Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 158




The vacant lot behind the Workshop Guild.
The girls brought Mebett here with their dragons sticking close.

“It’s finished Ellis.”

After a short wait Claire came out from the guild building with a tiny Pi-tan on her head and something small in her hands.
It was a small doll and a ring. Ellis took the ring from Claire and then slid it on Mebett’s thumb.

“If the ring starts to get tight, move it to your middle finger instead.”

“I understand Big Sister Ellis.”

Claire then put down the small doll in the middle of the lot. The doll was a brilliant, pale gold, and its shape resembled that of a fully grown Chaos Dragon. Claire then turned back around and gave Mebett a few instructions.

“Mebett, send your thoughts through that ring to the doll the same way you would Mogemoge-kun.”

“I understand Big Sister Claire.”

Mebett covered the ring on her left hand with her right, the {Command Golem} spell silently echoing in her mind. Thereupon the doll began to glow in a pale light and slowly grew bigger.


The girls’ voices echoed. It looked just like a slightly slimmer Pi-tan. It was about half Pi-tan’s size, but it still stood at over three meters in height.
Mebett dumbfoundedly stared at the dragon as she mentally sent over an action. Following her thoughts, the dragon slowly began to walk. Mebett turned back towards Claire who was looking at her with a smile.

“How is it? I’ve named this child Mechanized Dragon Shaped Golem-kun Made from Big, Hard, and Shiny Dark Mithril.”

Claire was still awful at naming things, so Ellis cut into her presentation.

“Make it shorter. Wouldn’t shortening it to just Mechanized Dragon be better?”

Ignoring Claire’s complaints, Ellis went ahead and renamed the golem. She then turned to Mebett.

“Mebett, from now on use this dragon to protect yourself.”

“Yes, thank you!”

Ra-chin spoke up and asked Claire from Ellis’s back.
“Hey Claire, is Mebett’s spirit linked to that toy dragon now?”

“Mhm, they were connected just now.”

Su-chan followed up with a question from Reeve’s chest.
“Do you have any weapons Mebett?”

But Mebett naturally shook her head.
“Nothing right now. But if this is made from Dark Mithril, maybe it’ll give me some magical abilities I can use as a weapon? Or else I thought I could just rely on Ellis.”

“Hmm. If it’s made of Dark Mithril then probably.”
Fe-rin whispered over towards Claire and Pi-tan who were both making strange faces.

“Was that idiot dragon even any help to you in there Claire? I’d expect not from that has-been Metal Eater.”
From around Katie’s neck Ah-nyan tried to pick a useless fight with the Chaos Dragon.

“Who’s an idiot dragon!? Hey, oh!?”
Pi-tan looked like he was about to fight back, but then it looked like he suddenly remembered something. He turned back towards Ra-chin.

“So you finally noticed? Ellis, can you put me down?”

“What’s up Ra-chin?”

“Well, just wait a sec.”

When Ra-chin was lowered to the ground, the other dragons all came down as well and gathered around him. The dragons then had a little meeting.

“All right then we’ve all decided. Mebett, have the Mechanized Dragon lie down there for a bit.”

Following Ra-chin’s instructions, Mebett brought the Mechanized Dragon back over to their group and set it down in front of everyone. From there, Ra-chin climbed onto the golem’s head while Su-chan flew up to its back, Fe-rin perched on its nose, Ah-nyan hung down from its chin, and Pi-tan climbed onto its tail.

“And now!”

With Ra-chin’s voice as the catalyst, each of the five dragons started to shine.


A sparkling gold Land Dragon.
A glittering blue Storm Dragon.
A shining red Phoenix Dragon.
A beaming white Frost Dragon.
An engulfing black Chaos Dragon.


The girls watched with bated breath. After a few moments the light began to dim and the shine subsided. And once whatever was going on had finally finished completely, Ra-chin called out to Mebett.

“How about it Mebett, did any new techniques appear to you?”

“Yes, it’s really amazing Mister Land Dragon!”

“What? What is it?”
“What happened?”
“I feel some kind of pressure.”
“Perhaps this……..”

Su-chan boastfully responded to the five girls’ queries.

“We gave our special abilities to this doll.”

Ra-chin had bestowed on the Mechanical Dragon a “dragon’s thoughts”. This was an ability that would allow the Mechanical Dragon to think and act as Mebett’s dragon, in other words the ability to think and act on its own.
Su-chan had given the Mechanical Dragon a “dragon’s flight”. It would allow the Mechanical Dragon to fly through the air.
Fe-rin passed on the “dragon’s blessing”. This did nothing for the dragon itself, but now Mebett, who has a spiritual connection to the dragon, would be able to ride on a dragon’s back while it’s flying through the air.
Ah-nyan passed on the “dragon’s breath”. With it, the Mechanical Dragon would now be able to use its own Hailstorm Breath attack.
Pi-tan gave the Mechanical Dragon the “dragon’s blow”. There was now more strength behind any strikes with the golem’s tail.

“Just a minute! Is it okay to put in so many abilities? Won’t it put a burden on Mebett!?”

Each of the girls started shooting off questions towards their dragons.

“It’s fine Ellis. We’re just sharing our own abilities, so it shouldn’t put a burden on Mebett.”
“That’s right Reeve. And don’t worry, Mebett already has the qualities to become a Dragon Maiden anyway.”
“Frau, it looks like Mebett’s spirit was strengthened quite a bit after that kidnapping incident the other day. She showed real guts not backing down from those demons.”
“Even if you’re worried Katie, she just needs to be able to handle this toy after all.”
“She won’t be able to form a contract with it since it’s not a real dragon Claire, but it should still work out for Mebett since she’s connected to the golem with {Command Golem}.”

And then the Mechanized Dragon opened its mouth.

Hello, Nice To Meet You    Mebett    Everyone

The girls all jumped.


Yes. I Am    Mebett's Dragon

Mebett slowly walked over to the Mechanized Dragon. When she got close, the Mechanized Dragon lowered its head as if wanting to be pet. When Mebett’s hand touched the top of its head, the golden sheen of its metal body looked like it started to shine a little. Ra-chin then started talking from behind her.

“{Change Human} and {Permission Size Change} should be usable as well. Why not give them a try?”

Mebett did just that and released the dragon’s size allowing it to shrink back down to a size comparable to its original doll-like form.

“Come here.”

Following Mebett’s instructions, the Mechanized Dragon happily flew up off the ground and towards Mebett. It grabbed onto a necklace that Mebett had been wearing and settled as if it had become a piece of jewelry. It was a heart-warming figure. Mebett lifted up the Mechanized Dragon in the palm of her hand and stared at it for a while with a bright smile on her face.

“So, you’re going to have to name it.”


Ellis went ahead and suggested a name similar to everyone else’s dragons, and Mebett nodded her head.

“Yes, I like it.”

From there Ellis suggested Mebett try using Ka-kun a bit to see how it moved.

“Ka-kun, {Reset Body}.”

When Mebett shouted out the spell, the Mechanized Dragon leaped from her necklace and returned to its larger size.

“Tail Attack!”

Under Mebett’s orders the dragon swung it’s tail, crushing some nearby boulders that had been gathered after a single attack.

“{Hailstorm Breath}!”

Once again the dragon followed Mebett’s command, the Mechanized Dragon opened its mouth and spit out dozens of small spears made of ice. The spears pierced through another boulder, and a second later, ice began growing around the rock, encompassing it in an icy tomb.

Next, Mebett climbed up onto the golem’s back.


The Mechanized Dragon started to flap its wings. Its movements were a little discoordinated at first, but it eventually managed to even itself out and then increased the speed of its flapping. Slowly the Mechanized Dragon finally began to lift itself off the ground. Mebett looked fine from her place on its back, and it didn’t look like she was in any danger from falling or being jostled around from the movement.

“Claire, fire a couple of {Fire Bullets} up at them.”

Claire called up to Mebett to warn her first, but then she did as Pi-tan suggested and shot off a couple {Fire Bullets} towards the Mechanized Dragon. The spell hit, but not only did it not do any damage to Ka-kun or Mebett, it didn’t even cause them to budge from the spot they were hovering at in the air.

“It should be fine with that.”

“It’s flight is stable as well.”

“The barrier it uses to protect Mebett is definitely working as well.”

“It should be able to handle even a Great Demon if it needs to.”

Each of the dragons gave out their own input while watching the newly build Ka-kun fly around with Mebett on its back.
And so Mebett was able to successfully become a sixth dragon rider.
She wasn’t quite a Dragon Maiden and lacked any form of oath however, so she still had the option of marrying someone of the opposite sex when she gets older.

Chapter 157

Chapter 159

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