Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 130



Berunal Vs. Demon Lord

Alongside a crying Berunal there was also the neatly dressed Lady Bluegreen sitting in an adjacent chair comforting her.
The Demon Lord had a hard time swallowing the situation.

“Mr. Straw Hat, your friend is waiting right over there.”

The Demon Lord felt a silent pressure coming from all the women in the store. He was able to understand that the ‘friend’ the worker was talking about was Berunal. What he wasn’t able to understand was the noticeable coldness coming from her words. The Demon Lord decided to put that to the side for a moment and talk to Berunal first.

“What’s happened Berunal, why are you crying? How about the beautiful lady over here, could you tell me why this girl is crying? You could call me her guardian.”

The fact that the man with the straw hat was the Demon Lord is a secret known by the members of Warren’s Jewelry Box, so Reeve never bothered asking for any explanations from him. Instead she obediently gave a light explanation of what happened.

She told him about how the girl had lost a lot of money in the VIP room and left, only to return looking bright and joyful. About a half an hour after that, she lost all of her money all over again. She was left stunned, and then she started crying.
Reeve took the ‘Rosen Princess’ out of the room to try and calm her down. Unfortunately no matter what she asked, Berunal would just keep crying and respond, “Master’s going to yell at me!” That was probably why all the eyes of the women inside the store seemed to be so cold to him.

The whole story made the Demon Lord wonder. It was clear that Beruiel had changed after becoming a women and becoming Berunal. At the very least, he wasn’t the type of guy to break down and start crying.

“Thanks beautiful lady. I’m Berudeus. Would you mind telling me your name as well?”

“I’m Reeve, a citizen of this city. By the way, the ril that this girl has lost can’t be refunded since it was done in a fair game. Will that cause any problems?”

“Ah, I can’t just ask for the money back that was fairly gambled away. Well, thanks for playing with this girl until now.”

Reeve was honestly impressed watching the Demon Lord try and comfort the still crying Berunal by stroking the top of her head. You’d think a Demon Lord wouldn’t act so casually with a subordinate who had just lost 1.8 million ril.

“Yosh Berunal, nothing else needs to be said, so let’s go home for now.”

“Master, sorry, sorry”

The Demon Lord wrapped his arm around the apologetic Berunal’s shoulders and took her hand in his before respectfully bowing to Reeve.

“You’ve taken care of my subordinate until I arrived. Thank you.”

Reeve was impressed once again. She hadn’t expected him to be the type of guy to be able to so sincerely say ‘Thank you’.

The Demon Lord then made his way out of the store, holding Berunal gently in his arms. The dignity and care he took made all the previously cold looks from the women turn warm.


The Demon Lord took Berunal and returned to his castle. After taking a seat on his throne, he looked down at Berunal who was weakly standing before him.

“Hey, Berunal”
“………. Yes, Master”

Aiya, this girl was still referring to him as Master. She’s lost her mind. The Demon Lord pressed forward trying to not let the little things bother him.

“Why were you crying back there?”

Berunal looked surprised. She stopped quietly staring at her feet and finally looked up into the Demon Lord’s eyes, but no words would come out.

“It’s fine already, so speak honestly. I won’t get angry.”

Berunal finally opened her mouth after the assurance.
“It’s because I lost the 800,000 ril Master gave me after only half an hour.”

The Demon Lord had figured it was something like that. Still, it was clear that Berunal was far more emotional that Beruiel was. Those humans probably saw her as an easy mark.

“And why were you with that one Lady Bluegreen girl?”

Berunal replied, wiping her runny nose.

“She brought me out of that beast’s nest and tried comforting me. Honestly, I did feel a little better after she kept insisting that Master would forgive me.”

“Hmm. That girl’s pretty nice,” the Demon Lord thought to himself.

In the emantime, Berunal was still crying while wrapping herself up in her own crimson dress.

“I’ll win next time, I’ll win, so please forgive me Master……..”

Ah, the Demon Lord was able to understand that this girl had gone ahead and already created a goal for herself. She’s more focused on winning than actually getting back the money she had lost. So, the Demon Lord decided to bully her a little.

“Oi, Berunal”
“Yes, Master”
“You owe me a debt.”
“Oi, you owe me.”
“So then, how are you going to pay me back?”

Berunal’s complexion started to change.

“I’ll loot some of the neighboring villages.”
“Idiot. Anything you loot from a village is mine to begin with.”
“Well then, I’ll win it back.”
“You mean like the funds you were going to win back in the last game?”
“Berunal, you mean like the funds you were going to win back in the last game?”
“Berunal, how about I buy your time?”


“Berunal, would you step on me?”
“I will consider the 1.8 million ril debt gone if you step on me.”

His words caused Berunal to shut down.

“Can I get another 1.8 million ril if I step on you twice?”

And Berunal took this farther than the Demon Lord intended. Still, her words served to convince the Demon Lord. After Beruiel turned into a woman, he misplaced a couple of screws during the process. And now as a gambling addicted woman, her thought process was becoming erratic and her values were becoming skewed.
At the same time, some strange feeling were beginning to well up inside the Demon Lord when it came to Berunal. It was a rough and sweet feeling, completely different from how he felt for Margherita.

The Demon Lord once again looked over Berunal’s face.
While crying her black hair had become disheveled, and her pottery white skin shined beneath the tears. Her dark eyes had become as swollen red as her worn out dress that left part of her chest completely exposed. The hem of her dress stopped just short of her dainty ankles, but what was most adorable to him were the two clenched fists that seemed to be enduring.


“Berunal, come over here.”
Berunal did as the Demon Lord commanded and walked to his side.


“Berunal, sit here.”
Berunal once again did as she was told, lowering her waist and taking a seat on the Demon Lord’s lap.


“Berunal, look this way.”
Berunal moved her tear-stricken face over to the Demon Lord as she was commanded. Her red, swollen, dark eyes looked into the Demon Lord’s. A single clear bead of water worked its way down her nose, falling across her blood red lips.
It was beautiful.
The Demon Lord involuntarily moved his lips towards hers, and enjoyed a long, deep kiss.

After a while, the Demon Lord silently lifted Berunal into his arms and took her to his bedroom, throwing her onto his bed.

“If you resist Berunal, I’ll kill you.”

“Yes, Master”

The Demon Lord slowly ripped off what remained of her dress, and Berunal bared herself to the Demon Lord.


This time, it was the Demon Lord who pelted Berunal with a barrage of insults, and she obediently accepted them all.
When everything was done, Berunal had left a long scar on the Demon Lord’s back just as the Demon Lord had left a mark on her as well.

“Ah, it looks like Berudeus went out with the Demon Lord.”
“We, what should we do from now on?”
“I’m going to go find those claws.”
“I don’t wanna fight the Demon Lord or that Hero.”
“I’m going to go eat some humans.”
“I want to have some fun with some human females.”
“Well I’ll just torture some males.”
“I can’t say any of that sounds bad.”
“Ah, we can only say that cause we haven’t lost to the Hero yet.”
“So long as we keep stealing more ril for the army, nobody’ll complain.”
“We seriously have a happy, enjoyable life here.”
“Ah, if we move our armies, we might end up like Zavnat. It’s better to just play around and make small moves.”
“Right, for now we can relax and spend our time attacking, torturing, bedding, murdering, or eating any humans we come across.”
“Going out just sounds bothersome.”
“I’m just going to go out and stretch my power a bit. You want to come too?”
“Yeah, that sounds like it’ll be fun.”
“Oh, well then, everyone enjoy your exciting lives.”

On this day, all of the Demon Generals were released from Berunal’s bondage, and were able to spend their days doing whatever they wanted again.

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