipe away my anxiety entirely. When I think about what people might say when they see me vulnerable, fear inevitably takes hold of me.
But even more than that, I want to look at him with my eyes, not through some holes in a helmet. If he can, I want him to watch me take off this armor and still call me ‘cute.’

With that thought, I took hold of the door knob with an unwavering determination.

…….Yes, I am going to take off Monette.
Even though I am Monette.

“Alright Monette, let’s measure around your stomach. You’ll be wearing a corset on the big day, so make sure you’re not too hungry right now.”

Well, Gina was trying to measure around the abdomen of the armor.
Even as she did that, I murmured, “I won’t suck in,” from inside my helmet. The measuring tool seemed to be something that would measure around my waist and abdomen, but of course it would not feel anything through a case of iron. On the contrary, even if I were to take a deep breath in to try and dent my stomach, it wouldn’t change anything.
Naturally. It’s a suit of armor. There is no way it would change.
Even so, Gina has been taking measurements from the top of my armor, brought it down to my chest, and then, “Some people like it a little flat……” tried to comfort me. She said so, about the chest of a full suit of armor she had been measuring.

“Hey, Gina…….”
“Be at ease Monette. Even if I’m a little off, it can be covered up by the dress itself.”
“No, you’re wrong, listen.”

Hey, even though I’m trying to stop her, a white cloth suddenly wrapped around the eyes of my helmet, blocking my sight. It was a beautiful white cloth though, and it shined finely while glittering as the light bounced off it.
When I diverted my eyes to see where the fabric had come from, my eyes suddenly matched up with Percival’s, who was making an extremely serious expression. He was holding several such cloths, replacing one piece for another, constantly hanging them off either my helmet or my shoulder. After comparing them several times, he eventually presented one beautifully shining piece to me.

“I think that this cloth becomes you most Lady Monette, but what do you think?”
“Percival, you see, today I”
“Wait Percival, if you are picking out a veil then you should wait and see what color goes with it.”
“Even Alexis…….or am I wearing a helmet along with my veil?”

All of the measurements for the suit of armor were being taken by Gina while Percival and Alexis compared to see what fabric would look best with it. And I was left standing there sighing by myself.
Apparently they thought I would be wearing my armor just as I had been until now, so they were doing their best to make my armor look as pretty as possible. Wondering which design looks best, what kinds of trends are most popular right now, and I’m sure they’ve probably seen more than a few surprising things as they did all their research for this moment. The samples of prepared cloth was stacked like a mountain, and it showed that not just this country, but even countries outside our borders had been subjects for their search.

I am thankful to see them so very enthused about this and appreciative of all the work they are doing on my behalf.
…….Although as they looked, I’m sure that the image of a walking suit of armor wearing those veils never popped up into the merchants’ minds. –Even if it did, I’m sure that it would be something from their nightmares. Even as I try to picture it, I see a walking suit of armor wearing a wedding dress with a horror backdrop framing it.–

I imagined such an image and now a bit of weakness had gotten into my knees, but then Percival muttered, “That is,” underneath his breath as he had noticed something.
His eyes were pointed towards my things, but apart from my usual pouch was a small box attached to it. Having seen it, Percival’s face suddenly lit up as he realized it was the hair ornament he had gotten me.

“Please wear it.”
“Th-that’s…….it’s something you gave me.”

Percival’s eyes shined with a light so bright I had to look away from him.
At that moment, the words I was about to say were interrupted by Gina, “Oh no Monette. I can’t measure your chest like this when you’re talking,” who was still measuring right below my chest. Why on earth would my talking change the circumference of of a full body suit of armor? Even if I shout at the top of my lungs, the thickness of this iron won’t change.
However, as I wanted to point this out, I instead stretched out my armored arm towards the hair ornament, and seeing my intention, Percival quickly grabbed it and approached me with it in hand.
Then he gently stretched out his hand and added the hair ornament to the top of my helmet. I heard the faint *ting* of it touching iron. Then as he looked down at me with a satisfied look on his face, I raised my face towards his,

“It suits you after all,”

and had this said to me.
There were still no color of falsehoods in his voice or deception. He had a truly joyful expression on his face, and I knew that his words were a true heartfelt compliment. Afterwards, he shifted the hair ornament slightly and moved it to the other side of my helmet adding, “It looks better here.” I guess he really was considering my appearance.
While Percival and was doing that, Gina had finished up doing my measurements while muttering, “There should be almost no constrictions with this.” Alexis was still sorting through veil fabric with a serious look in his eye…….and I was still left with nothing to do other than sigh inside my helmet.
It was somewhere deep inside my heart where I questioned whether I was fortunate to have accepted my presence inside this armor, or lament that I have become too accepting of it.

The tailoring of the dress was finished, and the day of the ceremony came.
Because the venue is the old castle where I live, there is naturally not a tense atmosphere in the air. The witches that were invited all spread out on their own, and there were many who had brought along stacks of books with them saying, “This one is interesting,” and “I’d like you to read this one too.”
Isn’t it quite the free and relaxed atmosphere you would never expect from a ceremony? Moreover, since the area was littered with familiars running about and playing, anybody who did not know what was going on would never have guessed that a wedding was about to take place.
It could be said that this unusual air was slightly affecting me as with the usual ceremony, I should be standing with my back straight waiting patiently for things to begin. Instead, I was rarely off on my own wandering around. Was this natural because of all the witches that had gathered, or was I just moving based on my own nervousness?

“Concetta, let’s wear a bow tie today. Heeeere we go.”

I walked by Gina who was holding up a bow tie towards a fluffy cat. The ornate dress she was wearing was something newly prepared for today that made her look stunning, but her tone was as gentle as ever when she spoke creating a gap between her explosive beauty and humble demeanor. Sitting on Gina’s knees, Concetta was sitting upright wearing a tail coat made for cats.
Raising his face and showing his neck, a bow tie was wrapped around him which made his tail swing once in pride. Concetta had also gotten in the bath the previous night and had his hair washed and brushed creating no need for any hair care today. Even a familiar can be concerned about their personal appearance.
Watching as Gina commended Concetta for his naturally good looks, I heard Alexis suddenly cry out.
He was wearing a formal black tuxedo. The embroidery had been adjusted to match his shining hair, and he looked handsome enough to have just about any woman swoon upon seeing him. Though, if they were to see the large spider clinging to his chest, those swoons would inevitably turn into screams.
Of course, that spider was Robertson. Spiders cannot be fashionable…..whoever would say that obviously has never seen one with their eight feet painted white before. He seemed to have had them colored today, and as Alexis approached, Gina immediately started praising him saying, “White gloves, so gentlemanly.”

“Gina, how is Monette?”
“Excellent. The pure white veil and dress are finished and beautiful enough on their own to make anyone marvel. Alexis, what about things with you?”
“Everything’s perfect on my side too. No matter what he says, he looks like a prince.”

While saying so, Alexis sat down next to Gina. At that time Concetta moved from Gina’s lap to Alexis’s. As if to show off, he did a full turnabout on his knees, and with a bitter smile, Alexis started petting his head while praising him.

While the two of them were chatting for awhile, the started loosely playing some music after seeing what the time had become.
The witches who had been doing things on their own until now were able to read the mood bringing their familiars with them as they sat down and placing them on their laps.
In such an atmosphere, who came walking down the isle was Ordo dressed up in a set of decadent robes. I could feel the dignity of a king from his upright walk, and when he stood before the prepared podium, he took a deep breath……,

*Kuu*…..and while groaning slightly, he unexpectedly turned his face away from the crowd.

“My, what a rude priest.”
“How did Uncle become the priest in the first place? Who thought that would work? Having such a lump of insincerity of an old man up there.”

And then Gina and Alexis both made while comments from the crowd about Ordo’s attitude.
Ordo looked at them both with disgusted eyes, but even I felt like I could hear the stone podium laughing when he took his position. It must be unpleasant for him. And so the beginning of the ceremony began with a small cough.

It wasn’t something extravagant because of its small scale, buy the ceremony was able to proceed with a warm feeling.
Ordo, who was acting as the priest, recited the words for a traditional commitment. In addition, he added, “You guys, there is no way you actually still believe that God is watching this right?”
Who asked for this domineering counterfeit? But this guy insisted on acting as the priest to acquire some connections with the visiting witches. I’m sure he felt some goodwill towards Percival and me, but he would be lying if he said that his main purpose here was not to draw in another country’s witches as well. For such a greedy man to act as someone completely devoted to God is too funny of a story.
Nevertheless, the expression of our fake priest smoothed out and urged us to seal the oath with a kiss. Percival listened to him and slowly turned towards me with a small laugh. He looked happy and somewhat embarrassed, a shy look that made him look like a young boy. But his eyes were focused entirely on me, and so I turned towards him……..,

and narrowed my eyes through my helmet.

Yes, from inside the helmet. I am wearing a full body suit of armor. No, today I was wearing a beautiful wedding dress and veil…overtop a full body suit of armor.
The cloth the dress was made out of shined finely when it received the light, and the hem gave off a fantastic fluffy feeling whenever I moved. Good lace was interwoven around the chest area and silver thread embroidery was used to decorate the hems. The veil hiding the helmet was also colored to match the purity of the dress, and the hair ornament affixed to the helmet played up the whole outfit.
Speaking of its glamorous appearance, my eyes shone when I saw the finished tailored dress, and at the same time my heart had pounded with excitement while wondering if I was really going to get to wear this.
However, almost immediately after that my dreams were shattered and my eyes when cloudy when I realized the dress was too big.

Of course, the dress was too big for me because it was made to go over armor.
And as I saw that the prepared corset was also armor-sized, my eyes stagnated going from simply cloudy, to dirty and muddy.

And now, I was wearing that wedding dress over my usual suit of armor. There was a corset underneath my dress as well by the way. It was quite tightly squeezed, but it had absolutely no effect on my breathing.¹ I was able to comfortably take a deep breath and feel as if I were not wearing a corset at all.
Percival was looking at the me who was dressed like that. For the sake of today, he had also dressed up in a way worth seeing. A tailored suit using dark blue cloth matched with his eye-catching golden hair, and the embroidered white and silver lines matched my dress creating a glamorous look. He had the demeanor of a brave knight, yet his beauty was like a prince from a storybook.
When I saw him for the first time, I fell in love all over again, but my mouth took on a will of its own saying, “I wonder if it will match?” I immediately panicked when I realized what my mouth had done and had started swinging my helmet to the left and right to see if it was a trick and someone was just trying to make me believe that I had said that.
Contrary to my anxious reaction, there was no tightening on Percival’s expression. Despite my words, he clearly looked happy standing before me.

“So embarassing.”

But Percival was completely oblivious to those thoughts, and after my attention was drawn back to the current moment, I noticed his hand slowly moving forward and drawing back the veil covering my helmet.
An oath sealed by a kiss. My heart began beating fast as the fact that this was really happening hit me along with the sight of Percival lifting my veil. Even if I am wearing a full body suit of armor, I am still a young girl, and there is no way I wouldn’t be unperturbed at a promise kiss to show off my love.

………However, I cannot get drunk off of my happiness like this.

“Um, Percival”
“…….It’s alright. I’m nervous too.”
“No, it’s something different. You see”

This armor…….I tried saying something, but only air would come out of my mouth. Percival narrowed his blue eyes and brought his face close. I saw that he was trying to kiss me, so I hurriedly closed my eyes because it felt like his lips would really touch me.
During my wedding, we seal our love with a promised kiss until death do us part…….I fell into such an illusion.

Well, of course our lips weren’t going to touch.

Eventually overcoming the anxiety that had gripped my heart, I slowly opened my eyes again, and I saw Percival’s face slightly further away than when I had saw it last with rosy cheeks. His hands were outstretched towards my helmet and stroking it as if he were stroking a woman’s cheeks. He is practically petting me with the tips of his fingers, I think after seeing the way his hand moves from the corner of my vision.
I hear a feverish breath rise up from my surroundings, and Gina leads them with an exaggerated sigh, “Beautiful……” Alexis was sitting beside her, nodding his head in agreement with a calm expression. There was exactly one person who was holding his hand over his mouth and looking away while trembling from trying to hold back his laughter, but I decided to ignore this specific individual.
Such a warm air, and with this atmosphere prevailing, I back up towards Percival’s loving eyes…….

“It’s the armor!”

and gave voice to my thoughts.

“Huh, what’s wrong Monette?”
“It’s armor! Percival kissed my helmet!”
“Well yes, but please don’t shout it out like that, you’ll……’re making me shy.”
“You shouldn’t be shy about that!”

Towards my desperate appeals, Percival just tilted his head to the side in confusion. That expression showed he was feeling truly oblivious to my point, but it wasn’t just him, everyone in the room was looking at me with a giant question mark over their heads. There was one person who was holding his stomach, keeled over from laughing so hard, but if God really is here, then that guy will burst into flames any second now. I’m getting off topic.
I ignore my surroundings, take a deep breath, and plead with Percival.

“My helmet is a helmet, it’s not me. So……that is, properly……..I want you to properly kiss me.”
“………..Lady Monette, that is”
“W-Whatever kind of face I have, like you said before…….can you still kiss me?”

My questions stunned Percival, and for a couple seconds, he just stared at me with wide eyes……….and then gave me a gentle smile and nodded deeply. That expression immediately drove away my lingering anxiety, and as he whispered the words, “If it’s what you want, I’ll do it however many times I can,” washed away any tension swirling around my chest. My heart began to rhythmically beat at a comfortable rate as his arms began to move forward once again.
Slowly, steadily, his hands made their way to the back of my helmet. The moment I heard the metallic clank of iron moving against iron, some small amount of tension resurfaced in the back of my mind, but seeing Percival’s peaceful smile made it all melt away.
I want to look into those eyes not through the holes of a helmet; I want to feel those lips on mine. There is no small part of me that is jealous of this helmet having received a kiss before me.

With those thoughts abound, my helmet was removed, and I slowly raised my face to meet his.

Percival was there in my sight. And I, without some helmet shielding me, was in his.
The people surrounding me were speechless. Was it because of the surprise that the heavily armored noble girl had taken off her helmet, or was it out of shock at my true appearance? I was afraid to confirm the truth, but above all that silence was something painful. Was I ugly? If you think that you are disappointed, if you think such a thing……what do you think……the hands holding my helmet were trembling.
However, my helmet has already been taken off. It is meaningless to get scared and run away. With that in mind, I pushed down the fear bubbling in my chest and waited for Percival to say something.
His blue eyes were round and wide-eyed, completely stunned by what he saw………

“L-Lady of the Lake!”

and shouted out something unexpected.
To that voice, towards those words, my head tilted to the side in curiosity. This time not inside a helmet.

“Lady of the Lake?”
“Why are you here!? Lady Monette? Where did you go?”
“Percival, calm down…….Um, why are you suddenly shouting something about a Lady of the Lake?”
“Why, when, how, huh………?”

Where had that bravery and dignity gone, Percival was wide-eyed and his mouth flapping open then shut while looking at me…….then something must have connected because he suddenly hit his hands together
The ‘Lady of the Lake’ was a nameless woman who Percival had encountered some time during our journey.
First at the lakeside and then once again near Gina’s mansion. Strangely, nobody else had seen her other than Percival, and I, who had been near the area at the same time, had felt no sign of her. From her ethereal beauty to glowing mysteriousness, Percival had claimed she was clearly a ‘foreign princess who is in actuality a water fairy that is traveling abroad while keeping her identity secret to protect herself.’
Why was he bringing up that woman now………….unless he was saying that I was the Lady of the Lake.

“That’s, my spell to keep people away wouldn’t have worked on a witch slayer like Percival………in other words you watched me strip off my armor!”
“Lady Monette is my fabled ‘Lady of the Lake!'”

So we exclaimed at the same time.
Then we both turned to see Gina and Alexis who would also know what we were talking about…..but Gina’s was narrowly looking at us as if she was amazed by something, and Concetta was nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile Alexis’s mouth had been filled with a loaf of bread that appeared out of nowhere.
I saw their mild reactions and was taken aback, “Did they already know…….?” but then my gaze was inevitably drawn back to Percival. Whether he had the same idea as me, he was making a face as if someone had just pulled on his cheeks.
But when he noticed my eyes on him, he quickly cleared his throat and began to scratch his head.

“There’s no way Lady Monette is really the Lady of the Lake…….”
“Heh, I also never noticed. ……….but, I do feel relieved in a way.”
“…….because, this……….if it’s true, kiss me properly……..”

Hurry up and kiss me, was what I was trying to mutter. My voice had become small from the embarrassment that was filling my brain, but since I wasn’t wearing my helmet, even that small voice of mine could reach Percival’s ears perfectly.
In fact, the second he heard my words, his face went as red as mine probably is.

“I-I, kiss you……”
“……….Yes, not the helmet, properly.”
“T-that’s, I understand that……..but, that……..!

I looked up towards Percival whose eyes were darting around wildly. When I looked, I could see my face reflected in those blue eyes. It’s not a helmet; it’s my own face.
Then I call out his name, “Percival?” but rather than making him more apt to kiss me, I just made his face redder. But then the next moment he looked at something surprised, and his body went rigid with a sudden jerk.
When I looked, somehow Alexis had unknowingly come up from behind Percival.
He said nothing, but his eyebrows were slightly lowered. He had his hand firmly placed on the back of Percival’s head and took a single step forward. Along with him, Robertson had somehow placed himself on top of Percival’s head and was currently bouncing up and down like a loaded spring. Following that, Percival’s face slowly came closer to my own. The height difference which had separated us shortened, and soon our lips were at the same level.
Is this the brute force measure? I was stunned at the unexpected appearance of Alexis, and when he noticed my gaze on him, his expression changed into an expressively cheerful one.

“Monette is quite beautiful you know?”

There falsehoods in his voice, nor were their any other secrets hidden in those words. Just the pure and sunny feeling of appreciating a beautiful friend, and then praising them.
Isn’t this too kind? That’s why I couldn’t help myself and started laughing before thanking him. There were no falsehoods or secrets in my disposition either. I was pleased by the compliments given to me by my friend, and I wanted to return those good feelings.
Then Alexis’s smiling eyes turned towards Percival. After looking at him for a few seconds, Alexis look back at me and shrugged his shoulders. “He’s completely useless,” he said with a bitter smile.

“Do as you like.”
“Thank you very much.”

I extended my arms through the dress’s hem and attached my hands to Percival’s cheeks. His cheeks were hot, and a smile broke out across my face when I felt that heat.
Alexis gave a small giggle and finally let go of Percival’s head, instead settling for a few pats on the back. Robertson jumped off his head with a *whoosh* and landed on Alexis’s shoulder. Then as the two of them returned to their seats, I overheard Gina praise them both with a, “Well done,” that was probably louder than it needed to be.
Wouldn’t this brute force measure be something unthinkable for the Alexis of the past? I gave Percival an unexpectedly bitter smile, slowly narrowed my eyes, and brought my face close to his.

I was planning on having him kiss me, but doing it to him isn’t so bad either.
Besides, he kissed my helmet, so if you think about it, it’s my turn to give a kiss instead.

Thinking that, the corners of my mouth rose slightly. But that smile was soon replaced by my eyes widening in surprise as a pair of fingers moved to cover my lips.
They were Percival’s. He was holding down my lips so as to hold down my kiss.
When I looked at him, his face was still red, but his eyes were still focused on me. Then he slowly lifted his hand and guided it to my removed helmet.
He removed the hair ornament adorning it and softly added it to my hair.
I accidentally laughed a little because it tickled, and then Percival’s hand moved to caress my cheek. Large, masculine hands, a warmth that I was now free to feel, my eyes narrowed in comfort. I could finally feel his touch, and so a wave of relief washed over my heart.

“You look beautiful.”
“Really? I, if I take off my armor, I won’t be silver all over anymore.”
“Ah, you certainly won’t be silver. Beautiful dark blue hair, bright purple eyes that are focused on me without a helmet in the way……… I never thought someone so cute and beautiful could exist.”
“I thought my feelings would never change no matter what you looked like underneath that armor, but apparently I was wrong.”

His words washed over me and entered my ears without a helmet muffling them.
I closed my eyes as if I had been asked to do so, and a hand continued to gently stroke my cheeks. Then, that warm feeling touched my lips.

Instead of a helmet, not over iron, properly on the lips.
This kiss was something awarded to me, not to an armored noble girl or a with.


A word from the author: ‘The Heavily Armoured Noble Girl Monette: How To Break a Curse You Don’t Remember Casting’ is complete with this! Thank you very much for seeing it through to the end!

Below is a funny addition I added at a later date.

A few months after Monette had taken off her helmet herself……

“Oh, so it’s armor today?”

So Alexis asked, and I responded by nodding my helmet.
Yes, helmet. I am wearing a helmet today. And in addition, as Alexis handed over some documents to me, I accepted them with silver arms from a full body suit of armor.
I exposed myself during my wedding ceremony, but once it was over, I adorned my helmet once again. I have been wearing my heavy clothes as I had been before.
Although determined, when I take off my armor I get tense, and I can’t calm down if I’m exposed for a long period of time. I have been called the ‘heavily armored noble girl’ for a long time now, and there would be many who would be befuddled by seeing my true face knowing my nickname, and my familiarity with other witches would make things even messier. Everyone would want to take a look at the bizarre sight, and all of those attention-oriented lines of sight focused on a single point is still far too much for me to handle.
When Percival noticed that, he personally put the helmet on my head saying, “You should gradually get used to it,” and now here we are. There is no longer a fear in me at being exposed, so it is only necessary for me to open up more to other people. Nevertheless, I feel comfortable wearing a suit of armor like this.

“It’s more deeply ingrained than my baths. Truly, the times are wrong.”
“Don’t praise that. It’s fine, and Percival also said it’s fine for me to wait.”
“Wait, hey…….”
“I mean, Percival always says thisarmor is cute. Rather……please take a look at this.”

I turned my gaze towards Percival who was reading some documents in the corner of a room.
He looked up when I called him and looked at the two of us. When I pointed towards myself wearing the iron armor, a curious look crossed his face and he asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Percival, what do you think of me?”

It was an immediate answer.
Hearing it, I nodded my head and took off my helmet as if it was a matter of course. I have done so before, and I am no longer afraid of doing it. As a matter of fact, I had gotten quite quick at removing my armor recently.
Then, once again looking at Percival, I asked him the same question as before,


He used a different word and praised me.
I nodded my head and put on my helmet once again.


I take it off again.


I put it on again.


I take it…….I don’t take it off.


We repeated such an interaction several times, and I turned back to Alexis after leaving my helmet on. And so I proudly puffed out my chest my chest and asked him, “So how about it?” I know I am floating a bit.
However, it might be a bit unreasonable for me to be on air like this. Percival praises me when I’m wearing armor as cute, and when I am not wearing it I am beautiful. As expected, I suppose my armor isn’t cute; it’s just that this is how much Percival loves me and nothing will change that.

Alexis took a small sigh upon seeing my magnificent mood…….but Gina promptly shut him up by shoving a piece of bread into his mouth.




1. I don’t know. From what I hear about corsets, I think Monette may have actually lucked out on this one.

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    This is the most hillarious wedding chapter out of all the novels that i read. No other wedding episode/arc/chapter could top this hella absurdity of a wedding chapter between heavily armored noble girl and a knight with a heavily-armored-noble-girl fesih!


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  6. Love this series, just binged it all, great translation. I can only imagine her cat tracings becoming like the neytrix how to draw a cute bunny video


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