Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 157



The Fifth Victim

A great chance.
The last time Mebett visited the mansion, she was with her mother and grandmother. Back then she was also wary of Ellis as it was their first time meeting, but right now Mebett wouldn’t leave Ellis’s side.
Ellis had already suggested that Bizon and Gurre ‘try having fun with the nightlife in Freedom Promenade as well’.

Mebett had already told her mother and aunt in the afternoon about how she wanted to spend time with her ‘Big Sisters’, and the two adult women would naturally want to stretch their wings considering everything that’s happened. Ellis tried to use that.

“You just have to visit Masquerade and Trans Happy as well. Why not go there for dinner after enjoying a bath. I will give you a key to our door, so you can go directly to your rooms when you come back. We’ll be sure to watch Mebett while you’re gone.”

Bizon and Gurre couldn’t find it in their hearts to turn down Ellis’s offer.

“Mebett, Mother is just going out with her sister for a bit.”

“Mebett, I’m just going to borrow your mother for a little while.”

“Yes Mother, Aunt Gurre, see you later.”

And so after enjoying the hot water baths of Lily Garden, the two sisters went back out into Freedom Promenade.
The two women wouldn’t return for a while. Ellis chuckled to herself like she had just won some game. And standing beside her was the adorable girl with light brown hair tied up into two bunches and similarly colored light brown eyes that Ellis was now in charge of watching.



That night at the dinner table. Frau was sitting on Ellis’s left, Katie on her right, Reeve was sitting in front of her with Claire in the seat to Reeve’s left. So far the seat to the right of Reeve had remained vacant, but Mebett was now sitting there as if it were natural. But Mebett was still just six years old, so it was a simple matter for her to cut through the houses’s unwritten laws.

“Don’t you ever change seats?”

Katie was all too ready to jump onto this bandwagon. She was the only one of the Jewelry Box girls who was dissatisfied with her seat. That was because Frau made the meals and was always helping Ellis with her food, so Katie spent most of dinnertime looking at the back of Ellis’s head.

“That’s right nya, regular seat changes are a must nya.”

However the other three girls were satisfied with their seats, so even the idea of switching was ridiculous. Although for Mebett, the seat she had taken was the one furthest from Ellis that shared Katie’s problem of having to look mostly at the back of Ellis’s head. For her, any other seat would be better than this one.

“If you want to switch, then switch with someone else who wants to,” Reeve muttered.

“That’s right. It’s important to have free choice,” Claire continued. And then Frau finished with the sharpest stab of all.

“If you’d like to switch seats Katie, I’m sure Mebett would be willing.”

“No, that doesn’t make sense nya.”

Katie was quick to try and change the subject, but Ellis was currently crazy about lolis and thought it was a good idea.

“Yeah, Mebett, come on over here. Katie, switch her seats.”

Nobody can disobey Ellis’s instructions. So Katie, albeit reluctantly, switched seats with Mebett. The three other girls were all relieved, but two of them would end up regretting their words.
Ellis completely adores Mebett. And now with the switch, Frau was stuck looking at the back of Ellis’s head like Katie was before. And Claire’s seat had suddenly become the worst seat at the table. On the other hand, Katie could be described as quite lucky now that she was able to enjoy Ellis’s bright expression as she talked with Mebett.



And so, the six girls all finished their supper and moved to the baths with the dragons. And once again Ellis was getting excited.

“Mebett, do you want me to help take off your clothes?”

“Big Sister, I can take off my clothes by myself. But, I want you to help me take them off.”

Mebett tried retaining some of her dignity by insisting she could do things on her own, yet she still entrusted herself to Ellis and allowed her to do whatever she wanted.
Ellis took her time pulling off each piece of clothing. Each button on Mebett’s cute blouse was its own event before pulling back the sleeves. Her lovely skirt was pulled down slowly, and Mebett raised her arms up high so that Ellis could pull up her white tank top. Finally was just the panties.

“Big Sister Ellis, this is really embarrassing,” Mebett’s cheeks had gone a vibrant crimson noticing Ellis’s gaze.

Ellis’s head had risen to the clouds, so she hastily coughed to try and regain her senses.

“Mistress, Mebett is going to catch a cold.”

Reeve’s bitter tone caused Ellis’s senses to return to her completely, so with Ra-chin in her right hand and Mebett’s hand in her left, Ellis entered the bath. The other four girls grew depressed thinking about the future. Meanwhile the dragons really didn’t care about such things, so they all walked over and started fighting over the hot spot in the tub like usual.

Ellis enjoyed washing Mebett’s back so much she decided to wash the rest of Mebett as well using plenty of soap. Ellis’s excitement rose more and more when she heard Mebett’s innocent giggles from how ticklish it was.

“Let’s go to bed early tonight.”

Ellis spoke to herself quietly enough that nobody else heard her as she finished washing herself quicker than normal.

“Mebett, do yo want to sleep in my room with me tonight?”

“I’d love to Big Sister!”

Ellis took Mebett over to her room before the other four girls had even finished their own baths.
The other girls’ depression hit an all-time low.



Mebett moved around the bed a bit. The way it swayed felt nice. And then, Mebett turned to Ellis and asked her something with a look as if she had finally come to a decision.

“Big Sister……..”

“Mebett? What is it?”

“Um………I…….could you do to me what you did to Big Sister Reeve?”

And there it was. Ellis had dug her own grave.
Ellis adored Mebett with all her heart. She was really cute, and Ellis wanted to cuddle up with her like a fluffy teddy bear.
But that was it. It’s not like she was looking for a relationship like what she already had with Reeve and the others.

“Is it no good, Big Sister………”

“Okay um, when Mebett becomes a woman, I’ll think about it.”

“When is that going to be?”

“When you become able to have children.”

“I understand, Big Sister.”

“For tonight I’ll hug you, so come get some rest.”

Ellis gently held Mebett close. Mebett meanwhile wrapped her arms around Ellis’s back and buried her face into Ellis’s chest.
And after a few moments, Mebett drifted off into her dreams.

“Cute, so cute”

Ellis decided to enjoy this warm, cuddly ball of joy all night, praising herself for having mastered the essence of loli love. But……….




Katie’s strangled cried began echoing inside the mansion.
Next, a quiet voice began coming out from the Howling Plush Toy Ellis kept at her bedside.

“Mistress, do you no longer need me……………?”

And then someone began knocking on her door. A thin voice no louder than a mosquito’s buzzing reached Ellis’s ear.

“Ellis, aren’t you going to bully me tonight?”

And finally Ra-chin’s voice echoed inside Ellis’s mind.

“Oi Ellis, Claire is down here crying next to Pi-tan’s bed. Also, Katie is really noisy, so can you take care of this?”


Ellis carefully climbed out of bed to avoid waking up Mebett.

And then she walked over to the doll,
“Just you wait because I’m going to torment you tonight,”

And then she walked over to the door,
“If pig women want to be fed, they should patiently wait in their room.”

She then moved downstairs, and receiving a bitter look from next to Pi-tan’s bed,
“Please wait for me in your room,”
and gently asked for patience.

“All right then, I suppose I should start by shutting up that stupid cat.”

And so, the night’s normal activities started up.
White screamed out, Blue moaned, Red writhed around, and Black flew up to heaven.



At around that time Bizon and Gurre returned back. Ellis was just finishing up, so she went over to the other house to greet them.

“Welcome back Gurre, Bizon. Don’t worry, Mebett is sleeping in my room with me tonight.”

The two women were wondering what such a young girl like Ellis was doing awake this late into the night, but they had such a fun time at Trans Happy that they didn’t ponder on the thought for too long and just gave Ellis a smile. After that the three of them wished each other good night and made their way back to their rooms.

“Now then”

Ellis giddily returned to her room, this time knowing for sure she’d be able to enjoy her small, warm human teddy bear all night long. Just as Ellis was about to climb back into bed, Mebett whispered,

“Big Sisters, I love you all.”

Ellis hugged Mebett closer and tighter than before as she slowly drifted off to sleep.

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