Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 131



Renovation’s End

A few days after the messengers returned to the royal capitol.

“Okay, today’ll be busy from morning on!”

With Ellis’s declaration, the five members of Warren’s Jewelry Box wolfed down their breakfast, and with their dragons in their arms, scattered in different directions.



While carrying Ra-chin on her back, Ellis headed over to Crosstown. Her role was to perform a final check on all the facilities and check with the business owners how things are going. This was to be done for every store that had gone under a major renovation recently.

Her first stop was the boutique. This store, run by Plum, used to mainly sell women’s clothes and other accessories. After the renovation, it has expanded its stock and offers rentals. The store now works under a new name, Masquerade.

“Plum, are the preparations for your store going well?”
“Is that Ellis? Yes, it’s all thanks to your ideas. Thanks to everyone’s cooperation, I was able to prepare a lot of different rental costumes from the most basic of items to a few weird ones. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s grand opening.”

Ellis was relieved at her words, and after waving farewell, headed to a nearby cafe next.


What probably surprised Ellis most during this large-scale redevelopment was the realization that the intrepid young man who had run this cafe until now was actually a crossdressing sister.

“Hello Kaoru, are the preparations for your shop going well?”
“Oh Ellis, everything’s going great. I made sure the snacks I serve don’t overlap with the Steamed Kitchen or the teahouse using some fish stock from the west to make some new pasta dishes. I’m looking forward to what tomorrow will bring.”

The cafe was actually renamed as well to the Pot and Kettle. She wanted to name it Mr. Pot and Ms. Kettle, but that name was a little too on the nose.¹


Ellis kept moving through her inspections with no problems. But, that was just for the redevelopment. From now on was the newly built stores.


Ellis’s next headed to the most northern part of town, right on the edge of Warren. Her first stop was a facility with a flashy signboard hanging on it.

“Machel, is everything ready?”
“Ah, Ellis, hello. Our preparations are finished. The training for all the new assistants is wrapping up as well.”

Machel gave Ellis a friendly answer along with a wink. This was a special casino operating separately from Masters’ Hideaway, Ril Rush.
This casino has twice the amount of space the other one does with a total of eight tables inside–4 Warren Dice tables and 4 Warren Numbers. A counter for a bar was set up in one corner of the building, and assistants will still walk around with drinks like before however the atmosphere is much brighter.

“I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s grand opening Ma’am.”

Machel gave Ellis a bright smile,

“Boss Machel, can you take a look at this?”

when Matilda rushed over and started asking Machel some questions.

“Oh Ellis, pardon me.”
“It’s okay Matilda. Machel should be prioritizing tomorrow’s opening anyway.”
“Then I suppose I’ll do just that Ellis. I’ll be waiting for you tomorrow.”

A good and caring woman, Machel’s subordinates had taken to calling her Boss. Hearing these kinds of stories was fun for Ellis.


The next stop was a newly built pub located right next to the casino. The two co-owners were Maron and Makoto, a pair of friends who were acquainted with Plum and Kaoru. And as you’d expect, they were also transvestites. The name of their pub was Trans Happy.

“How are the preparations going Maron, Makoto?”

Ellis’s voice brought a smile to the two’s faces, and they began excitedly explaining how everything was going in preparation for tomorrow. Once they were finished, they both expressed their thanks to her once again.

“Without your suggestions and funding, we would have never found such a prime location. We really can’t show you how appreciative we are.”
“It’s fine, you’ll earn plenty of money taking advantage of Plum’s rental boutique. By the way, how is the show coming along?”

Makoto laughed. “Tomorrow’s going to be the grand opening, so we’ll provide you a colorful stage filled with beautiful boys and girls.”

That’s how it is. Just as there are many good cooks with renowned skills in the gachihomos and the fashionable gays have superb bartenders, there were also many talented singers and dancers among the transvestites who were often overlooked.

“I’ll be sure to come tomorrow. Leave a seat open for me.”
“We’ll be sure to always leave some VIP seats for all the members of the Jewelry Box.”

Ellis then started on her way to the men’s only area, looking forward to tomorrow’s show.



This was Master’s Hideaway.

“Welcome Ellis. The construction finished without a hitch. How about it? It has quite the good atmosphere now right?”

One of the main reason’s why the game room in Master’s Hideaway was moved to it’s own building was so that this store could truly become men-only. This place now consists mainly of sofas along with low, box tables and a stage on one end. It was the so-called grand cabaret style. The tip system’s been abolished, and the workers here are careful not to bring up the matter of payment too forcefully. The indoor connection to Dandy’s Shangri-la is the same though. The only difference now is that men would be able to converse with the women before and after playing in paradise.
There are two rooms prepared in the back. The first is a place where the council and each guild could entertain VIP guests if they so chose. After some discussion it was decided that the second room would contain another Warren Numbers table where the Gachis could play with guest as well if they wanted.

“It looks like everything’s moving along nicely Margherita. Well, I’ll never be coming back here again though.”

An impish smile floated across Margherita’s face.

“I don’t know, perhaps there might be a time in the future where we will just have to abduct you into the back room there ourselves.”
“Please spare me.”

The two shared a hearty laugh as Ellis made her way out the store.


When Ellis arrived home, the other four had just returned as well.

Reeve had made one final check with the Merchant Guild to make sure that the registration for all the new stores had been finished correctly.
Frau made the rounds to all the restaurants and cafes, confirming everyone’s finalized menus. She also checked with Trans Happy about their future delivery procedure.
Claire worked with Flint today, inspecting the continued construction of some new stores in the men’s only district.
Katie consulted with each member of the Thieves’ Guild who was in charge of the shows going on at the live house, Trans Happy, and the Hideaway and helping them make any need adjustments.

The day had gone by as each member worked through their own different important tasks .

“Since the Lily Garden restaurant got some new fish dishes, let’s eat there tonight.”

All that was left was for them to enjoy the evening.



Meanwhile, at the Adventurer’s Guild.

“The hell did you say!? Explain it Properly!”

The Hero Gray had foam forming at the corners of his mouth, showing a terribly threatening attitude to Helen behind the reception desk. Gise was standing right beside him, giving the receptionist a glare of his own.
But without losing to either of the men’s hostile attitudes, Helen fired back.

“My apologies, but we don’t know the reason. The guild only manages the labyrinths; we don’t own or operate it!”

Yes, Wight Labyrinth’s entrance has finally disappeared. The Hero was now completely unable to acquire the item necessary to kill the Demon Lord that was spoken about in God’s revelation.
Gise managed to calm himself down and asked a follow-up question.

“So Miss, is this the first time something like this has ever happened?”
“Actually no, the Demon Labyrinth, Warren’s most dangerous labyrinth, also had its entrance disappear. The guild performed an investigation, but the cause is still unknown.”
“What do we do Gise? Now we have no way to fight the Demon Lord.”
“Calm down Gray. There’s no guarantee that that revelation was correct in the first place.”

It makes sense. In God’s revelation, the Hero should have obtained the item after exploring Wight Labyrinth. But after several thorough searches, that item was nowhere to be found.

“It might be in another labyrinth Gray. Let’s travel around and explore all the advanced labyrinths that are nearby. This also means that we no longer have a reason to bring those three idiots to Warren, so let’s just give it up for today.”

Rather than wasting his time having a pointless discussion here, Gise would much rather have a cup of tea, no, he would much rather see Aiful’s radiant face.

“I suppose, there’s no other way.”

Gray’s shoulders dropped, but he obediently left the Adventurer’s Guild alongside Gise.
Gise left afterwards heading to the Teahouse while Gray slumped off in the opposite direction, making a reservation with Marilyn.



Meanwhile at the Demon Lord’s castle.

“Hey, Berunal”
“What is it Master?”
“Why are you sitting there?”

Berunal had been sitting on the Demon Lord’s lap, both her hands rubbing the Demon Lord’s neck.

“Sorry about that.”

Berunal rose up off of the Demon Lord’s lap, but she remained by his side, giving him an innocent enough look.

“Well, tomorrow Warren’s having some kind of special event. What do you want?”
“Master has a reservation at the baths right?”
“I don’t have to confirm something like that.”
“Please take me along.”
“So that’s it. You won’t cry again?”
“It’ll be fine. I’ll win ten million ril this time for sure.”
“Oi, get rid of that way of thinking. Keep it at 1 million, the same as before.”
“……….yes Master.”

For some reason, the position between these two had been completely reversed.


Well, everyone’s looking forward to tomorrow!

1. So it’s a pun here. The Japanese words for pot and kettle are nabe and kama. Meanwhile the Japanese word for a transman is onabe and the Japanese word for a transwoman is okama, so it’s just a one letter difference there.

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