Grimoire Master Ch. 145   Chapter 14Section 9: To Become Special [Iris]: "........" Grides-san, is walking right next to Rose-san. There are four, no, five other people as well? Each of them are students about the same age as her all crowding around Rose-san. Rose-san is wearing her usual smile while taking the time to address each of … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 145

Grimoire Master Ch. 144   Chapter 14Section 8: School Life [Lapris]: "The dragon's sharp fangs were hurtling towards Iris's helpless body. When suddenly! With the setting sun at my back, I soared down out of the sky and delivered a powerful kick right into the dragon's face!" "Wow, how brave you are!" "Just what you expect from Lapris-sama, … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 144

Grimoire Master Ch. 143   Chapter 14Section 7: Fragments' Influence [Litzreich]: "......Osnell, is still alive?" Litzreich's eyes opened wide after Rose-san revealed the church's most heavily guarded secret.  [Rose]: "To be precise, his soul has been separated from his body and sealed away. The first lies beneath the Goddess Illya's Castle of Silence. The second is locked away … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 143

Grimoire Master Ch. 142 Happy Halloween everyone. I bought 4 bags of candy to celebrate. Hope everyone else is enjoying their holiday as well.  Chapter 14Section 6: Authority Heading out of the dungeon, we made our way straight to where Litzreich was waiting for us inside the school.  The sun had already set and the time for students … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 142

Grimoire Master Ch. 141   Chapter 14Section 5: Primordial Spirit, Again [Lapris]: You're not supposed to break those things you know. What are you going to do without your weapon?" [Toslin]: "I'm thinking about that now!! Damn it! Was it already cracked? There was the ice golem, the dragon, the carbuncle, those stone statues earlier, and now for … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 141

Grimoire Master Ch. 138   Chapter 14Section 2: Knight Pair Bold Loire.  The simple description for these kinds of monsters is a kind of giant moving knight statue.  They're a mysterious kind of monster. Despite technically being golems they have no core, and it is still unknown how they function. [Saluena]: "Rosa, destroy the legs first." [Rose]: "Roger … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 138