Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 102


So the bad news is that the image I showed you for chapter 100 was indeed a fake. Someone pointed out that it was just a character from the anime Kekkai Sensen with ‘Harassing Thief Girl’ posted on top of it. In hindsight the fact that the girl had twintails really should have raised a red flag, but I guess this is what I get for not being caught up in anime. On the positive side this chapter did have an image in it which led me to all of the real artwork for HTG. I read this for the first time about two years ago, but I never remembered there being any actual images in it. But this is a really short chapter, so I’m just going to translate it, add in the other images on a separate page in the table of contents, and then I’ll try to get the next chapter out quickly too. Have a good one everyone.


Special Uniform: Reeve Singing Live


Maria had always wondered something. How does Reeve’s beauty transcend sex? She didn’t know the reason.
That’s why Maria has always called Reeve ‘Reeve-sama’ in her thoughts.

Reeve had always wondered something. Why were Maria and the other women always putting her on a pedestal? She didn’t know the reason.
That’s why she always responded the way she did toward Maria’s advances. They would just have to be happy with her songs.
And Reeve was always quite generous with her songs at the Lily Garden restaurant.

It drive up her anticipation as it became a reason to be reamed by Ellis that evening.

And so Reeve would always whisper to Ellis in her bedroom that night,

“Mistress, how was I today?”

and it would trigger the response from Ellis that Reeve wanted, the exact opposite of what those women would give her.

Chapter 101

Chapter 103

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