Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 85



Character Memorandum 2

A character memorandum for the people who appeared after the first one plus a little setting. The character bios for the Jewelry Box have also been updated.

{Warren’s Jewelry Box}

Ellis – The queen of humbleness and the reincarnation of Yashiro Eiji. Her second name is the ‘Golden Mistress’. A girl with straight blond hair that reaches her shoulders, emerald green eyes, and cherry red lips on the outside. A dirty piece of scum on the inside. She is 8 years old.
The God of Thieves has burned into her mind the need to harass the ‘Hero’ and the ‘Demon Lord’.
All she does is make use of the knowledge she gained off of her previous life from sitting in front of a computer all day and playing adult games she had delivered to her home. Yet somehow she is living larger than life and is beloved by all of the city’s residents. Especially the women.
She comes up with the ideas, but more often than not she does what’s needed by exploiting others and getting them to do her dirty work.
Her weaknesses include: being passive, ordinary yuri play, the four guild masters of Warren, especially Baltis.
Her specialties include: domestic violence, sadism, kya kya ufufufufu, animal abuse, dispatching underhanded ideas, bullying heroes, and bullying demons.

Reeve – The daughter of a fallen aristocrat turned daughter of the Lord of Wheat Grace. Her second name is ‘Blue Beauty’. A slender beauty with long eyelashes, thin lips, and blue short, shaggy hair. She is 16 years old.
Her breasts were originally B cups but they have gotten a little bigger thanks to Ellis’s help. Her relationship with Ellis is one that revolves around domestic violence, often referring to her as Mistress.
Thanks to her involvement with Ellis, her life has gone into numerous unexpected turns, and she can now confidently say she is winning at life. She boasts tremendous popularity with the women of Warren who all refer to her reverently.
Her weakness include: cooking.
Her specialties are: Domestic violence reception, singing, laundry, gambling, sleeping with Pi-tan, murder.

Frau – The former receptionist for the Adventurer’s Guild, she is the daughter of the guild master Theseus. Her second name is ‘Crimson Beauty’. A glamorous woman with fierce eyes, thick lips, and wavy red hair. She is 16 years old.
Her chest is an insane G cup. Her masochistic tendencies have bloomed since she met Ellis, and she is often times called a pig woman in the evening.
She is usually a clam and nice-looking older sister character, but when battle begins she becomes a heavy tank that enjoys bathing in the blood of her enemies. She is incredibly popular with the regular adventurer’s who all refer to her as ‘Our Lady’.
Her weaknesses are: Her father.
Her specialties are: Being a masochist, cooking, cleaning, tricking her father, splitting someone’s brains open.

Claire – The daughter of two of the most accomplished wizards in the country, Ares and Izerina. Her second name is ‘Jet Black Lady’. Her boyish short black hair has been growing out a little recently. She is a cute that brings out a person’s motherly feeling when they see her. A fact that frustrates her due to her more boyish personality. She is 13 years old.
Her chest size is a developing A cup. The bra she recently bought does not fit her, and all the empty space there is starting to trouble her. Her relationship with Ellis during the night is more equal than the others and involves a lot more tickling and laughing.
She has a fear of men, but gachihomos are fine. She loves manufacturing, and Lily Garden along with all of the buildings in Cross Town are designed by her.
A witch that specializes in high-fire spells, she was able to beat her father in a one-on-one fight. She also has a secret popularity among the youngsters of the Workshop Guild, a fact she would not like if known.
Her weaknesses are: Men as previously stated.
Her specialties are: kya kya ufufufu, design and construction management, experimenting, ice-cream production, and scattering cerebral plasma into the wind.

Katie – A cat-eared beastman. A former receptionist for the Thieves’ Guild, she is now a thief adventurer working for them instead. Her second name is ‘Pure White Catgirl’.
Hair as soft as cotten, she has a pure white fluffy coat of fur that feels good to pet. Her gray eyes resemble that of a cat’s, and she often has to dress in light clothing to avoid getting hot. She is a beautiful and elegant woman on the outside, but the inside of her head is a little hollow. She is a sexy beauty that Ellis often spends the night cuddling. She is 15 years old.
Her chest is a C cup free from worries. Her relationship with Ellis is one of owner and pet. She is able to move around with unexpected dexterity.
Her weapon is the Brave Ripper which is stronger than the other dark mithril weapons Ellis has. She is loved inside the Thieves’ Guild.
Her weaknesses are: Gaming.
Her specialties are: Receiving animal abuse, general clerical duties, sensing opponents, panty theft, and stabbing.

Pi-tan – A unique species of monster called a Metal Eater. It’s about 50 centimeters in length, has the shell of a turtle, and the tongue of an anteater. Its body hair is white, but the rest of it is a darker gray color as if it was wearing a shirt. The shell itself is a light soil color. It was named after the cute sound it makes.
It is able to instantly deteriorate metal weapons and armor, but after that, it enjoys munching on them like a chipmunk chewing on a nut. Physical and magical attacks deal no real damage to it, but it did succumb to Ellis’s mental attacks and was obediently trained.
Not to be overworked, it spends most of the day resting in its special basket. In the evening it enjoys having its body washed, and it also enjoys going on trips with its five owners. Even humans would be envious of the leisurely way this monster is allowed to spend its life.


{Cross Town}

Ken and Hanna – Shop owners of the Jewelry Box Cake Shop. Ken was formerly forced to work in the Demon Lord’s army, and Hanna used to work at Masters’ Hideaway in order to support herself, her younger sister Nina and her grandmother Rhonda.
Unbeknownst to anyone else, Ellis decided to help them out so that she could use Ken as a servant whenever she needed him. This created the situation where Ken ended up being the only man close to the Jewelry Box making him the most envied man in the city, but something like that never bothered Ken or Hanna.
Ken was also the man who Ellis had sell the Resistance Hyaaha armor for 1 billion ril to the Brave Party, a secret he would never reveal.
The two of them took over a shop and the rights of sales for steamed cakes from Ellis while agreeing to pay 10 percent of all their sales to Ellis. They spend every day doing their best.

Shin and Nonna – The shop owners of the Warren Specialty Steamed Bread Store. Shin is a former colleague of Ken’s and Nonna is a former colleague of Hanna’s. They are both straightforward people who started selling manju thanks to Ken’s introduction. Although their position of debt to Ellis is the same as Ken and Hanna.

Aiful and Credia – The mistress in charge of The Jewelry Box Tea Room and her daughter.
The former wife and daughter of Acoms Durkfienance, but they were exiled when Acoms and Lake were both executed.
It was Reeve who saved them both, and at that time, they were given the teahouse.
Credia was a sheltered girl growing up, but after moving to Warren, she is being exposed to a number of new experiences.
Aiful regained her sense as a woman for the first time in years after a small incident with Ellis, and after experiences the aftermath of the sudden changes happening to her life, her heart became strong. She is a milf who is popular with the older customers, and her elegant demeanor leaves many in awe. Credia meanwhile is an older little girl, and many adventurers who visit their teahouse would fight to protect her as if she was their own daughter.

Mati, Labra, and Ravi – Co-owners of the Steamed Kitchen. Mati is Katie’s childhood friend while Labra and Ravi are friends of Mati. Katie invited them to Warren after the assassin incident in Marsfield.
Mati is another cat-eared girl, Labra is a black haired anubis, and Ravi is a brown rabbit. They are probably the best candidates to ask for any future favors.

{Thieves’ Guild/Entertainment Unit}

Margherita – Entertainment unit leader. She goes by the names ‘Maid Chief of Virtue’ and ‘Chief Secretary of Pride’, but her true second name is ‘The Queen Bee’. A true sadist.
Blonde hair that stretches down to her back, a tight gaze, and plump lips. She is keen on trying new techniques and is constantly trying new plays with the Demon Lord calling himself Berudeus.
Gentleman Street, the fighting performers, and the musicians are all under her direct control.
Because he saved her life, she seems to have fallen in love with the Demon Lord, but what is going to happen from now on is unknown.

Marilyn – The Entertainment unit sub-leader. She mainly manages the women working the baths. Having long brown hair, she is the gentle and soft type with soft lips. She is known as the ‘Healing Twin Hills’ in the shop, but her real second name is the ‘Antlion’.
She is all around stylish, and the ‘healing twin hill’ effect is tremendous winning over countless men. It is her that the Hero Gray has completely fallen for.
However, her soft and gentle personality is mostly an act for the men, and she is always trying to think about how she can maximize her pleasure and the ril she is getting from them.
She was able to score a lot of ril from Gray again today.

Machel – The Entertainment unit sub-leader. She mainly manages the women working in the game room.
Silver hair that reaches her shoulders, her hair is accented with two pigtails at her ears. She always walks around with her eyes half closed and is considered a cold beauty who always looks like she is looking down on those around her. Her former second name was the Night-shift Nurse.
She is the daughter of a fallen aristocrat who experienced misfortune upon misfortune afterwards. Although she dislike working at the bathhouse, she did what she had to do in order to survive. Ultimately, she would jump at the chance to escape that life thanks to Ellis’s help.
Expectation for the future: Success.

Matilda – One of the games room assistants. She served as the banker for when Berudeus came in to play.
Expectation for the future: Success.

The Fighting Performers – Juniors to the Muscle Brothers. They are part of the entertainment unit working directly under Margherita. They used to belong to a small group that performed in Marsfield, but they will be regularly performing at the live house from now on.
Their bodies are strong, but they are a little weaker in the head. They are usually working as bouncers inside the new Masters’ Hideaway.
“I am Nobuhiko. I am a fighting performer, and I am proud to be gachihomo!”
“I am Kazuo. I am a fighting performer, and I am proud to be gachihomo!”
“I am Masakatsu. I am a fighting performer, and I am proud to be gachihomo!”
“I am Minoru. I am a fighting performer, and I am proud to be gachihomo!”

The Stone Walls – The Merchant Guild member Nicole’s fellow band mates. They are part of the Entertainment unit working directly under Margherita. Ellis saw that they were popular during the harvest festival and has promised them regular appearances at the live house.
They are usually spending their time at the new Masters’ Hideaway working as bellboys. They are all gay, but their stylish and cool personalities are the complete opposite of the gachihomos. The two groups fight like cats and dogs.
“My name is Ramon, a stylish rock gay.”
“My name is Amon, a stylish metal gay.”
“My name is Simon, a stylish punk gay.”
“My name is Damon, a stylish pop gay.”

Karen – The receptionist who replaced Katie. A 15 year old girl who done her best to not screw anything up.

{Merchant Guild}

Nicole – One of the executives for the Merchant Guild, he overlooks the procurement price and wholesale price for every good brought into Warren. It is not a stretch to say that he controls Warren’s markets.
He is gay, and he is the leader of the band Nicole & the Stone Walls. He has fallen in love with Reeve’s singing, and he often spends his free time practicing so that he can be as good as her.
He oftentimes fights with the Muscle Brothers.
“My name is Nicole, a stylish reggae gay.”

{Adventurer’s Guild}

Buzz and Doug – Two friendly uncles. Buzz won some plate armor that reduced physical damage while Doug won a Flying Swallow long sword from the first game of bingo.
Buzz was the carriage driver during the early days of Lily Garden.
Normally the two of them are a couple of silly uncles who love to goof off, but they really are a pair of experienced adventurers who are among the first Theseus looks towards in case something happens. When they have no pocket money, they dive into Salamander Labyrinth to pick up some chests. They were among the five man party who defeated a high demon during the assault on Warren, but it would not be a stretch to say that the two of them did most of the work.
Currently they are crazy about Aiful’s beauty and Credia’s overall purity.
By the way, they are absolutely terrible at Warren Numbers.

Helen – The receptionist who replaced Frau after she left. 15 years old and is waiting for a larger part in the story.

{Wheat Grace}

Leopold Lorenburg – Reeve’s father. Following the collapse of the Durkfienance house, he became the lord of Wheat Grace.

Ferdinand Lorenburg – Reeve’s grandfather. He is the reason for the Lorenburg family’s initial decline due to his interest in a number of outrageous hobbies, but he is also a genius who brought Lorenburg tea to the fame it has today and is knowledgeable on a number of different things.
Reeve was able to learn a lot by watching this man’s mistakes although he did also teach her how to use a sword. Whenever he starts to call her ‘Ree-boy’, she knows he is trying to get her to do something.
Currently he is also serving as an advisor to the Warren live house.

Lux Lorenburg – Reeve’s mother. Because she married into the falling Lorenburg house, many of her noble friends started calling her a loser. They’ve recently started changing their tune. She is a loving mother who wants nothing more than to have her children live happy lives.

Hymel Lorenburg – Reeve’s younger brother. He has a weak personality, but he has started fighting back whenever Ellis starts to bully him. He is the youngest person to ever receive the scarlet laundry punishment, a feat which was made even more famous after being tied up with four different colored ribbons.
This record would continue to follow him well into his adult years.

Sister Bizon and Gurre – Reeve’s two older sisters. Bizon is a frank girl who never lies. Gurre is a bit airheaded yet will occasionally surprise you with a smart turn. When the two of them realized that Reeve resembled their grandfather, their worries tripled.

Acoms and Lake Durkfienance – Warren had long ago noticed the peculiarities in products coming from Wheat Grace, but it wasn’t until Lake attitude during the harvest festival angered all four of the guild masters that their family was put in danger of being exposed.
The end result was a sentencing for tax evasion, abduction of a minor, and acting as a foreign agent. The sentencing was the death penalty. Sayonara.


Alphonse – The guild master for Wisdom’s Magician’s Guild. Although he is an authority on golem research, sometimes he performs a few unreasonable experiments and causes trouble for those around him. When Frau traveled around the city during her free time, she started to suspect that that wasn’t the first time something like that had happened.
He indoctrinated Claire into his love for golems.
He dislikes many of the noble students who don’t take their studies seriously and greatly enjoyed having Ellis teach them a lesson.

Ares and Izerina – Claire’s parents. After visiting Wisdom off of an invitation sent by the royal family, they were forced to stay there under the name of performing magic research. Ares specializes in barrier magic while Izerina specializes in enchantment magic.
They both praised Claire and Reeve after their one-on-one fights for their superior equipment. After the fight, the two healed up their injuries, the two of them embraced each other for the first time since they had been taken captive. They are currently waiting on the test to see if Claire is going to have a younger sibling.

{Brave Party}

Gray – The Hero. Gained an insane amount of power after receiving God’s revelation. Can fight over 100 soldiers without getting a scratch on him.
The Brave Slash can easily cut a high demon in two, but it cannot be used repeatedly.
Because the base is just that of a simple farmer, he was easily captured in Peach and Dams’s trap. He has been causing Gise problems ever since.
Marilyn’s favorite sugar daddy.

Gise – The thief. He is an elite thief adventurer born in Skycastle. A serious and highly capable man, his second name is Trap Killer Gise.
He is a hard worker and now greatly enjoys washing away all the worries procured from watching over Gray and the three idiots in the bathhouse.
He is also one of the men who has gotten caught up in Aiful’s elegant noble atmosphere.

Dams – A rough person. He came tacked on with Peach and cannot even really be called a warrior. He is the man that Ellis uses most often to harass the Brave Party, and that is not going to change anytime soon.

Peach – Her official role is that of a magician, but her real job is a dancer. After acquiring the large prey called the Hero, she is able to get all the ril she wants.
However, she has recently become suspicious since Gray has stopped asking her for her services.

Cliff – An amateur appraiser and elementary priest. Skycastle’s Merchant Guild sent him to, “Skillfully support the Hero,” while perfectly knowing that he would do more harm than good. He almost immediately jumped on Dams and Peach’s team to form the three idiots.
He does everything halfway. If he were to disappear, the Brave Party would be better off.

{Demon’s Side}

Demon Lord – Although he has an insane amount of magic power, Berudeus’s overall lazy personality interfered with the summoning ceremony, so there is zero motivation forr him to use it.
But when Margherita pushed him out of the way and almost died, his anger overcame him, and he destroyed almost a fourth of his own army in the blink of an eye. From this point on Margherita would try to get closer to him, but he is too dense to notice.
His favorite phrase is, “Imagination full of Creative Designs.”

Berudeus – Real name is Beruiel. He is an angel not a fallen angel. He is more than comfortable with his title as ‘The Slovenly Angel’.
It is his fault that the Demon Lord is such a shut-in, but to be fair, even he was never the type of person who would laze around in a t-shirt and boxer shorts lazily munching away on wasabi crackers.
He has skin as white as pottery and hair as black as the night. He is both male and female. Angels like him have the ability to appear as half and half, but the nether regions look gross, so no one does it.
Since his mission is to aid the Demon Lord, if the Demon Lord doesn’t tell him to do anything, he doesn’t have to do anything. Although recently he has gotten interested in Warren Numbers. Before he knew it, people were starting to know him as the Rosen Angel.

Chapter 84

Chapter 86


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