Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 126


To start I just want to apologize for the long delay on this chapter. Real life has been keeping me busy, but I’m still trucking along. Also, I am in the wedding party for an upcoming affair, and as the bachelor party is coming up, I gotta beef up which means push-ups, sit-ups, and plenty of orange juice. One other note, I suppose I should put a content warning on this chapter? This long in the game it feels weird to put one on, but I felt compelled to do it. Anyway, have a nice day!


6 Year Old Girl VS 8 Year Old Girl

I am Mebett Chaffee. This morning I am arrived in Trade City Warren along with Mother and Father.

Today was really surprising.
The dragon knight who saved me earlier in fact really was my aunt. I also met the 5 dragons who live in Warren.
And…….I was not able to qualify to become a Dragon Maiden. I’m kind of sad.

After my exam, the Dragon Maidens all flew away on top of two dragons. The Dragon Maidens really are wonderful.
Big Sister Reeve, ah, I was also allowed to call Reeve ‘Big Sister’. I’m glad. The beauty of my Big Sister really is the best. The person next to her was someone called Katie whose whole body was covered in white fur. I fell in love with her gray eyes. But that Frau really was like a model. She looked kind and full of elegance…….and she had the big chest that I yearn to have. Talking to Claire made me feel like she could be my actual sister. I could talk to her freely about anything.
I don’t know about that other one, the blonde haired girl. She is constantly swaggering about, speaking directly to Mr. Marsfield, ordering around Big Sister Reeve; I don’t like her in various ways. Why is such a disgusting child qualified to be a Dragon Maiden when a taro girl like me isn’t? The world is so unfair.

“Mebett, is sounds like Maria is going to guide us around Warren.”

When Father called out to me, I joined my hand with Mother’s and went outside.

“Duke Marsfield, Sir Chaffee, it’s a shame, but I’m afraid that Lily Garden prohibits men from entering. Please do stay away unless you wish to become Scarlet Laundry. Instead, since a new hotel just recently opened up on Gentleman’s Street, I will be showing you there tonight. The Jewelry Box has already prepared a room for Mebett and Bizon, so I will be guiding you there.”

Maria explained to us what we would be doing tonight. It feels like a long time since I last got to sleep in a bed. I’m looking forward to it.

“Well then let’s begin with Cross Town.”

With Maria in the lead and some of the uncles acting as our escorts, we started south from the large building.
After walking for a while, I smelt something good that made me hungry.

“From here on is Cross Town. On the right you will find Warren’s new specialty ‘steamed food’ at the Steam Kitchen. We’ll start off by having lunch there today.”

After saying something to one of the uncles, he continued to run somewhere further south. After that we went into the store with the four of us, Maria, and two more uncle escorts. The shop had a good smell in it.

“Mati, thanks for having us.”

Maria called out as we entered the shop, and then from the back,

“Certainly nya!”

a reply from a beastman came back. Soon a little rabbit girl came up carrying some dishes.

“Because it’s all cooked with a lot of steam, the end product is healthy as all the excess oils fall off.”

Mother responded ever-so-slightly to the word ‘healthy’. She loves such words.
The food was some fish and chicken with vegetables. The crepe that it was all bundled together in was delicious.

“What about the lunch for the other escort uncles?”
“Mebett sure is kind. Don’t worry, we have already delivered some bread from the other steamed restaurant so that they can eat while working.”

Maria praised me.
We took a short rest after finishing our meal, but we were soon walking outside again.

“On our left Ellis Finance is currently building a large-scale facility. It should be completed soon, so please do return on that occasion.”

Mr. Marsfield asked Maria what kind of facility it was. Then after Maria took a quick glance back at me, she whispered something to Mr. Marsfield. He said that it sounded fun and couldn’t wait. I wonder what that means.

Next up there was a boutique on our left and a cafe on our right. Both of them were smaller than the ones we have in the capitol, but they looked fashionable. But then I saw a wide-looking building further down the road to my right.

“That is our live house. We actually used the opera house in the Citadel City as a reference when we built it. It’s only a third of the opera house’s size, but it can hold 300 people.”

What’s a live house? But, it doesn’t look like anything is going on right now.
This time a nice smell began wafting through the air.

“This is the Jewelry Box Teahouse that sells Lorenburg tea from Wheat Grace. It is one of the Guardian Dragon’s favorite places.”

Then as if having just realized something, Duke Marsfield started laughing.

“Well well, when you think about it I guess a dragon sitting there enjoying tea is just a sign of how peaceful things are!”

I don’t understand what he means.
There was the bakery that Maria had mentioned earlier on our right. The name seems to be the Warren Specialty Steamed Bread Store. This time the air smelled really sweet.

“This is the Jewelry Box Cake Shop, the first shop that opened here in Cross Town. Their specialty is the Five Colored Steam Cakes.”

Then one of the uncles handed me a basket.

“Mebett, there are cakes insides, so have some for a snack later.”

When I looked inside, there was a line of beautifully colored, soft-looking sweets resting underneath a napkin. I’m looking forward to it.

“Cross Town stops here. From this point on is Lily Garden, so if you could courteously refrain.”

As she explained this to all of us, Maria looked up into the sky.

“Ah, they’re back.  If you’d take a look over there.”

Maria pointed towards the sky to the south, and everyone’s eyes naturally followed. Then, what had started off as a black dot soon became bigger and bigger.
It was the Storm Dragon flying while carrying the Land Dragon in its arms, and the Phoenix dragon was flying next to it. The Land Dragon was slowly dropped on the ground in front of the surprised us. And a voice came with it.

“Apart from Duke Marsfield here, we also have Sir Chaffee welcoming us.”

It was Grandfather Leopold and Grandmother Lux who came down from the Land Dragon’s back. I remember because they visited us when they were in the capitol. The other three were Ms. Katie, Ms. Claire, and the blonde-haired girl.
Next the Phoenix Dragon descended.

“Yo, if it isn’t Duke Marsfield and Sir Chaffee, how you doing?”
“Brother-in-law, Big Sis, how are you?”

Grandpa Ferdinand and Hymel jumped off the back of the Phoenix Dragon. I wonder why the two of them could ride a dragon. Afterwards Ms. Frau descended as well. She was so elegant and beautiful as she fell to her feet.
Finally the Storm Dragon landed as well, and Big Sister Reeve dropped to the ground. Mou, she’s so beautiful I think I’m going to die.

“Sorry for making you wait Mebett, I had to pick up Grandpa Fel and the others.”

Big Sister Reeve stroked my head. I wonder if I should stop washing my hair starting today.

“Alright everybody, let’s take a break here.”

The blonde-haired girl started ordering around all the other older girls again. Annoying. But, because I’m a fine lady who wouldn’t cause a scene here, I put up with it for now and was sent to a town house.

“And so tonight the men will be having dinner and looking for accommodations at Gentleman’s Street while the women are welcome to eat at Lily Garden. What will Hymel be doing?”
“Don’t mess with me Ellis, obviously I’m determined to spend the night at Gentleman’s Street!”

Hm? Hymel seemed somewhat unreliable when I met him before, but he sounds confident and looks a little cool now. He is also calling that little girl without any honorifics. I’m getting a little nervous.


That evening, we left Father and went to the women-only restaurant to the south. There were nine of us including the five Jewelry Box girls, Grandma Lux, Mother, and Maria. We were full of pretty aunts and sisters.

“Reeve, should you show off as a special service?”

That little girl is acting all proud around my big sister. I’m really angry. But Maria went ahead and agreed with her.

“Reeve, if you would.”

Then looking not as annoyed as she probably wanted us to believe, Big Sister rose out of her seat and left the shop.
In the meantime, food was carried out. There was no share for my big sister though. I was getting a little worried.

Ah, the light in the shop suddenly dimmed. But there was one place that remained bright. Mother and I turned our gazes there, towards the person standing there……..
Maria made the introductions for the shop’s customers.

“We have special guests straight from the capitol today, so to celebrate, we will be having Reeve sing specially! I hope everyone else enjoys it as well!”

The inside of the shop was filled with cheers. From various places I could hear people talking about how lucky they were and how they had dreamed about such a chance. But then one voice loudly rang out, and everyone became silent.


I was crying. While Big Sister Reeve was glamorously singing on her own, I looked on and fell in love. My head had gone completely blank.
After she had finished her song, my sister gave us a brilliant bow, and she slyly returned to her seat. Grandmother was wearing a bright smile and Mother sarcastically mentioned how she was as good as ever. And then to my great delight, my big sister asked me for my feedback.

“How was it Mebett?”
“Absolutely wonderful!”

It was the only thing I could say. I wanted to tell her more, but I don’t know the words to describe how I feel. I need to study more.
After the meal we separated from Maria, and all the older girls guided us to our room. I would be staying with Grandmother and Mother. It seems like we’re staying in what was originally a different building that had been connected.


We were then all taken to the baths. Mother and I were surprised. I have never seen such a magnificent bath, even in the capitol. Clean hot water kept flowing in, and the bright bathroom lights were fantastic. Grandmother told us about cleaning off with the hot water before entering the soaking water.
What surprised me next was watching all the older girls washing their dragons with a whistle. I stood behind my big sister and watched her go. She was gently washing the ultramarine flying dragon with her hands while the dragon had a pleased look on his face.

“Are there any places that are itchy Su-chan?”
“Everything’s fine Reeve”

Su-chan? I asked my big sister about it.

“Ah, it’s the name for the Storm Dragon. Mebett, would you like to try washing him too?”

I immediately extended my hand outwards. But when the dragon glared at me, I brought it back out of fear.

“Heh, as expected of Reeve’s niece. I’ll allow you to wash me.”

Su-chan completely melted for me. I’m a little happy.
Meanwhile, the blonde girl was delightedly singing a vulgar song with Ms. Katie. Stupid. Why is such a person with my big sister? I wonder if she is some rich girl or something.


And that night. After being shown the dragons’ beds, we returned to our guest room. Ms. Frau kept some of the lights on for us, and she also told us the location of the toilet. I was surprised at this toilet. It felt good and could become a habit for me. There is apparently another type developed by Ms. Claire that comes with a shower which we’ll be getting as a present. Mother was overjoyed. I’m happy too.
And then good night.


Mother was tired, lying down on a bed for the first time in a long time, and quickly fell asleep. Grandmother fell asleep soon after as well. But I was too excited to sleep. Today was too wonderful of a day. Oh Big Sister, I wonder if you’re still awake. I decided to act like a wanted man for a bit.
As the lights were still lit, I was able to easily move out of my room and quietly crept to Big Sister’s. I quietly took a peek through her door’s keyhole just in case. I’d feel awful if she was already asleep after all.


Big Sister was there sitting on her bed naked. But the situation was somewhat strange.
I could hear her heavy breathing from here. And her face, rather than the gallant look she made during the daytime, it was now fleeting, crying, weak, yet still so pretty. I watched on fascinated.
Then, a small pair of hands came from behind and wrapped around Big Sister’s naked breasts. Big Sister leaked out a voice every time those hands moved. Someone was behind her. One of those hands moved from her breast and to her chin, forcing her face to look to the side. Big Sister was embarrassed, but she did as she was told and turned her head.

“Ah, Mistress…….”

After squeezing out such a voice, Big Sister kissed someone for a long time. That person, it was that pretty blonde girl. And then that girl’s eyes looked up and met with mine.


I couldn’t move. I don’t know why. I couldn’t say anything. My eyes were absolutely captured by the eyes of that other girl and on the sight of her and my Big Sister.
As one hand stayed on Big Sister’s breast, the other one gradually made its way down. Big Sister finally finished her kiss and began staring longingly at the girl. But the girl kept her eyes trained on me as she continued her bullying.
It was beautiful. It was beautiful to see the blonde girl, Ellis, and Big Sister Reeve hug each other. The staggered breathing of the two was pleasant to the ear. I couldn’t move. After Big Sister made a loud scream, she looked completely exhausted. At the same time, I felt myself drifting off, and I quickly fell asleep.



“This child was peeping.”
“I was aware about halfway through.”
“It’s fine. I already used a Sleep ring on her, so help me carry her to her room.”
“Once you get back, it’ll be time for round two. I worked up a lot of stress today and need to work it out.”
“Ah, I’ll be waiting, Mistress.”



The next morning I woke up next to my mother. Was yesterday just a dream?
When we were all called for breakfast, the blonde girl spoke to me.

“Mebett, were you able to sleep well last night?”

When I saw that smile, I was taken captive. Why did I hate Ms. Ellis so much? She’s such a wonderful person.

Ms. Ellis has been kind to me since then. She let me ride on the back of the Land Dragon. She also bought me a beautiful one piece at the boutique. I was so happy that I asked Ellis,

“Ms. Ellis, if it wouldn’t be annoying, could I call you Big Sister Ellis?”
“That’s fine Mebett. You can think of Frau, Claire, and Katie all as your sisters as well.”

I felt my heart soar to the heavens. And then Big Sister Ellis suddenly planted a kiss on my lips, and a shock of electricity ran through my whole body.

“This is our little secret.”

Ellis’s eyes seemed like they were looking right through me, and I couldn’t help but smile as my cheeks burned hot.
Big Sister, I love you!

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