Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 100


Well here we are at Chapter 100. Getting to here, it honestly doesn’t feel like I did that much, but looking back at all the chapters that went by, I realize this has been a long process. For everybody reading this, I’m glad you enjoyed the story enough to make it this far.


Hikikomori Storm Dragon

Large butt, large butt, please sit on my back with black panties

Let’s do it, let’s do it, getting together and moaning like ogres, let’s do it

Let’s go, let’s go, I’ll be your servant anywhere let’s go


Ellis was standing up naked with her hand raised up into the air singing the new song she had learned at the live house today Large Butt.

“Gyahahahahaha!” Katie was laughing, sprawled out on the floor naked banging both of her hands on the bathhouse floor.

“After all, comic singers are the best! Should we ask for a private concert next time?”


“Ellis, pay more attention to your surroundings.”

Ra-chin was enjoying the slight aroma from the tea being placed in his tub of hot water, but he was not so engrossed as to let that slide. And indeed, Frau and Claire were sitting in the bath, unsure of what to actually say about the song they had just heard.

“Oh Mistress, have you finished singing? Then I……”

and as usual Reeve wasn’t paying much attention to the what Ellis was singing in the first place. But as soon as she started to sing, a sense of normality is always able to return to the bathhouse, and the four other women and two animals could enjoy their baths in peace.


“So we are going to investigate the Storm Dragon.”

Ellis made a declaration as soon as everyone had finished the baths.
The story about Warren’s guardian dragon had started to get around and people were making a fuss about it. There had been no word yet, but when the messengers from the country or other cities started to arrive, it would be a good idea for Ellis to be conveniently away. So Ellis planned on being just that.

“Well Ra-chin, will you be watching the mansion for us, or do you want to come with?”

Ellis was very serious about checking this matter. Pretenses aside, he was Warren’s guardian dragon after all.

“Ellis, you can’t leave me alone while you go off to play. I will go. I will go with as well.”

And for some reason Ra-chin made doubly sure that he was going to be brought along, all the while eyeing Pi-tan from the corner of his eye.

“Ellis, what route are we taking?”

Claire’s question overlapped with Reeve’s feelings.
“Yes, I’d prefer not to take the guardian dragon to my home.”

If they were to go through the normal route, it would take them right through Wheat Grace where Reeve’s father had become lord.

“Then what about traveling through the fishing village instead?”

“Good idea Frau. Then we can travel along the sea and enjoy the view.”

So the girls would first travel to the western fishing village and then head south, arriving at Wheat Grace’s fishing village without having to stop in Wheat Grace. It would mean traveling for longer in the carriage, but that was exactly what they wanted at the moment.


And then the next morning.
Just to make sure, Ellis reported their extended absence to Maria who is also the council chairperson. She left out the part of the Storm Dragon however and claimed the reason for the trip was just to keep the guardian dragon away when investigators from other cities came.

“We are going to go clean up the area where the Land Dragon used to live.”

This was the excuse Ellis had prepared in advance. It was a vague mission that gave no clear indication of when they would return, so Maria gave it two thumbs up.
At the same time, Claire had brought their luxury carriage to the Workshop Guild in order to make a few adjustments. Throughout their travels, it was decided that the living room in the carriage was unnecessary. So leaving just a little space for Ellis and Claire to have their meetings, the rest of it was distributed outward in the remodeling. Part of that space went to a hot water boiler for Ra-chin and Pi-tan.
A binder was also built in that completely closed off each person’s room from the others. This was built after all of the experience they had built up so far and allowed Ellis a little alone time when it was needed.

Then as usual Frau packed up the foodstuffs for the trip while Reeve took care of the necessary sanitary goods. And then by the end of the day, the preparation for the upcoming journey was complete.


Also as usual


Having taken too long to load up the carriage and then whining about unfair treatment, Reeve was made to cry.
Trying to show off during dinner even though she was just a pig woman, Frau was made to cry under a malicious torrent of insults.
Here, can’t you see it? Claire was made to cry from embarrassment after being decorated in cherry blossom colored kisses all over her neck.
Made to purr the whole time, Katie was made to cry “Nyan” as the chin scratches and belly rubs continued on mercilessly.


And so the morning of the departure came before anyone knew it.

Frau finished whipping up breakfast with some crepes and fresh fruit, giving everyone a light meal before everyone headed off to the western fishing village. They made a short stop there only to hear the story from the old woman again about the Storm Dragon before heading south along the coast.
The Magical Horses could travel over a vast array of terrain that ordinary horses would find difficult, but there were times when they would hit rocky terrains or a forest of pine trees that the carriage would be unable to pass through. At those times the carriage would be placed into a Bag of Gluttony while the girls rode directly on top of their Magical Horses. Ra-chin would take a human figure so that he could ride with Ellis for those parts of the journey, and Pi-tan would rest on the back of Claire’s Magical Horse after being tied to Claire’s back with a string.
After two days of traveling, they finally came across the southern fishing village, but they continued forward without being noticed. This was Wheat Grace’s fishing village, and the less people that knew where they were, the better.
And then after an additional two days, Ellis’s group finally arrived at the edge of the cape.

“Hm, I wonder if he’s nearby.”

The Land Dragon sensed something in the air. He returned to his original size and began looking over the cape with his giant body twisting this way and that. Eventually, he found a cave hidden from normal view.
The entrance was over ten meters tall, but moss and other foliage was grew in front of it, blocking the view and at least making it clear that no human had entered there in a long time.

“Ra-chin, can you take us inside?”

Ellis thought it best to ride a Land Dragon inside, giving them a sort of grand entrance, but Ra-chin shook his head.

“Ellis, I’ll call the Storm Dragon from out here. You should hide in my shadow in the meantime.”

Ellis nodded her head, hiding inside Ra-chin’s shadow just as he suggested.

“Storm Dragon, HELLO THERE!!!”

At the same instant that Ra-chin yelled out his greeting, his scales started echoing a dry resonance like a struck bell. He had been hit by a myriad of wind blades from the cave’s entrance.

“I knew it.” Ra-chin made a small sigh before speaking into the girls’ consciousness. “You five try it this time.”

Each of the girls took a turn yelling into the cave’s entrance and each time a swarm of wind blades came shooting out. Right when they were considering giving Pi-tan a go of it, a voice sounded from inside the cave.

“Are you the Demon Lord? Or perhaps the Hero? Either way I will not help you. If you don’t want me to kill all those who follow you, begone from this place.”

“So he responded. Good. Everyone, continue to yell into his cave without stopping.”

The five girls gave a simultaneous nod, and ignoring the voice from the cave that had spoken directly into their consciousness, they all started yelling, “Mr. Storm Dragon~” on repeat together. The voice from before quickly started to speak again.

“You guys, I want to live in here in peace. You’re being really noisy, so stop that.”

But the five of them kept going.

“Hey, don’t bother me. I’m not bothering anyone else, so just leave me alone!”

But these girls were anything but quitters.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Stop bothering me! If you don’t, I’ll bite off my tongue and die. Is that what you want? Will you be happy if I just kill myself!?”

Ra-chin nodded his head. The Storm Dragon was becoming befuddled. If you think about it, dragon’s talk with their minds, and they don’t need to eat any food, so a dragon biting off their tongue would be completely meaningless for Ellis’s future plans. But Ellis still figured it would be for the best to take a step back at the moment. After all, Ellis might not have a lot of experience on this matter, but Eiji understood quite well.

“Ra-chin, riajuus.¹

“Roger Ellis.”

Everyone went back to their carriage and started grabbing some supplies. Soon they had set up a complete banquet right outside the cave’s entrance.

“First off will be Reeve, singing her set until dusk settles in!”

Reeve is reliable in these type of situations. Singing a song that praised the ‘brave dragon’, her voice resonated off the cave walls. Any requests to stop or cries of anguish were completely ignored. The Storm Dragon tried covering his ears from deep within the cave. Why did he have to be subjected to all of these embarrassing
lyrics like this?
The Land Dragon tried extending his voice forward at this time. The Storm Dragon knew about the Land Dragon’s existence since long ago. That’s why he was willing to try and communicate.

“Ellis, he’s getting closer.”
“Sorry in advance Almighty Land Dragon. .”
“What are you planning this time? Although I suppose that’s just the type of relationship between us.”
“Well Land Dragon, it’s also important to hit the right atmosphere or else we can · not · be  · friends.”

The Storm Dragon continued to inch towards his cave’s entrance, completely unaware what the conversation between Ellis and Ra-chin meant. He was too busy trying to figure out why he had to be harassed like this in his own home. They were a bunch of kabedon² brutes. Damn kabedon brutes!

“Ellis, do you feel it?”
“Ra-chin, if you say anything else, he’ll notice and our new friend will get away………”


The Storm Dragon tried charging out of his cave to forcefully put a stop to this harassment. It was a reaction that was completely expected, which was why Ellis and Ra-chin had locked onto the entrance with a {Summon Volcano}.
Yes, if all they wanted to do was talk to the Storm Dragon, they could have easily done so from the mouth of the cave rather than endlessly annoy him as they had done. Unfortunately for the Storm Dragon though, Ellis’s methods were a little more coercive than that.

In this way the Storm Dragon’s cave was filled with magma and hot steam, making it completely uninhabitable. And after being subjected to some major damage, it left the Storm Dragon completely bound in a cage of cooled rock.

1. A person completely satisfied with their life. The exact opposite of a hikikomori.

2. It’s when you corner someone up against a wall, placing your hand in the way to prevent them from escaping. It’s usually used as a romantic act between couples, but loan sharks use it to look intimirdating as well.

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