Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 84




Berudeus. Real name: Beruiel
He is both a man and a woman; he is an angel.
Not a fallen angel, an actual angel.
Because, a fallen angel is an angel that has gone through a metamorphosis after being swallowed up by negative feelings like loneliness. Beruiel was just an angel who didn’t like to do anything, so he eventually suffered God’s wrath and was thrown down to the earth.
But for Beruiel, this place where he did not have to do anything was his Shangri La. To learn that a place without God telling him he had to do things was a point of enlightenment for him. He was in paradise.
And thus Beruiel, not knowing he was on the Almerian continent, not fully knowing if he was awake or simply dreaming, began living a satisfying life.

It was the God of Mages who dragged the poor happy angel into his game.
Originally gods were supposed to choose their proxies themselves, but this time around the God of Mages had an idea.

‘If a heavenly agent on the ground was to perform the selection ceremony, then the person chosen would be more in-tune with the world, thus boosting their powers,’

was the god’s logic.
If the power of the heavenly agent was added in as well, then all the better. And so, the God of Mages use Beruiel, to call forth the strongest Demon Lord.

The will of God then started burning in Beruiel’s consciousness.


‘The summoning ceremony’
“With the wisdom of the world in hand, with the reason of the heavens you have, have he who would conquer all that there is appear in this land.”

“Unbreakable armor that can guard the Demon Lord from any attack, a helmet that delivers onto the Demon Lord magic knowledge beyond comprehension, claws that allow the Demon Lord to tear through any enemy.”

‘Following God’s will’
“I deliver onto you the power to unite all demons. From now on, you are to be the deputy officer for the new Demon Lord.”


And then Beruiel awoke.
With a loud groan, he rose up from his resting place. This was an old abandoned castle on the southeast edge of the Almerian continent. How long, he wondered, since his body burned with the feeling of having to accomplish something.

“Was I so aggressive?” he asked himself, not fully understanding the reason why for his sudden urge to perform his mission. Yet even so, he still asked himself, “Well, shall we try hard for once?”


Beruiel drew a magic circle that’s design appeared in his mind and performed the selection ceremony.

‘The summoning ceremony’
“With the wisdom of the world in hand, with the reason of the heavens you have, have he who would conquer all that there is appear in this land.”

The air chilled around them, and the lanterns lighting the room flickered. In the instant of complete darkness, a man appeared at the center of the magic circle. The massive amount of magic power exuded by this man made even Beruiel take a step back. This man, who was wearing nothing but an athletic shirt and boxer shorts while sitting cross-legged on the floor eating a bowl of rice.
The man sipping up tea in his rice bowl glanced at Beruiel, causing a shiver to run up his spine.

For awhile, all the man did was stare at Beruiel, but after completely emptying his meal, the man finally put down his bowl and asked, “What is this?”

“No, I certainly heard a voice, but by all means, why did you summon me when I’m looking like this? Use some common sense dammit.”
“I am terribly sorry, My Demon Lord.”

Beruiel then took a knee before the now complaining man.
“If you would allow it, I would summon your equipment. By the way, that, are those wasabi teacakes?”
“Are you complaining?”
“I have no complaints, but the smell is certainly powerful.”
“Please just summon that equipment you were talking about before.”
“Certainly yes.”

Beruiel activated the arming technique.

“Unbreakable armor that can guard the Demon Lord from any attack, a helmet that delivers onto the Demon Lord magic knowledge beyond comprehension, claws that allow the Demon Lord to tear through any enemy.”

The magic circle began to shine, illuminating the room as if it were the middle of the day. The light continued to shine brighter, blinding both of them for a second, before disappearing in an instant. What appeared there on the floor was a lightly shining suit of armor and a helmet made from dark mithril.

“Please, try it on.”

Soon, a Demon Lord of pure golden color rose to his feet, but then he stretched out both of his bare palms towards the angel.¹

“What is this then?”
“What is what?”
“Isn’t this not enough?”
“Ah, it isn’t enough.”
“Can we hold back any type of invasion until we finish this suit of armor?”
“Understood. I will do my best to find them.”

Nodding his head, Beruiel then asked the man,
“By the way My Demon Lord, shall we make the world quake as you declare your intentions of dominating all and the spread of violence?”
“Eh, I don’t really want to.”

Mistakes were made.
It was then that Beruiel became aware of an important point. His magic had influenced the selection ceremony just as it was supposed to. As a result, a Demon Lord with magic power beyond anything imaginable was summoned as planned, but the two’s personalities ended up being similar as well. The Demon Lord was created as someone that did not want to perform even the most basic things that were expected of him.

And so Beruiel descended into his own thoughts.
This man who has become the Demon Lord has no motivation, and I am not motivated enough to try and get him to change. So then let’s pass the buck. The domination of the Almerian continent is the work of the Demon Lord. then we will just have nothing to do with the actual invasion.
Beruiel is bound to two rules. ‘He must be a subordinate for the Demon Lord’ and ‘Conquest of the continent by the demon kingdom must be broadcast nationwide’. He has to obey the Demon Lord, but that means he doesn’t have to actively participate unless the Demon Lord tells him to. For now we can perform the national broadcast.
All of the annoying things can be solved by the demons that end up gathering together. They will rage and do the work that neither the Demon Lord nor I want to do.

And so, the angel Beruiel became the Deputy subordinate Berudeus.
The greatest mistake the God of Mages ever made was not ordering the angel Beruiel to conquer the Almerian continent and just assuming that that is what any Demon Lord would do.
In this way the comic duo of the Demon Lord and Berudeus was formed.


This was the city of Warren. After chasing the Demon Lord this far, Berudeus landed on the outskirts of the city and hid himself.

“Here it seems better to remain in this figure.”

Berudeus has an angel’s ability {Style Change} which allows him to switch between a man or a woman’s figure. He usually prefers to travel, wearing clothes similar to what a butler would be wearing to better blend in with humans.
By the way, originally angels were meant to be split down the middle, being a man on the right half of their body and a woman on the left, but after seeing what it looked like to have the lower regions split in half like that, that design was for an angel’s body was quickly scrapped.

“Then let’s commence with the tailing,” Berudeus chuckled to himself as he re-located the Demon Lord’s signal.



Having arrived at the building the signal was coming from, Berudeus was greeted by two large, muscular men at the door. He stopped for only a second to look the two over before heading inside. As an angel, he was both sexes. Both men and women are good, and the two men at the front entrance were rather good looking.

When he entered the shop, the first person he ran into asked him how much money he wanted to exchange. Having still not known what type of shop this was, he was wary for a second, but figuring if worst came to worst he could just blow everything up, he decided to just play along.

“Should 100,000 be enough?”

The beautiful expression of Berudeus’s smile as he politely asked made the receptionist’s cheeks blush.

“I think it’ll be alright.”
“Thank you bambina.”²

Berudeus walked further inside the store with 100,000 ril worth of chips in his hands.
It didn’t take him long to locate the Demon Lord. He was sitting at a bar counter having a fun discussion with a strange man next to him. When Berudeus listened in, he found that the whole things consisted of the two men talking about women and their different preferences.

“Was it something like that?”

Berudeus remembered the dead fish women the Demon Lord had stopped complaining about recently. He now knew why.

“If he is enjoying himself then I suppose there’s no problem, but that man next to him…..”
There was something about the man the Demon Lord was talking with that put Berudeus on edge, but after staring at him for a moment, Berudeus waved his hand.
“Well even if there is something wrong with him, the Demon Lord will handle it some way or another.”
An angel brought from the depths of slovenity. An angel who is truly indifferent to anything that doesn’t interest him.

With his initial mission completed, Berudeus decided to take some time and strolled around the store. He saw numerous men and women he wouldn’t have minded becoming better acquainted with, all the more so after drinking a little of the alcohol they were serving. But what ended up catching his eye in the end was a game some of the humans were playing at one of the tables.

“What is that?”

Asking a nearby employee, Berudeus was told that this was the 1000 ril table for a game called Warren Numbers. With another glass of alcohol he bought from a woman wearing a black dress, Berudeus watched the game unfold and soon, he was able to pick up on the rules.

“Hm. So it’s a game where you must read your opponent.”

Berudeus continued to watch the game with growing interest until at one point he noticed an empty seat at one end of the table. Politely asking one of the employees there who was working as an assistant if he was allowed to join in.
The woman was a little taken aback by being called out by such a beautiful guy, but she quickly regained her professional air and recommended the man sit down.

“Thank you miss, might I ask you your name?”
“Matilda,” the woman could once again feel herself getting a little embarrassed.
“Matilda, thank you for your assistance. Things should get busy now.”


The current dealer was the Adventurer’s Guild guild master Theseus. The jackpot was 500,000 ril, and Theseus is already 100,000 ril ahead. As the game has moved forward until now, Theseus has dominated the winnings ending six out of seven hands with more money coming in than he is giving out.
That was when a new man with hair as black as the night and skin as white as porcelain took a seat.

“Hmm,” Theseus instantly wanted to test him out. “Alright my turn as dealer will end with this set. By the way, the fellow who has joined us, would you like to take a whirl at being the dealer next?”

Berudeus was taken aback. He had never expected to be called out and receive such sudden provocation from a human. But,

“Yes, if you wouldn’t mind indulging me.”

the smile he gave when he was called out was much more similar to a demon than an angel.


After Theseus’s set was finished, Berudeus took the dealer’s seat.

“Matilda, would you mind being my banker?”

If he was going to ask anyone for help, it might as well be the cute assistant who had helped him before. He tried to remain calm, but there was no hiding the wicked smile he had on his face.

“I am supposed to determine the jackpot here, so I guess I’ll get some more chips and have it be a full million.”

Berudeus handed over some more money to Matilda and asked her to exchange it at the counter for him.
A tension quickly ran through the table. Everyone there was a veteran at the game who had been playing ever since Ellis first introduced it to them. Most of them were actually guild executives who had been there the night before for the pre-evening party. They all had confidence in themselves, and more importantly, they had confidence that they would be able to strip away every last cent from this newbie overconfident dealer.

“Well then, my number was this.”

After the first hand, Berudeus revealed he had placed down a ‘4’ for his first hand. An unorthodox number that most amateurs wouldn’t have picked. That’s why none of the players had guessed it.
And so the first hand of this disturbing dealer was an all out.


The end result was an overwhelming victory for Berudeus. Out of everyone who faced him, the only person that ended with more money than he started was Theseus.

“For someone with such a white face, you sure are a colorful guy. What’s your name friend.”
“Me? Well……..just call me Beruiel.”
“The Angel of Roses? Hah! That’s a good joke.

Gathering up his chips, Berudeus gave Matilda 10 percent of his winnings just as he saw Theseus had done, which totaled to about 200,000 ril, and gave her a kiss on the cheek before finally returning home.

Although Berudeus did not know it at the time, this was to be the birth of the Masters’ Hideaway’s Rosen Angel.

Thus, even inside Berudeus’s mind, the mater of suppressing the Hero became a lesser priority.

1. Well 50 chapters ago I was wrong. I was wondering if it was just one arm or both that Katie’s claws covered, and I guessed it was just one. Now here we are and I was wrong. It’s a small detail, but for all of you who like to picture things as they happen and have been imagining Katie fight with a single golden arm, I’m sorry.

2. Kind of an older expression. The only reason I know about it is because I used to watch a lot of mafia movies, but it is Italian and you can think of it like someone saying ‘Baby Girl’. Those Italians and their flirtiness.

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