Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 101




“You have made me angry! I’m dying! I’m going to bite my tongue and die!”

Imprisoned in the hardened magma, only the Storm Dragon’s head was free to pointlessly flail around. And as for the screams he was broadcasting directly into the minds of five girls and one dragon, they were met with the same reaction from everyone.

“Then die.”
“Go die.”
“Just die then?”
“Goodbye and die.”
“Die nya.”


“Um, telling someone threatening to commit suicide to die in six different ways, are you guys human? Although I suppose the sixth one of you is a dragon.”

The Storm Dragon was troubled with what he was supposed to say after being told six consecutive times to die.

“And by the way Land Dragon, why are you casually throwing out your Ultimate Release like that? Summon Volcano was it? It seriously hurt.”

Ra-chin puffed out his chest and answered smugly,
“Me, one of these girls has formed a contract with me and become a Dragon Maiden. So, are you jealous?”

For the first time, the Storm Dragon turned his eyes away from the Land Dragon and started seriously looking over the girls who were standing beside him. A large snort suddenly came from his nose.

“Wha, all of you are qualified! What the hell are you girls? Haven’t any of you ever run into a playboy before?”

“Just shut up and listen to the story. Ellis, it’s time for you to make your offer.”

“You’re right. Hello Mr. Storm Dragon.”

And so Ellis began explaining everything. The struggle between the Hero and the Demon Lord which the Storm Dragon had avoided by hiding in this cave was settled hundreds of years ago with the victory of the Hero. Recently however, signs of a new Demon/God war had been rising up. A person who seems like the Hero and a person who seems like the Demon Lord have already been identified. And Ellis was a third party who sided with neither of them in favor of interfering from the sidelines.

“So then, would you like to come with us?”

Ellis’s words gave the Storm Dragon to think about. After staying inside his cave for the past couple hundred years, he had started to get bored. The truth was even if Ellis’s group hadn’t shown up, he probably would have left the cave on his own after another hundred years or so. Also, it would be nice to use his Ultimate Release again after all this time. But more than anything, harassing the Hero and Demon Lord whose conflict had caused him all sorts of headaches all those years ago sounded interesting.
Once again the Storm Dragon looked over the qualified girls, but his eyes stopped on a specific one when he noticed something.

“The blue girl over there, where did you get those boots?”

The boots the dragon was referring to were the Falcon long leather boots Reeve had equipped.

“I got them from a labyrinth in Warren. Is there something wrong with them?”

“Come show me a better look.”

Ra-chin stepped forward and laid his body over the still heated magma, turning himself into a makeshift bridge that Reeve could use to get closer to the Storm Dragon. Once Reeve had crossed Ra-chin, she raised up one of her legs, bringing her boot eye level to the Sky Dragon.

“Do you wear these often?”

“They’re my favorite item actually.”

Falling into thought, the Storm Dragon lowered his head and closed his eyes. When he finally opened them up again, he spoke to everyone around him.

“I would like to make a contract with this blue girl. Is everyone alright with that?”

The other four girl’s eyes all locked onto Reeve.
“It’s up to Reeve.”

Reeve remembered the serious look on the Storm Dragon’s face when he was looking at her boots. He probably wasn’t a bad dragon at the very least.

“Sorry to all the men I never would have slept with anyway. Let’s make a contract.”

“Then name me.”

“Ellis, how about this? We call him ‘The Strongest Storm Dragon’.”
“That’s no good Reeve. He clearly looks more like a ‘Has Blue Skin and Looks Cool, but he is a Storm Dragon that Lost to the Land Dragon’.”
“Reeve and Claire’s names are rejected. Now ignoring Katie, Frau, come up with a good name.”
“Well he is a Storm Dragon, so how about Su-chan?”
“It has been decided. Reeve, hurry up and name him so we can move on.”

*Tsk* Clicking her tongue, Reeve got back on top of Ra-chin facing the Storm Dragon. She began the ceremony just as she had seen Ellis do it, calling the Storm Dragon with the name “Su-chan” and giving him a kiss on his snout. The presence of the Storm Dragon engraved itself into Reeve’s mind, etching itself like a chisel into stone. At the same time, two sets of command words popped up into her consciousness.

“{Permission Size Change}”

With Reeve’s command, Su-chan’s body shrunk, allowing him to slip through his rocky cage.

“I have confirmed the contract between Reeve and I with this.”
What came out of the cage was a small ultramarine dragon with wings. The head was pointed and narrow with multiple horns pointed towards its rear forming a frill.¹ It had a slim body like a snakes with two wings jutting out from its back. It balanced itself on two thin back legs and a long tail.

“Well well.”

Su-chan walked off his cage and naturally grabbed Reeve’s shoulders with his front feet and hanged down over Reeve’s front side. His wings then spread out, covering Reeve’s chest. With this he was made to look like a piece of ultramarine breast armor.

“Now Reeve, get back to solid ground.”

Reeve obediently followed Su-chan’s instructions. There was a reason for this. There was a second command word group that had come to her mind.
After she was off, Ra-chin returned to his mini size and walked back over to Ellis.

“So Su-chan, what is this {Summon Hurricane}?”

Reeve was impatient to get things underway, but considering Su-chan was looking forward to letting himself go for the first time in a long, he wasn’t going to hold things up.

“That’s my Ultimate Release. Why don’t we take it for a test run?”

Reeve moved herself to a wide place as Su-chan instructed her to where he was able to return to his original huge size. He then put Reeve on his back and told her to hold onto his neck.

“Let’s go Reeve!”

Su-chan stretched out his wings, and with two mighty flaps, he was dancing in the sky. It was a sudden development with no real warning, but there was no room for fear in Reeve’s mind. Only wonder at the amazing sight from up high.

“Now Reeve, first is {Share Sight}.”

Reeve used the {Share Sight} spell just as she was told, and the sight of the sky from upfront made her catch her breath.

“Next is {Catch Space}. It will give you a rough idea for the lay of the land and where our attack is going to affect.”

Reeve’s sight moved along with Su-chan’s, and a portion of the ground right off the ocean shore became dyed in a slightly dark hue as if it were highlighted.

“Here we go, {Summon Hurricane}!”

Reeve activated {Summon Hurricane}. As she did, the wind began to move, and a massive tornado soon whipped up, tearing apart the ground and uprooting trees. The sea water soon came up with it, creating a loud roar of crashing waves as the tornado cut through the water and broke apart the ocean.

“This is {Summon Hurricane}. The violent turbulence of the winds can cut apart just about anything, and the inside is a vacuum. If there’s anything in the middle, they’ll become stars decorating the sky.”

Reeve was speechless, but even more surprised were the four girls watching from solid ground underneath them. There was only one other being there who was trying to brag about himself to Ellis rather than marvel at Su-chan’s attack, but he went largely ignored.


After a moment more of flying through the sky, Su-chan came back down to the four girls and two animals waiting below. Reeve’s hands were trembling, even as her feet met with solid ground.

“That’s some tremendous power Su-chan.”

“Well it’s all thanks to Reeve for becoming my Dragon Maiden.”

“So Ellis, what are we going to do from now on?”

“Well Ra-chin, I suppose we’ll head right back to Warren.”

Once their heading was decided, Su-chan spread out his wings in pride.

“Then Happy Birthday. Since Reeve is my Dragon Maiden, with you all as well, I can carry you all through the sky if you ask.”

The way he was talking was extremely unpleasant.
But the other four girls all wanted to fly through the sky too.
Was it useless but to give in here………?

“Su-chan, please carry all of us with you?” Ellis sweetly asked.
“Su-chan, would you please take us along with you?” Frau entreated.
“Su-chan, I want to fly in the sky too,” Claire begged.”
“Nyau nyau” Katie was already hanging off of Su-chan’s tail.
“Su-chan, I would ask you as well,” Reeve finally spoke up as well.

“Well~, I wouldn’t normally do this, but since it’s a request from Reeve, I guess I don’t have a choice. Ra-chin too, can you put up a barrier?”

Su-chan asked something a little strange, but Ra-chin still begrudgingly nodded his head.

“Reeve is naturally under my protection, so she is fine whenever riding on my back. Other people might end up killed from the wind pressure, so be careful. Well Ra-chin, if you would?”

Ra-chin beckoned the girls over to him and enveloped everyone besides Reeve in a yellow barrier. Pi-tan probably would have been fine, but Claire insisted he be covered as well. In the unlikely event that they may fall off, everyone was ordered curl up on Su-chan’s back and hold on with their arms wrapped around his body. Reeve meanwhile sat up front closer to Su-chan’s head.

“Then let’s go. Reeve, please guide me there.”

As Su-chan talked, he began beating his wings and jumped off the ground on his hind legs. And just like that, they were off.
For this journey, it took them 4 days to reach the southern cape from Warren. On their way back, with the high speed flight of Su-chan it took them only a few hours. The only downside to this convenience was that everyone besides Ellis and Reeve were left half-dead from the impact of traveling through that high-speed flight. It turns out that adaptability to high speed flight is one of the benefits of forming a contract with a dragon, so all of the conversation that happened during the flight occurred primarily between Ellis, Reeve, Ra-chin, and Su-chan.
In this way, they were able to return home safely.

1. Imagine a triceratops here. That back bone they have covering their necks is called a frill. The Storm Dragon is not wearing a frilly dress.

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  1. “Wha, all of you are qualified! What the hell are you girls? Haven’t any of you ever run into a playboy before?”

    a certain someone found them first lol

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  2. Am i the only one who thought that this dragon might either be an M or has a foot fetish because they seemed so focused on Reeve’s boots/feet?

    “Sorry to all the men I never would have slept with anyway.” I think this is the best line of the chapter

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  3. Thank you very much for the chapter. With that, two girls are already with a dragon. But I wonder what is the fixation with Reeeve’s boots?


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