Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 107




Katie took off her Resistance bra top and shorts she was wearing and immediately changed into her new Battle bra and spats. It was like she was wearing a set of sexy lingerie. Furthermore, when Ah-nyan was wrapped around her neck like a scarf, Katie looked exactly like one of those sexy foreign models from Eiji’s world. A realization that made Ellis bite her lip then and there.
Realizing the situation from the atmosphere on her own, a sly smile came across Katie’s face. She put her right hand behind her head and stuck out her hip with her left hand resting on it.

“Ellis~ nya.”

The other three girls grew irritated at Katie’s obvious intentions, but all of them knew there was nothing they could do about it right now. There was however one person who was even more livid by this seduction and wasn’t aware there was nothing they could do about it.

“What are you looking at! I’ll kill you, you chicken-shit!”

Ah-nyan quickly tried to start a quarrel when he noticed the lust in Ellis’s eyes.

“Ah-nyan, don’t try to pick a fight with Ellis nya.”
“What’s that supposed to mean? Katie?”
“Ellis is my owner nyan.”
“That’s, does that mean Katie made a contract with Ellis like you did with me? Katie?”
“Something like that nyan.”
“That’s, then if we kill Ellis, won’t you be released?”


Having gone just a step too far, Katie peeled Ah-nyan off of her neck and threw him into the dirt at her feet. She held him down with one hand while the claws of her Brave Ripper pressed down on his throat. Katie wasn’t smiling anymore as she brought her face down and whispered in Ah-nyan’s ear.

“If you ever lay a hand on Ellis, I’ll kill Ah-nyan first nya.”

It was around then that Ah-nyan noticed. Other than Katie, there were three other people surrounding him as well, giving an atmosphere no less terrifying than the one coming from Katie.
In this way, Ah-nyan’s training was successfully finished.

“President Ellis, would that be suitable? So, let’s get along well together! I hope you liked Katie’s sexy pose.”

The Frost Dragon Ah-nyan’s attitude quickly did a one-eighty, and he started addressing Ellis both politely and reverently. Everyone sighed, knowing this dragon’s extreme attitude was going to cause them headaches in the future as well.

“Whatever. Let’s get back to Warren quickly before Duke Marsfield finds us here.”


The girls rode on the Storm Dragon Su-chan’s back, using his high speed flight to get them home quickly. Ellis, Reeve, and Katie had all become Dragon Maidens, so they were fine with the ride. Ra-chin made a stronger barrier this time, so Frau and Claire didn’t pass out this time at least. By the way, the Frost Dragon Ah-nyan couldn’t fly either, so he spent this ride wrapped around Katie’s neck in his miniature size.
Thus, everyone was able to return to Warren that night with the moon high in the sky.

“Is Ah-nyan okay with hot water nya?”
“Hot water?”
“For baths nyan.”
“Me, even if I look like this, I’m a hot spring gourmet I’ll have you know.”

As everyone finished the simple dinner Frau prepared for them that night, Katie walked naked to the baths with a maniac dragon shooting of a stream of impressions he had made from hot springs he had soaked in years ago. Pe-tan, Ra-chin, and Su-chan were all in their regular positions with Claire, Ellis, and Reeve scrubbing them down. Katie grabbed her own tub and set it right next to them, but Ah-nyan jumped off Katie’s neck and instead headed towards the waterfall-like portion of the bath that led to the drainage outlet.

“Katie, can I use this?”

“Ellis, would it be okay there nya?”

When called out, Ellis took a look over to where Ah-nyan was looking towards. She had always thought it looked like a waterfall. A miniature one at least.

“The rest of the water won’t get dirty if its there, so it’s okay.  Ah-nyan, I’ve often enjoyed taking a seat there myself.”

“I am a hot spring gourmet after all.”

“The three of us won’t fit under there as well.”
“Perhaps I should try it out first.”

Seeing Ah-nyan relax under the waterfall, the other three pets all wanted to take a turn themselves. The four of them soon started a fight over the waterfall, slapping each other with their paws and pushing each other over until Frau eventually slapped all of them and got them to knock it off. Starting tomorrow they would all take turns enjoying the stream of hot water.

And soon it was time to go to bed.
Pi-tan, Ra-chin, Su-chan, and Ah-nyan’s baskets were all lined up in the living room. “It’s starting to get crowded,” Claire whispered to Ellis while they put their pets to bed.

“The work for the mansion’s add-on should start tomorrow. We can move the living room over there, so this room can be dedicated to Pi-tan and the other pets.”

The next door women’s dorms for the Adventurer’s Guild has changed to a different building inside the city after all the renovations the city had undergone, so Claire was going to build a walkway from the to the building and renovate it as an extension to the mansion. It was decided with Ellis’s permission that the living room would be placed there along with some new guest rooms since all the bedrooms in the mansion were currently occupied. There would also be a larger room there for meetings and a simple bathroom for men. The bathroom was something decided by the group because nobody wanted Ferdinand to use their toilet instead.

“Ah-nyan, is this good enough.”
“It’s nice Katie.”

Crawling over the edge of his new bed, Ah-nyan moved on top of his soft cloth and wrapped himself up into a bundle with his head hidden inside.

“All right, good night.”

The girls each bade good night while Frau turned off the kitchen and living room lights.


And then for the nightly activities.


“Katie, how does it feel to be a Dragon Maiden?”
“Thank you Ellis nya. Ah-nyan is adorable nya.”
“Hmm. So, have you trained that idiot dragon properly?”
“It’s alright nya, he has been disciplined properly nya.”
“In that case, can you wrap that idiot dragon around your neck?”
“Of course nya.”

Katie quietly headed back down to the dark living room. She made her way over to one corner and quietly whispered,

“Ah-nyan, are you awake?”
“I’m right here Katie.”

‘Katie has come back for me,’ Ah-nyan thought to himself with an elated heart.

“Ah-nyan, be quiet for a bit nya.”
“Leave it to me Katie.”


Katie returned to bed with Ellis wearing the Battle equipment she had just received.
Ellis slowly pulled pulled off Katie’s bra off over her head.
She then slowly took off her spat shorts from around her waist.


A wicked smirk crossed Ellis’s face. She stopped there, leaving Ah-nyan wrapped around Katie’s neck, letting him hear every moan and whine Katie made as she was mercilessly teased, until she was finally sent to heaven. In the end, Katie passed out with a ecstatic smile spread across her own face.
And so Ah-nyan was made to understand for certain this time. This blonde haired girl was the boss here.

“Ah-nyan, you can go back to your bed.”
“Yes, President Ellis.”

Ellis offhandedly told the motionless Frost Dragon that he could leave, and doing as he was told, Ah-nyan silently crawled down the steps back to his basket.


“Hey Ra-chin, what kind of person is your Dragon Maiden?”
“Ah, Ellis is heading to Reeve next.”

The three dragons never necessarily needed to sleep anyway, so this night they were all going to stay up a little later and exchange information in the dark.

And the night was able to go with its usual vigor.


The next morning was a refreshing one.

“Yo, Claire, I’m here for that expansion construction.” A young man from the Workshop Guild came in during breakfast. The expansion work for the mansion was going to start today, and since Claire was going to be in charge of the management, she would be busy for a while now.

“Ellis, today is the Pain Bamboo troupe’s public exhibitions nya!”

“Before that you need to put something on over your underwear!”

“Can’t you wear your usual bra top over that?”

“Doing that makes my bra rub my nipples and it hurts nya! Frau knows what I mean nya!”

“Well, even if you cover them up with another bra, it’s not like they’re get heavier.”

“Reeve can’t understand! A person with no breasts can’t say anything about the pains of us who have them nya!”

“What was that!? I’ll have you know mine have gotten bigger recently!”

“Reeve, Katie, stop it both of you! You’re fighting is just making me feel miserable!”

Claire looked at her own chest mournfully when her cries cut through the Reeve and Katie’s rising voices. In the end Katie was made to put on some extra clothes before she, Ellis, Ra-chin, and Ah-nyan left the house. They headed straight to the boutique before going to the live house.

“Claire, I am also going to head out for a bit,” Reeve said as she took Su-chan out the door.

Frau, Claire, and Pi-tan were the three left over, “I’ll go on a short patrol of Crosstown,” when Frau decided to head out on her own.


Ellis and Katie bought a long white dress at the boutique. It was made from a light material so that Katie didn’t get too hot, and it had slits on the side so that it wouldn’t get in the way of any kicks. She wrapped Ah-nyan around her neck and struck another seductive pose to goad Ellis.
It worked, but that really only annoyed Ellis since the two of them were still going to have to go to the live house after this.

Reeve was keeping a secret and visiting her family by riding on Su-chan’s back. After knocking on the door, Lux would invite her in without any suspicions to why she was there or why she was alone. And then the usual comical march of the Lorenburg family would begin.

Frau was leisurely making her way around Cross Town.
And then inside the Jewelry Box Teahouse, she unexpectedly ran into Gise.

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Chapter 108

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