Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 106


Just a little note, I decided to change ‘Ice and Snow Dragon’ to just ‘Frost Dragon’ from now on. I didn’t mind the direct translation at first, but repeatedly saying it was becoming cumbersome, so I just shortened it to frost to save all of us some time.


Delinquent Frost Dragon

“I’m going to kill every one of you bastards! Even if ya bend over and beg for forgiveness, there is no forgiveness for your stupidity at this point!”¹

Crushed underneath Ra-chin’s massive body, the Frost Dragon started spewing a stream of threats intermixed with senseless cursing while glaring at Su-chan who had put his own foot down on the dragon’s head.

“That’s right, I’ll kill all ya. Understand? You’re dead! Get ready to get fucked and killed!”

He actually had quite the colorful vocabulary. With that being said, with the situation the way it was, the five girls and three animals all had a similar question. How could he act so tough with his head pinned underneath another dragon’s foot?
Katie was just curious enough to ask. She walked over to the dragon’s head which Su-chan was still pressing into the ground.

“Hey Mr. Frost Dragon, where does all that over-confidence come from nya?”

“What a fool! It’s not over-confidence; it’s a fact! I have the spirit of a fierce tiger in me, and it’s going to tear you all apart!”

Su-chan was sitting on top, not making any moves trying to perfectly make up his mistake from earlier to Reeve, but Ra-chin sitting on the lower half was starting to get annoyed and growled. Ellis soon came up from behind Katie, leading to a new round of abusive and vulgar insults to be aimed at her this time.

“Reeve, let’s put a little pressure on this guy’s attitude!”

Su-chan finally broke his silence, adding some strength to his foot causing the Frost Dragon’s head to squeak a little.

“Ellis, decide quickly whether we’re going to persuade him or stab him!”

The Land Dragon was also getting a little fed up, so he urged Ellis to quickly make a decision.

“Then here’s my decision! I’m going to kill all you, so hurry up and die!”

The Frost Dragon was slowly becoming more enraged, using less vulgar name calling and falling back on to a more “Die, die, die” strategy. It was painful being held down by Su-chan and Ra-chin, but there was nothing he could do about either of them meaning he had to direct all his rage at Ellis instead. Anyway, the point was he was completely unwilling to have a conversation.

“Ellis, jump away! This guy managed to get his tail out from under me!”

The Frost Dragon was finally able to try and make good on his threats having successfully pulled out his tail and swinging it around like a whip.

“Yeah! DieDieDieDieDieDieDieDie!”

The Frost Dragon had gone on a mindless rampage. The inside of the room began to shake from the sound of his tail thrashing on the ground, cracking stone while trying to aim for Ellis’s head.

“Ellis, I’m going to crush him!”

But at the same instant, another voice was able to pierce the clamor.

“Frost Dragon, your name will be Ah-nyan nya.”

Ra-chin’s scream and Katie’s declaration overlapped, but afterwards everything went quiet. Everyone’s focus moved from the thrashing tail to the dragon’s white head and the white cat girl who was kissing him. And just like that, time stopped.


His brain began to cool off, and an overwhelming power began to grow in his chest.
There was a lovely white catgirl in front of his suddenly focused gaze.
And then the Frost Dragon began to remember.
His days of anger. The cause of that anger. How he was consumed by that anger.
His focus moved back to the girl standing in front of him again.
This white-haired catgirl was smiling at him, no irritation or anger present in her.
And then finally, the Frost Dragon regained himself, remembering everything.


“I used the same naming pattern Frau did nya.”

Katie stretched out her limbs, unconcerned about the numerous gazes that had gathered on her. Nobody knew what to say. Katie had, on her own, made a contract with the Frost Dragon without getting his consent. Ra-chin and Su-chan didn’t know that was even possible. But the contract was there; she was definitely a Dragon Maiden now.

“I really want to beat you bastards to death, but before that, I need to kill that damn Hero and Demon Lord!”

Ah-nyan the Frost Dragon’s rage had simmered down quite a bit. He was still throwing out threats and using vulgar language, but his tone made him seem more rational. He soon divulged his own story of how he had become like that.


During the previous Demon/God war, the Frost Dragon had been persuaded by the Hero to switch sides and stand against the Demon Lord. The Frost Dragon stood on the Hero’s front lines, and as a result, he was able to decimate the Demon Lord’s army time and time again. However one day, the Hero sent him out to attack what turned out to be a group of executive suicide bombers from the Demon Lord’s army. The Frost dragon’s body was completely destroyed, but it turns out that dragons are almost immortal. So long as they die through normal means by their own will, they would eventually be able to return to their original form.
Yet for some reason, when he came back, he found he was the last boss for one of the purifying labyrinths. It must have been because his spirit had gotten mixed together with the mana from those suicide bombers, thus the labyrinths noted him as something that needed to be purified. He couldn’t die through ordinary means, but if he were to be completely purified through the labyrinth, that could lead to a true death. Whether the Hero knew or not about his predicament, nobody ever came to save him.
The fear of being purified grew as time passed, so his mind soon devolved into something more basic, craving the death of anything that approached him for fear of being purified.

“By the way Land Dragon, Storm Dragon, aren’t you both embarrassed? You both have Dragon Maidens, yet the two of you together couldn’t hold just one of me down.”

The other two dragons started to growl, surprising themselves at just how quickly they were starting to miss the Frost Dragon when he was insane.

“Well, I suppose it’s fine. I’ve been blessed with my own Dragon Maiden now.”

The Frost Dragon’s gaze fell back on Katie. She locked her gaze with his and nodded her head.

“Well Ah-nyan, can I use {Permission Size Change} now?”
“Whatever you like, Katie.”²

Katie performed the spell the same way she had seen Ellis and Reeve do it, leading to a reverent shout from the Frost Dragon.

“Beautiful! I never knew I had such a gorgeous style!”

After a flash of light, what was left on the ground was something that looked like a white fur scarf. Ah-nyan poked his head out from the bundle and began praising his own fur to anyone who would listen.

“Katie, try wrapping me around your neck a little.”

Doing as she was told, Katie obediently wrapped Ah-nyan around her neck as if he really were a scarf. He suited her quite nicely, and Katie started to look like a high class lady wearing an expensive muffler.

“You feel nice and cold around my neck like this nya.”
“I’ll keep the head cold in the summer, and keep Katie healthy.”

This Frost Dragon needed to cool down his own head first, Ellis grumbled. But that along with a few other things she had tried to say went completely ignored. Katie and Ah-nyan had entered their own little world.

“Riiight. So then Ah-nyan, will you be coming with us?” Ellis finally took a step forward and forcefully inserted herself into the two’s conversation.

“Shut up, I’ll kill you dumbass if you ever talk to me again!”

“I’ll make you whimper if you keep talking to my Ellis like that!”

It seems like Ah-nyan’s more relaxed attitude was reserved exclusively for Katie. Ra-chin jumped forward still in his original size, looking like he was going to bite Ah-nyan’s head right off, but Ellis yelled at him to knock it off while Katie spoke to Ah-nyan on Ellis’s behalf.

“Ah-nyan, come outside with us nya.”
“Alright, if that’s what Katie wants.”

Ellis gave up. It would be impossible for her to convince the Frost Dragon to work for them. It would be impossible for them to come to an understanding. But so long as Katie was there, there probably won’t be any major problems.

“Well then, Claire, if you would.”

The party was finally able to leave the Frost Dragon Labyrinth thanks to Claire’s {Runaway Dungeon}.


The sun had already began to set by the time the girls left the labyrinth, and the surrounding wilderness had begun to cool off as night started to roll in.

Ellis had given up on talking to the Frost Dragon, but she was still curious about his ultimate release. Taking a quick look around, there was nobody to be seen, and she doubted anybody was going to come by. So she passed on her message through Katie.

“Ah-nyan, we have a request for your ultimate release nya.”
“Anything for you Katie.”

The Frost Dragon came down off Katie’s neck and regained his original size. His head was smaller compared to the other dragons the girls had seen, and his body was longer and thinner like that of a snake. It bent and curved constantly making one wonder if he actually had any back bone at all. There were a pair of front and back legs, but they were short, kept his body close to the ground, creating the picture that he was actually slithering across the ground when he moved. But the most catching of his appearance was the fact that he had pearl white fur that shined purity rather than any scales. He looked like a divine being–the complete opposite of how he sounded.

“Alright Katie, first you need to use {Share Sight}.”
Katie did as she was told, but she was puzzled by what she saw. Ellis and Reeve had both described their experience and stated they were able to perceive where their attack would land, but Katie’s shared sight didn’t reveal anything like that. Her eyesight was a little better through Ah-nyan’s eyes, but there was no ‘highlighted area’ like what Ellis and Reeve had described.

“Next you want to use the ability {Protect Fellows}. This will prevent any of your allies from getting involved in the attack.”
Katie’s mind reached out, and while activating her spell, she included Ellis and the others in her thoughts. And then after a quick reminder, she included Su-chan and Ra-chin as well.

“Alright then, let’s go Katie!”
Following Ah-nyan’s instructions, Katie used the incantation that had been etched into her mind.

“{Summon Absolute Zero}!”




There was no explosion of noise or rising catastrophe like what had happened with the other dragons. It was more of a small click, like the sound of glass cracking, and then in the blink of an eye, a world of silvery white spread out before all of them. A world of settled ice and snow was spread out with the dragon at its center where even sound had been frozen. All movement had been ceased. It was a world at absolute zero.

“How about killing our enemies with this?”

The Frost Dragon started laughing, breaking the delicate world that had been so carefully crafted.

“It wouldn’t work on me,” Ra-chin eventually muttered.
“There’s no problem if you can just fly away in the sky,” Su-chan slowly countered.

But there were four girls and a pet who weren’t listening to those kind of petty complaints, and were instead focusing on warming themselves up from the leftover snow and ice after the attack.

“By the way Katie, do you know somebody who can open this?”

Ah-nyan pulled out a treasure chest. Most likely the one they would have gotten after killing the last boss normally.

“Bring that over here.”

Katie explained to Ellis that Ah-nyan had confirmed there would be a magic tool inside this treasure chest. Placing it down onto the frozen grass, Ellis immediately confirmed the trap that had been placed on the chest.

“This trap, it’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen.” A part of Ellis didn’t want to even touch it.

“Naturally! Throwing up your own liquefied organs is a small price to pay for having killed me.”

Ellis frowned, but as there wasn’t anything else to be done, she got to work on the lock.
Four girls and three animals were gathered around the chest, anxiety keeping each of them from taking a breath. Meanwhile another girl and her dragon were off playing on their own, apparently already having forgotten about the chest they themselves had brought up.


Not nearly soon enough, the chest’s lock swung open. The trap had been disarmed, and after a huge sigh of relief, Ellis opened up the chest. And then she was left sighing again.

“Katie, get back over you.”
“What is it nya?”
“Come look at this. It’s some equipment for you.”

What Ellis pulled out from the chest was a set of a pure white shorts and bra top woven with soft hair. But just at a glance you could tell they were overflowing with magic power.

“Ah, so you were finally able to get it open? It’s a present I made for Katie.”

Ah-nyan poked his head in, giddily informing everyone about the Battle magic ability attached to the armor without needing Ellis to use her ability.

Battle — Always take the initiative. Doubles attack speed. Magical damage decrease by 20. Autonomous type. Unique.

“This was some of the elementary equipment the Hero used to have! Katie, try it on!”

Everyone was too stunned to respond to Ah-nyan’s prideful declaration just as the night fully came in and the stars began to shine on the outskirts of Marsfield.

1. This guy uses a lot of slang and rude language. Translating his lines is actually pretty fun just because I don’t know about fifty percent of the words he uses. Even his word for ‘you’ is an old, rude way of calling someone that I never learned before now.

2. It’s around here that I want to point out that all of the dragons call their masters with the same honorific they are given. So Ra-chin uses ‘chin’ for Ellis and Su-chan uses ‘chan’ for Reeve. That means Ah-nyan is using ‘nyan’ for Katie, a fact I feel needed to be addressed because of just how cutesy he is being with Katie.

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