Lucy Blanchett Remembered Ch. 3

I just want to say that 80 percent of the reason I wanted to translate this series was because of Ortensia.


“……….Was I Supposed to Go Along With This?”

Lucy Blanchett remembered.
Rather, she hurriedly pulled out some materials from her bag and forced herself to remember.
Caudio Barek was the second prince of this country. A handsome man who excels in both academics and military affairs, and is honored and celebrated by the citizenry. A perfect prince-like…, he is a prince. So by a person asking, “Who are you?” aren’t they openly advertising themselves as a suspicious outsider?
There is no one who does not know him in this country…….except for suspicious outsiders.

“I have done numerous rude things to such a person. I am very sorry.”
“No, I don’t really mind it.”
“Even though you are royalty, I was planning on stealing your high-priced cake when you weren’t looking…….!”
“Haven’t you eaten enough yet?”

Claudio gave an exasperated sigh as though he were amazed by this person kneeling before him, but he still used his fork to divide the cake in two and deliver one half of it to Lucy’s plate.
Yay! With a small cry, Lucy immediately stabbed her fork into the cake. There was no hesitation or sign of her holding back even though it was a treat from His Highness. It was just the matter of a single commoner deciding she would rather be rude than refrain.
But while Lucy concluded within herself as she chewed that the cake was indeed good, the headmaster who had been watching silently during this called out to Claudio.

“Claudio, could I ask you to watch over and take care of Lucy?”
“This is an unknown place for Lucy, and I’m sure some problems will find her. That’s why I was thinking a student who understands her circumstances should help her. And you are the student who brought her here.”
“If the headmaster says so.”

Claudio deeply lowered his head accepting the headmaster’s request.
The headmaster praised him for his polite and responsible attitude that was unlike someone his age, and Lucy, whose cheeks were puffed out from the cake she had stuffed in her mouth, also bowed her head and thanked him.


The two students left the headmaster’s office shortly after and made their way down the hallway……today was a school holiday, so most of the school-related facilities were closed and there were few students and teachers there. Students lived in dormitories, so after the entrance ceremony any new students spent the day dressing up their rooms and preparing for the next day of classes while older students relaxed and waited for school to once again start up.

“We’ll take a look around at the facilities and buildings tomorrow. Today we will head to the dormitory where we can take a moment to have you meet your roommate and talk about your living arrangements. I certainly can’t show you around the women’s dormitory myself after all.”
“My roommate……I hope they are not a delicate child.”
“Do you dislike delicate people?”
“Because I am aware that my character alone can aggravate delicate people just by being near them, I do my best to avoid people who are delicate, polite, or serious as much as possible.”
“What an unpleasant remedy. Well, rest assured, your roommate is most definitely a delicate person.”

Claudio’s tone told Lucy he was having fun with something, but he continued on saying, “I’m sure it’ll be fine though.”
The two seem to be acquainted, but when Lucy asked him about it, he remained silent and gave her a wry smile instead. Lucy frowned, but she had no other choice than to obediently follow him to the dormitory while he just kept making a pleasantly funny smile.


Although Liztena Magic Academy is a school that instructs people with high magical abilities, it has a full-time dormitory system with two person rooms.
In name they justify this under the banner of ‘learning cooperativeness’, but it actually consists of an implicit system where the lower ranked students serve the higher ones. In other words, it is a servant masquerading as a roommate. And of course this is not only applicable to the room. No matter what the academy itself says, students are often forced to maintain the master-slave relationship known as being a roommate whether it is day or night.
Although it is not something that the low-ranking students would ever normally abide to, when the number of donations being steered towards the academy came into question, those at top all thought it would be good to incorporate this system. In reality, there are not many examples of the lower-class students being particularly taken advantage of, so the success of the policy obtained unexpected results.
After a few years of enrollment, by constantly taking care of and supporting a rich noble or other accomplished figure, then more often than not they will actually end up becoming a fine backer for that lower ranked student, so the arrangement has often benefited them as well.
There was an idea of disparity in society, so no one had ever opposed the policy or put out an objection in the history of Liztena Magic Academy.
—By the way, Lucy’s impression when she heard this policy was a loud, “How shameless!” The first abuse in Liztena Magic Academy’s long history.—

Anyway, after receiving that explanation, Lucy was left standing in front of the door to her room.
After all that Claudio had taught her the structure of the dormitory along with some of the tacit rules, but he never answered any of her questions about her roommate, leaving after saying, “I’m sure you two will get along well.”

“Despite what Claudio says I’m minding it.”

She did not have the courage to open the door anymore, and so several minutes passed by as her mind continued to jump back and forth……….
Eventually she was able to convince herself that it was wrong to mind the inevitable too much right now, so she pumped herself up some, stuck her key into the door, and opened it up. …………But,

“To serve the great me, be thankful!”

A haughty girl was standing there with her arms folded in the entrance, so Lucy quietly closed the door shut.

“Wait a minute! Why’d you close………Ah, don’t hold the door down!”

Lucy confirmed the number of the room while listening to the voice of the woman on the other side of the door call out through the keyhole. —Of course while holding down the door with all her strength to prevent it being opened from the other side.—
There was a lodging system, and dormitory was huge building next to the school that had an exterior of an old castle. However, despite its aged and cracked exterior, the interior was as unimaginably gorgeous as any luxurious aristocratic residence. The entrance had a large glass chandelier hanging from the ceiling, a sight so grand, it made Lucy grumble out of envy for the school, “So profitable~”
When she asked, she was told that the dormitories are not the same everywhere. It seems that there are several ranks, and the interior decoration is divided among them. And of course when she asked Lucy was once again told that the division between these dorms are determined by status and monetary donations.
A room on the top floor was a special place in a dormitory. She didn’t know who had made a mistake, but that was where Lucy had been put.
As expected, she had not made a mistake. She should have known that when her room key unlocked the door to this room in the first place.

“Well, I’m in trouble with dainty people like this. Ah, the door is creaking…………what is with the ‘Mi~ mi~ mi’s!?”

The crying voice that could be heard from before had devolved into some utterances of just, ‘Mi~’ being repeated over and over again, so Lucy quickly threw open the door.

“Mi~……….a rude person!”

As the girl shouted and restored the same stance she had taken before, Lucy narrowed her eyes.
Dazzling golden hair that came down in waves, dark brown eyes, and long eyelashes combined into a picture of loveliness. She was a little short and a little small with a slim and young looking body, but her eyes as she glared at Lucy had a powerful intimidating fire burning inside them.
Her figure as she stood in the entrance was that of exactly what you would expect a high-class lady would look like, and she looked like the type who would act typically and be easy to understand.

“H-Hello……..I am Lucy Blanchett.”
“I know that. You are a lowly nationless commoner who was lucky enough to be enrolled in Liztena Magic Academy.”
“Wow, so direct.”
“I’m sure you know but, my Rosedot family is normally not allowed to speak with lowly commoners such as yourself. You should feel honored to share a room with me who is such a daughter of the Rosedot family and strive to seriously and sincerely do your best for my sake.”
“I’m sorry, but I actually don’t know. Please tell me your name.”
“In the first place, even if you were to prepare a private maid…… don’t know!?”
“Eh, pieces.”
“Even though yesterday you were so afraid of sharing a room with me that you never showed up!? Even though you shut the door before because you were so afraid of exposing your shabby figure before me!?”
“No, I was just late because I ran into some wolves and encountered a bear.”
“I-I see………are you alright!?”

‘Mi~’ Lucy was starting to worry for her roommate who kept making a mysterious sound, but feeling a little pressure, she decided to extend out her hands to try and show she had not been hurt. There were no injuries, could an amnesiac really say that though?
Before she could really decide whether or not that technicality mattered, Lucy realized her roommate’s gaze was once again on her.

“…… the Rosedot house.”
“I am Ortensia Rosedot. This country’s number one, no, the number one lady on the continent.”

Ortensia failed to pace herself as she excitedly began boasting about herself. The way her wavy golden hair swung behind her and the way she moved her hands were all exactly how you would imagine a noble lady would move.
While watching Ortensia go, Lucy tried sneaking into her room……only to notice a line had been drawn straight down through the front entrance. It split the room and the corridor leading in into a perfect 1:4………

“And that is?”
“I prepared it just for you. Good thing, it is forbidden for you to move past that line.”

In that case, Lucy shuffled down her narrow stretch of corridor.
According to Ortensia, given the amount of money donated to the academy, it is only natural that those who give less or have less magic power should learn how to live with less on a regular basis. Lucy did not feel like replying to any of this and just continued to follow Ortensia to her narrow portion of the room.

The dorm rooms were–looking at it through a poor person’s perspective and not knowing if other rooms were this high class–divided into three rooms with a living room/kitchen combo being the first room you walk into. It was much too large for just two people, was clean and well equipped with bathing facilities and a toilet. It was slightly too luxurious to call it a dorm room. But for those students who attend Liztena Magic Academy, this was certainly wonderful.
Of course, the line of light was also drawn in the living room, and as Lucy traced it with her eyes, she started to grumble to herself.

“By the way Ortensia.”
“Lady Ortensia.”
“What is it?”
“I cannot get to the toilet with this line there. Where should I leak?”
“I will connect it to the bathroom immediately!”

Mi~! Crying out–a strange sound came out again…….Is it a word? Is it a sound?–Ortensia swung her hand, and at that moment the line of light on the floor began to shine and stretched out to connect to the bathroom in no time.
Lucy hadn’t expected the line to shine so prettily when activated like that and a small, “Ah,” leaked out of her lips when she saw it flash up.

With that being done, it was time to confirm their roles and go over the rules again……….actually, Lucy wanted to take a nap, but when she tried to sneak off to her room, she was caught by Ortensia who said, “Good, now please listen.”

“I shall teach you the knowledge you will require to properly serve someone of the Rosedot home, so come sit down.”
“Think about the area of the line you yourself drew before asking me to sit down.”
“You can cross when called!”

Now hurry up! Following along with Ortensia’s raised voice, Lucy walked over and tried to cross the line……..*Buzz!* when a shock of electricity ran through her body that made her eyes open wide in shock.
It was not so painful as to cause harm, rather it would be more suitable to think of it like a children’s toy. Still, it is unnerving when something bites you like that unexpectedly.
Staring at the line for a second when she realized it was the cause, Lucy’s eyes soon turned towards Ortensia who was looking rather uncomfortable herself.

“…………Saying ‘You can cross when called!’ isn’t enough to cancel out .”

Lucy gave off a small complaint to Ortensia who was looking away seemingly embarrassed before crossing the line again.
There was no sign of electricity running this time, and Lucy was able to safely take a seat in the chair Ortensia had motioned to.

And although Lucy had been told she would be given the knowledge to serve the Rosedot family………

“Always show me respect and give priority to me no matter what.”
“Naturally, you shall be preparing our meals. Where and what we eat shall be determined in advance and will be prepared beforehand to be finished when I say it shall.”
“Also, it is forbidden to turn off the hallway lights even if it is after bed time.”
“Are you afraid?”
“In addition, you shall prepare coffee with plenty of milk for me at a suitable temperature every morning.”
“What is plenty of milk?”
“Put in one teaspoon of coffee for every cup of milk in it. Be sure to add in sugar with it as well.”
“Isn’t that just milk at that point? So what would be the proper temperature?”
“The temperature that the general public would describe as tepid will suffice.”

Hearing everything and seeing Ortensia still haughty attitude, Lucy could only stare on mouth agape in silent amazement………”Certainly,” before dropping her head a little.

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