Grimoire Master Ch. 178 Chapter 16Section 8: Sorrow When I turned around, Linzflare-san was standing up.  Her open, empty gaze was fixed on Sanz Wanz's fallen body.  ≪Sister!≫ ≪Stop! Not yet!≫ Linzflare-san's two sisters stood in front of her, jumping up and down while wildly waving their arms to try and get her to stop.  However their elder … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 178

Grimoire Master Ch. 177 Chapter 16Section 7: Remnants from a Millenia Ago The next moment, a back slipped inside my gaze.  Their shoulders weren't as broad as Saluena's, and they didn't exude that same level of strength as Rose-san's did.  [Ashel]: "If you truly are Sanz Wanz......I should be your first target." At a glance, it looked thin, … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 177

Grimoire Master Ch. 176 Chapter 16Section 6: Four-Winged Dragon [Ashel]: "Impossible......Sanz Wanz!?" Ashel-sama's face morphed into something unintelligible.  Sanz Wanz. I doubt there is a single person in the entire country who doesn't know that name.  It is a name that permeates fear across the Van Delucia continent and has gained infamy across other continents as well.  The … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 176

Grimoire Master Ch. 175   Chapter 16Section 5: What Awaits [???]: "I never thought you would arrive here so quickly." The woman was sitting back on the throne, her head resting on one hand. Her silver hair shined white under the light that spilled forth through the window fitted high above in the solid stone wall. ≪Who?≫ ≪Who?≫ … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 175

Grimoire Master Ch. 174   Chapter 16Section 4: Silent Stage The stones that make up the castle wall cracked and crumbled away. [Ashel]: ".....I have mixed feelings considering this is meant to be built the same as Oshunel Castle......" Ashel-sama looked over the destruction with a sullen smile and voiced her thoughts aloud. [Toslin]: "It's nothing to get … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 174

Grimoire Master Ch. 173   Chapter 16Section 3: Cannon *Doganーーーーーーー!!* A series of cannonballs fell where we had been standing a moment before.  This is my first time getting a taste of an artillery bombardment, but the impact is way too huge. Unicorn's barriers are protecting us from the debris flying through the air, but they wouldn't even … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 173

Grimoire Master Ch. 171   Chapter 16Section 1: Hidden [Ashel]: "I see, this is where we were transported?" Ashel-sama glanced around us to confirm our position. She didn't look surprised about this development in the least. Her question was entirely rhetorical, having completely accepted everything that had happened. ≪Bright sun≫ ≪Great weather≫ Mippo and Moppo were still holding … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 171

Grimoire Master Ch. 170   Chapter 15Section 20: Sky Enclave ≪Here≫ ≪This way≫ After finishing our break, Mippo and Moppo guided us over to an ordinary-looking wall.  A stone wall no different from anywhere else in this cave that you would be guaranteed to walk past without a second thought. However if the gnome sisters are to be … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 170