Grimoire Master Ch. 74   Chapter 9 Section 2: Strong Shield "Grooooooooo......." "Graa, Gra, Gra, Graa......." Moonlight danced over the trace remains of snow, illuminating over a dozen wolves and even several bears. "Undead? They're moonstruck. The ideal enemy for a deserted place like this." Animals around Solretta Litta are bigger with thicker fur coats, most likely as … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 74

Grimoire Master Ch. 73   Chapter 9 Section 1: Moaning Unicorn galloped through the forest. Consisting of mostly evergreen trees, this forest wasn't nearly as closed off as the Swansea Forest was, but it still prevented much of the sunlight during the day from being able to break through. As such, the forest bed was covered in accumulated … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 73

Grimoire Master Ch. 72   Chapter 8 Section 9: Solretta Defense 3 "Then let's go!! Hang on tight Lapris-chan!!" "H-Hoorah!! I'm ready anytime!! Just don't fall Iris!! You're going to look really lame if you end up falling off your horse!!" The always noisy Lapris excitedly shouted right in my ear. But right now that annoying shrill was … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 72

Grimoire Master Ch. 71   Chapter 8 Section 8: Solretta Defense 2 I told them I came here to fight, but......... (So, what am I supposed to do next.........?) Looking around, we have around 100 soldiers stationed here. That isn't including the additional fifty volunteer adventurers and lumberjacks who are ready to fight as well. We outnumber the … Continue reading Grimoire Master Ch. 71