Grimoire Master Ch. 15


Chapter 3
Section 2: Operation Rolling Snowballs

“Oi over here Carol! You’re really going to hit me!! Be serious about this!!”

“I am being serious!! Isn’t it Toslin’s fault for moving so suddenly!?”

“It’s done Rose-san!! This one too please!! Aim for the arms first if possible!!”

“I understand!! Here it comes Toslin!!”

“There are stones in there right!? That’ll really hurt if you hit me, so please be careful!!”

“No kidding, I feel evil throwing a snowball with a stone in it at something’s face!!”

Toslin repelled the golem’s arm with her long sword. Immediately afterwards the golem’s arm deviated into a different direction and buried itself in the snowy ground.

“Yosh, you’re clear Rose!!”


Rose-san made a cute little shout as she threw an oversized snowball (with a few stones buried inside).

“Here I go too!”

Carol then fired off more snowballs than I could count. By the way, Quinn-san was the one making the snowballs, and even now he was rolling a couple of snowballs towards me. Of course he said he would put in the largest possible stones he could find in them.

“Yosh, he’s absorbing them!! Keep them coming!!”

The strategy I described to everyone was pretty simple. We would make a bunch of snowballs with stones in them and then throw all of them at the golem. If the golem kept absorbing them, wouldn’t that make the golem grow larger and larger? Rather than a simple snowman, we’re out here making snow golems.

“Uhya, my hands are getting cold!!”

“Endure!! Don’t you love throwing snowballs!?”

“Toslin too right? Aren’t you going to throw some too?”

“Don’t say something stupid! Right now it’s taking everything I have just to handle this guy’s attacks!!”

Just as I expected, the golem is absorbing our snowballs and growing like a weed. The arms especially have grown becoming almost as large as a tree. But because of all the snow and stones it has been absorbing, its speed has decreased significantly.

“It’s movements have really slowed down!! Like this……’s a little easier to dodge………”

“Avoid acting carelessly Toslin-san. Its movements may have slowed, but one direct hit will be enough to blow you away!”

“Huhuhu, yeah Toslin. If you act like you always do, you’re going to get hurt.”

“That’s you!”

“Now now, it’s all about earning an easy victory and seeing cool sights. Right, Carol?”

Since I was starting to get used to the work, I threw in my own comment to get some payback for always being teased.

“Wha-Wha-What are you trying to say?”

Having just finished throwing another snowball, Carol turned towards me with a beet red face while stumbling over her words. So easy~

“You all really are close.”

Quinn-san threw in his own comment while handing Carol a new snowball.

“Yes, very♪”

“Carol and I are inseparable.”

“Oh, I can certainly see the red thread tying your pinkies together.”

Rose-san laughed a little, and this time it was Toslin’s turn to go red in the face.

“Heh? Red thread? What’s going on with our fingers?”

But Carol apparently didn’t understand the figure of speech and didn’t react. Maybe they don’t have the red thread of fate in werewolf society?

“Y-Yosh!! It’s already slowed down. I’ll join in on the snowball fight then!!”

The golem was no longer able to lift its arms because of their weight from all that rocky snow. We don’t need to be afraid of it attacking anymore. After that we just need to wrap it up in a large snowball along with a large stone or tree. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s heavy. If we get it so stuck that it can’t move, it’s our victory. In this case, so long as we don’t lose, we win.

“So then, I suppose we’re finished once Rose-san throws in this one I made? It was a lot of fun making it, but I wonder if you’re going to be able to lift this………..”

Once the golem’s feet had stopped moving as well and we were feeling confident about the situation, we left it be for a moment and started making an extra-sized snowball. It’s good I was so vigorous about it, but I may have rolled it a bit too much as it had grown to reach my chest. There was a large stone in it as well, so Rose-san isn’t going to be able to lift this.

“Oi oi, this is way too big Iris.”

With a wry smile Toslin walked over and grabbed the snowball with Rose-san. And then with a grunt like they were putting in their full effort……..

“Wow, amazing amazing!! You’re really lifting it!”

“Fuu fuu fuu, don’t underestimate Toslin’s animal strength. She might look like this, but she actually has some orc blood in her…………”

“Yosh, we’re thrusting your head into this snowball!! You’ll grow nicely from the golem’s feet!!”

“I refuse!!”

“Let’s go Toslin-san. Heave-ho!!”

With Rose-san’s shout, the ginormous snowball leapt from her hands. But it was much too heavy and ended up plopping back down onto the ground immediately afterwards. It did start to roll afterwards however. It might have been for the best actually as the rolling snowball ended up becoming even bigger before stopping right between the golem’s legs. The golem already had a hard time moving, so the absorption began just like that. This monster would never be able to move again.

“Hooooooray~!! Iris did it!! Great idea!! Honestly I thought we’d have to run away, but we managed somehow!!”

“Aah, I’m worn out. Although I’m feeling pretty good considering we were just attacked by a golem. I felt light-footed at first, but still, I wonder if we would’ve been able to get away without Iris’s plan.”

“Indeed, it was the correct choice to follow along. Iris-san’s quick wittedness is truly dependable.”

Rose-san turned a sweet smile my way.

“No no, it was only because everyone was here……..and Quinn-san, I’m sorry to have asked you something so unreasonable even though you just recovered from your injuries. Is your body feeling okay?”

I tore my gaze away from Rose-san who was doing a prayer to report our victory in battle and looked over towards Quinn-san. He was standing to the side of us, his hand resting on his knee.

“Yeah, I’m all right. It’s just, I used some muscles I don’t normally use and now my body is screaming at me……. Goodness, it’s only been a year……..”

I really do understand. I don’t usually exercise either, so my arms and legs feel like they’re being weighed down with lead. I’m definitely going to be feeling some muscle pain tomorrow.

“Hm? There………hold on a bit? Is that guy holding something?”

We all turned our eyes towards Carol who mentioned something while climbing over the motionless golem to check its condition.

“Eh, he’s holding………something?”

With the exception of Rose-san who was still doing her prayer, we all took a look with Carol into the golem’s left hand. In it was………

“Hey, isn’t this that nagging fairy?”

She was right. Just as Toslin said, the golem had been holding a limp fairy in his left hand this whole time. That fairy with dark brown skin and plant green clothing just so happened to be that incapable of saying anything nice fairy we had met before.

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