Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 147


I’m going to go ahead and put a mature content warning on this chapter.


Okama, Onabe, and the Shitty Old Man

Teaser Eel. That’s the nickname held by Ferdinand Lorenburg, previous head to the Lorenburg family and father to Wheat Grace’s current feudal lord Leopold. The name comes in two parts. ‘Teaser’ is shortened from ‘tea seller’, an acknowledgment of how he had made Lorenburg tea so widely known during his time as head of the Lorenburg family. As for the ‘Eel’ part, that was because he turned into a slippery, shitty old man that nobody can ever manage to get a firm hold on whenever he goes gambling. There were others who just sarcastically called him ‘Grandpa Eel’ as well.
Lord Ferdinand lives in Wheat Grace, but he also held a certain status in Warren’s Merchant Guild thanks to his position as an adviser to Warren’s live house. In order to have an easier time traveling between the two cities, he reworked the highway popularly referred to as ‘Vegetable Road’; specifically the relay stations that carriages had to stop at for maintenance during the two day journey. Until now you had to change carriages once every twelve hours, for a total of four carriage changes over the two days. He talked to Warren and Wheat Grace’s Merchant Guilds and convinced them to build extra relay stations, meaning travelers now switched carriages every three hours instead. With this, the horses could put more energy into pulling the carriages, traveling faster and shortening the travel time to a day and a half. In addition, simple rest facilities and cafeterias were set up in the relay stations due to a request from the leaders of some nearby villages. Here the farmers would be allowed to sell some of their crops directly at the relay stations, scoring them a little extra money.

In addition, this old man was able to easily return home thanks to Frau and Fe-rin being willing to give him a ride when he needed it. Thanks to all this, the Teaser Eel was able to move freely between Warren and Wheat Grace without issue.
On a side note the granddaughter who had so lovingly called him ‘Grandpa Fel’ not that long ago had recently taken to just calling him ‘old man’ behind his back. Girls in their rebellious phases sure are cruel.
That granddaughter took things a step further though, deciding to give her grandfather some strong and expensive alcohol in a scheme to strip him of everything he owned. It’s exactly what you’d expect from that old man’s granddaughter.

This was the casino Ril Rush. Finally released from her never-ending meeting spree with Ellis, Reeve strode into the building filled with confidence.
Her Grandpa Fel was there just as she had hoped, currently enjoying himself with a little lively banter with some of the assistants at a games table. The other players gathered at the table were all looking relatively relaxed as well meaning they were probably just tourists here for a little fun.
Reeve sat down at a nearby counter and waited for her moment. Her purpose now was to strip that old man of the shirt off his back, so the other players would all need to be veterans as well.

“Grandpa Eel! Today’s the day I make you cry!” and sure enough, eventually the veterans gathered.

“Hahaha, you’re not the first person to say that to me,” the old man laughed, patting his assistant on the butt while flipping her a chip as a tip while switching over to the thousand ril game table. Reeve stood up at the same time he did, trading her counter seat for one at a game table. She did her best to put on the smile of a loving granddaughter as she came close to the old man. “Grandpa Fel, I visited Skycastle the other day, so I went ahead and bought Grandpa a present,” Reeve said coolly while pulling out several ceramic bottles from her bag.

“Hoh, and did you choose them out yourself? Ree-boy”

“Ah, I made my decision while properly asking for Frau’s opinion. I didn’t know what Grandpa would like.”

“As I should expect from my granddaughter, you made a really good choice. This type of alcohol is a favorite among the experts in Skycastle. I’m sure it was expensive though.”

“Yes, but I just love you so much. So I splurged a little. Now, how about having a taste and then we can enjoy a game together?”

Lord Ferdinand’s eyes were shining.

“All right, let’s do this! Come sit next to me Ree-boy. Oiii, Machel, I need two glasses over here.”

“Ah, no, I……..” Reeve quickly became flustered trying to turn down the offer, but Ferdinand kept smiling as if he hadn’t noticed.

“Now now, it’s nice enjoying a fun game with my cute granddaughter every once in a while. Consider this a humble request from an old man.”

Just like that Reeve’s expectations were completely thrown off, and everything began moving at the old man’s pace.
The old man wouldn’t pour a drop of alcohol into his own glass unless Reeve’s was full as well. On the other hand, warning bells were going off in Reeve’s head, letting her know that drinking any more than this would really cause her to lose it. The schemer was drowning under her own scheme. She was stuck.
And then, in came Berunal dragging the Demon Lord with her into the casino.

“Master, I want to play a game.”

“Then I’ll go put in a reservation.”

Berunal walked further in wearing her usual sexy clothes coupled with her childish smile.

“Yo Rosen Princess, it’s been a while,” several voices from this way and that began calling out to her as she walked by. Each of them were coming from older men. She may have heard their voices or she may have not, either way she would have reacted the same, immediately walking towards a woman she recognized.
That woman was the Lady Bluegreen whose figure she would recognize anywhere.

“Big Sis, please play with me today too.”

It was obvious just by looking at the two that Berunal was older, but for some reason she had taken to calling Reeve that. Before Reeve could give an answer however, Berunal started sniffing around.

“That smells really delicious,” she finally whispered to herself upon discovering Reeve’s glass of alcohol. Her words didn’t get by Ferdinand who promptly asked the assistant to grab another glass.

“Rosen Princess, would you like a cup?” the old man asked while holding out the already filled cup to Berunal.

Taking the cup in hand, Berunal excitedly stared at the amber colored liquid inside. She brought the cup to her lips, allowing the drink to slowly roll over her tongue to savor the taste as she downed the glass.

“Mr. Teaser Eel, it’s really delicious,” Berunal happily replied with both hands still wrapped around the glass and a smile spread across her face.

“Oi Ree-boy, don’t you think you’ve drank too much and can’t really play anymore? How about we go have some fun somewhere else?”

The old man turned Reeve’s way and asked a question making it very clear he was only going to accept one answer. He then turned back around and invited Berunal as well.

“Princess too, would you like to enjoy a different type of gambling today? You’ll be able to drink have some delicious alcohol too.”

“If we are going to have some delicious alcohol, I’d like some delicious cookies to go with it.”

“All right, sounds like a plan! Machel, settle up my chips.”

As he asked the head assistant Machel to exchange all of his chips, the old man put what remained of his bottle of alcohol into his knapsack. He wrapped his right arm around his granddaughter who was fruitlessly trying to object while wrapping his left arm around the Rosen Princess who was looking forward to having some fun, and the group of three left the store. The other veteran players left at the table all rose up and liquidated their chips as well. Every single one of them was giddy with anticipation thinking, “Something fun is going to happen.”

The old man’s destination turned out to be Trans Happy.

“Yo Maron, Makoto, Ree-boy gave me some good alcohol today, so let’s drink together! We picked up some sweets from the cake shop while we were at it.”

“This shitty old man’s clearly played here before,” Frau mumbled shocked to see how familiar her Grandpa Fel was with the shop. Then,

“Welcome Ferdinand. Please entertain us today as well,” Maron greeted them with a beautiful smile.

Entertain us’ Reeve started to have a bad feeling about this. Normally wouldn’t the phrase be, ‘enjoy yourself’? What was Maron talking about?

“Now now, we should begin with a toast,” the old man laughed while pulling the bottle back out of his knapsack, putting what remained of the bottle down onto one of the store’s tables. He then pulled out a couple of different dried fruits, one of Wheat Grace’s specialty products. Maron and Makoto looked between the bottle and fruit.

“The alcohol is a souvenir from Ree-boy when she visited Sky Castle. My granddaughter’s husband is apparently going to start trading this stuff with Warren, so I thought we could try getting used to the taste before the two of them get here later. Strong drinks like this are perfect for dried fruits and baked sweets.”

“Hold on a moment Grandpa Fel, what are you talking about?”

“Huh? Gurre’s husband wants to run a few experiments concerning regular carriage rides between the two cities, so he and Gurre are heading to Warren. Bizon’s husband sent a message through Marsfield and Warren to Wheat Grace about it. Didn’t you know?”

In truth, Stewart had grown a keen interest in regular carriage rides between Warren and Skycastle thanks to Ellis’s suggestions, so he was personally travelling to Warren in order to more appropriately calculate the cost of the trip and how long it would take. He should actually be arriving any day now. Maria had already told Ellis all of this, and Ellis had in turn passed the information down to the other four girls. So, up until right now, that was all Reeve had heard. She had never been told anything about her most terrifying sister come along with him.
Reeve sobered right up.

“Hey Grandpa, if Big Sister Gurre were to find out I’m drinking like this, what do you think is going to happen to me?”

“Beats me. We won’t find out until she gets here.”

The irresponsible reply from this old man was only make Reeve more troubled, but before she could say anything more Berunal blocked her mouth with some baked goods.

“It’s delicious Big Sister,” Berunal happily proclaimed while chewing on her own crispy sweet.

“You’re right, we’ll just think about it when it happens,” Reeve decided to not think about it as well. Afterwards Su-chan poked his head out from atop Reeve’s chest.

“Reeve, I want a drink too.”

“Do dragons drink alcohol?”

“It’s not like we need it, but I like the taste. It’s troublesome to drink when I’m like this though,” Su-chan explained while gliding over to the table. He nudged one of the cups with his head before starting to tap his wing against the table.
Maron was a little surprised at first, but she was a pro. She quickly prepared a saucer on their table and filled it up with alcohol. Su-chan plunged his whole head into the drink, sucking up a mouthful of alcohol before pulling his head back out of the saucer and swallowing his swill. It was cute, like watching a little woodpecker bobbing its head back and forth in the water.
While enjoying the sight of Su-chan in his lovely form for a while, everyone enjoyed sipping on their expensive alcohol while munching on snacks. Oh, and of course the alcohol was quite strong as well. So everyone was starting to feel quite good about themselves. Meanwhile up on stage a row of male transvestites wearing extravagant clothing were having a grand time singing and dancing, building a paradise atmosphere.

“This place is slowly starting to warm up.”

Those simple words from the old man brought up a strange reaction from the okama Maron and the onabe Makoto.

“Should we make our way up then?”

“I’m ready to go.”

“Let’s get ready.”

Leaving the others out of their conversation, Ferdinand, Maron, and Makoto all shared a nod before disappearing backstage, leaving Reeve, Berunal, and Su-chan behind. Berunal had a wide grin spread across her face as she continued rotating sweets, dried fruits, and alcohol to be shoveled into her mouth while Su-chan asked Reeve to use {Change Human} to turn him into his human-form Revatein so that he could share a toast with Berunal. With that Reeve was left on her own.
Suddenly, all the lights inside the store went dark except for the stage which became as bright as day. The voice of the emcee then filled the air.

“We have a very special treat for everyone here today, so please, put your hands together for this Trans Happy special!”

As the emcee’s voice faded away, the store’s interior was dyed with some primitive-sounding drums. It was a simple yet dynamic beat that really got the heart pumping for everyone who heard it.
Three dancers hopped up on stage at the same time. There were Maron, Makoto, and………that Teaser Eel old man.
The question was about what the three of them were wearing. Each of the three were wearing different colored bras, and on their nether regions was a large phallic pipe nearly a meter in length. It was a so-called penis case attached to flesh-colored underwear. At the end of the phallis was a small ring with a string attached that connected to a necklace around their necks to keep the phallis pulled upright. They weren’t wearing any other clothes besides that. The three of them started excitedly dancing on stage just like that with the old man performing his own trademark wild dance he always called ‘Elephant Fever’.

With their clothes like that hiding their breasts and their and/or penis, it was impossible to tell which ones were men and which ones were women. This no-holds barred dancing excited a lot of people in the store, and especially after seeing how lively Ferdinand was the first time he had stopped by, it had become a famous event for Trans Happy. The boutique Masquerade ended up immediately securing some of these padded bras and penis cases to be sold to all the interested parties. Which all lead to right now.
One after another the store’s regulars put on their own bras and cases that were stocked in the shop and jumped up on stage as well. The stage quickly turned to chaos.
Before anyone knew it, the Rosen Princess was up on stage as well, dancing with a rose-colored bra and penis case that Maron thought suited her voluptuous body. Dancing beside her was Su-chan, who still looked almost exactly like Reeve, not wearing any clothes at all since her human-form had no sex organs to begin with.
It was all an extremely life-like, never-ending nightmare. Reeve was left completely unable to follow along with what was happening, staying in her little dimension seperate from everything that was going on around her.

Along with one other person.

“What the hell is going on………”

After making a reservation with Margherita, the Demon Lord had entered the store looking to pick up Berunal, but after taking three steps inside, he hesitated for only a second before turning around and promptly leaving.


Warren has two ‘lucky events’ guaranteed to bring great fortune for any who get the chance to see them.
The first is if you are ever so lucky to be dining at Lily Garden’s restaurant and get to hear Lady Bluegreen sing for you.
The other is to see the Rosen Princess’s majestic dance at Freedom Promenade’s Trans Happy.


As the night progressed the party cooled down, and everyone separated to return to their respective homes.
After asking the people in the store to help her change out of the weird bra and penis case outfit and thanking them for that help, the Demon Lord took the slightly floaty Berunal to his castle. But the Demon Lord was quite weak to Berunal whenever she was like this. He thought it was quite natural though to want to bully a woman when she was all floaty and sloppily drunk like this.

“Try taking care of yourself just once,” the Demon Lord muttered underneath his breath before ripping off the clothes she had just bought and making her scream all night long.



“So you had a lot of fun today then?”

“Miss, do I smell like alcohol?”



“It’s fine. Just be prepared to move until all that alcohol works it’s way out of you.”

That night in the mansion, seeing Reeve’s slightly flushed face stimulated Ellis’s sadism as well. By the time morning came Reeve had screamed much more than usual.

Chapter 146

Chapter 148

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