Harassing Thief Girl Images

A list of images drawn by the author for Harassing Thief Girl. Descriptions for each image written below. Word of warning, there is one NSFW.


Ellis is an innocent little girl. That water mirror is a clear distortion of the truth.


Reeve in a suit. Her fans often send her outfits like this in the hopes she will perform in them, but the person themselves prefers dresses.


Frau with her original kite shield and morning starscary thing. I’m not sure why she is wearing a nun uniform.



Frau with her flail. I have a pretty good idea for why she’s wearing the lingerie.



The difference between Gachihomos and gays are as obvious as the differences between night and day.

6 thoughts on “Harassing Thief Girl Images

  1. WTF! I never thought author would come up with illustrations. Well, never mind. I already have better image of them in my mind~


  2. It might be obvious already,vthese aren’t “drawn by the author”. Commissioned, perhaps? I mean, just look at the difference in styles here. At best, maybe one of them was drawn by the author.

    In fact, the Frau drawing looks a lot like Yotsuba Chika’s works. I don’t know who did the rest just from looking at them.

    Just wanted to point that out because the first sentence misled me.


    1. I’d guess fan art. In one post the author mentioned a contest, but I could never find anything else mentioning it. These were all images he had uploaded online together in a bundle.


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