Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 127


Part of me always wants to put off releasing these extra chapters until I have the next one done too and just release them both at the same time. Then I remember I do a lot of translating at work and having some of these images pulled up where my coworkers might see them could create some questions I don’t want answered. So here we go, and the next one should be out soon.


Special Supplement: Frau Receives Some Introductory Training From Margherita


Ellis instructed Frau to give her dragon some training. That was why she paid a visit to Margherita who was a professional when it came to training those under her.
That was when Frau was suddenly forced to change.

“Margherita, these clothes, aren’t they just a little too risky?”
“What are you saying Frau? A dark look is the way to go.”
“But, the way this looks………”
“I’m not sure what you mean, so here, let me show you. There, now how do I look from your point of view?”
“*Boin*¹ I suppose.”
“That’s right. The moment when that look in their eyes changes from curiosity to fear, that’s the best.”
“I feel like I can somehow understand now.”
“Now it’s best to strike while the iron is hot.²
“You truly are an S Margherita.”
“When you know a useless M, they become at best food for you.”

Somewhere in the distance, the Demon Lord sneezed.

1. It’s the Japanese sound effect for large breasts.

2. In Japanese, this saying actually has two meanings. The first is just like in English, ‘to get started right away’, but the second means that it is good to pass things on to someone while they’re young. Margherita is using the second meaning here I believe.

Chapter 126

Chapter 128

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