Grimoire Master Ch. 90


Chapter 10
Section 7: A Place to Return to Someday

“Wow, there are so many soldiers…..”

Arriving at the church, I found ten soldiers standing guard outside its entrance. They were all women, and each of them wore armor of a different design from the soldiers usually stationed in Solretta. Somehow, their armor looks less for combat and more ceremonial than anything else.

“Hey, is it okay for us to go in there?”

They were giving off an air like they’d stop anyone at the entrance without fail which is why that nervous tweet leaked from my lips.

“They summoned you, so obviously you can. The church is pretty much your base here, so they need to go all out with the grand welcome for ya.”

Lapris riding on stuffed toy Unicorn’s all the way back here caused every single person we passed by to do a double take. Seeing a fairy is rare enough, but seeing a fairy ride on the back of an animated stuffed animal? That’s more than enough to draw the public’s gaze.

Just as Lapris said though, the soldiers parted ways to make room for us to pass as we got closer to the church. I nervously bowed my head to each of them as we walked by and entered the church.



The usual hymn that flows through the church’s halls was nowhere to be heard today.

Stepping inside, we were welcomed by a host of soldiers lined up against the walls, respectfully saluting us with a bow as we passed by.


There had to be at least fifty of them, standing at the ready on the edges of the red carpet leading all the way over to the church’s altar.

Each of them wore that ornamental armor with the ceremonial sword at their hip, leaving a vivid impression that left me in awe…….huh?

Hold on, don’t tell me……maybe these people aren’t really soldiers at all, but actual fully recognized knights? My whole body froze up as I didn’t know how I’m supposed to act here.

“My master, take my hand.”

“Fue? Oh, s-sure……”

Noticing how I wasn’t moving, a serious looking Saluena took my left hand. She then walked down the carpet towards the altar while pulling me along.

Rose-san walked next to me on my right side while Toslin and Carol followed close behind. Lapris had hitched a ride on my right shoulder at some point when I wasn’t paying attention.

The pedestal used for the baptismal ceremonies sat in front of the altar with a table placed in front of that. There were several chairs set up around said table with two of them already occupied. One chair was taken by Aronda-san. The other……by a woman I’ve never seen before.

She looks about the same age as Saluena, but maybe she’s a bit older? She’s wearing a hooded robe that shows off her body’s figure. There’s someone who looks like an attendant standing close by holding a cane, so I’m pretty sure the woman is actually a witch.

“My apologies for suddenly summoning you like this Iris-sama.”

As I approached the table, Aronda-san stood up to welcome me using a reverent tone that she’s never used with me before. Thereupon the other woman stood up as well and bowed. I saw her face for only a moment, but that moment was all I needed to be able to tell how beautiful a woman she is.

Aronda-san motioned for me to take the seat closest to the altar. I really don’t think it’s necessary for me to take the head seat like this, but with Saluena’s hand pushing my back forward, I was forced to sit down.

“Shall we start with introductions?”

The idea of letting me take charge is insane, so after taking the seat next to mine, Saluena spoke up. She can be a bit oppressive, but right now I’m thankful for how reliable she is.

“Then allow me to go first as I am the one who made you all come here. But before that, allow me to give you my thanks. It is truly an honor to meet the hero who slew the dragon. And then I wish to thank Priestess Aronda for facilitating my request for a meeting within the halls of Solretta’s beautiful cathedral.”

The woman in the robe lifted up her chin and turned towards me. Her smile was overflowing with self-confidence that looked as if it were begging for somebody to try and challenge her.

“I am Yuhanna Rostinell. I am a knight of the great nation of Osnell——and a member of the Shirayuri Knights.”


My surprised voice leaked out. If you’re talking about the Shirayuri Knights then you’re talking about a famous knight company whose name has reached even a remote town like this. Even though it’s a relatively small order with only about 5,000 members, the fact that all of its members are women makes it stand out.

(Then, those people lined up outside really were all knights.)

It’s already too late for me to regret coming to such a ridiculous place. Already the story has begun to progress around me.

“With that reaction I take it you’ve heard of me?”

Yuhanna-sama’s face relaxed a bit when she noticed my surprise. Her chest also swelled a bit in pride at the fact, and with her tightly fitting robe, it meant a certain two bulges inevitably crossed into my line of sight.

“Y-Yes. I’ve read Rostinell Wanderings which details Yuhanna-sama’s time as an adventurer numerous times before. It was all very interesting. Especially your time journeying through the Valley of the Wind.”

“Huh…….Huh!? Well there is still a lot to be seen with the Valley of the Wind far from what was focused on in the book. But I really didn’t like that ‘Wanderings’ portion of the title. It somehow doesn’t quite capture the elegance of my travels, and…….”

“Yuhanna-sama, Yuhanna-sama. We’re getting off topic…..”

Aronda-san whispered into Yuhanna-sama’s ear as she took a grand turn off track when I brought up her book.

“Ah, you’re right. Forgetting my most important role like this is the greatest mistake I’ve made in my entire life.”

Yuhanna-sama suddenly shoved her hand down her robe and into her chest.


She then pulled out a small letter.

“Would you mind accepting this?”


Aronda-san took the letter and then passed it over to me. The letter was, as you can probably guess, very warm.

{The current king of Osnell, Olivar-sama, is most impressed with your defeat of the dragon at the village of Relton. As such he desires a meeting and a chance to speak with you at once.}

When I unfolded the letter and looked inside, that was the message that greeted my eyes.

“Hmm, I see. If the king is personally inviting us, we don’t have much choice other than to go.”

“So I’ve been wondering this since you first arrived, but you are?”

“What? Ah, we have yet to perform our part in the introduction. As I’m sure you have already gathered, the maiden next to me is Iris Calvafon. Who, despite being a countryside girl, has gained the title of Grimoire Master after receiving the Goddess’s favor.”

“The numerous rumors I’ve heard allowed me to figure as much. A cute, red-haired girl. The one I am curious about, is you. The fact that you are sitting at the same table as me must mean you carry a suitable status correct?”

Yuhanna-sama frowned, sounding more than a little irritated. I could feel a tenseness circulating in the air around us. I’m heavily reminded of that incident at Dragon Litta’s inn when Saluena first joined us.

“Myself? I’m sorry to say I hold no official role.”

“If so then would you please keep your mouth shut? I’ve come here to converse with our little heroine.”

“However I do hold a name and a position.”

“And it is?”

“Hadion. The Dark Violet Knight who once served and betrayed the Goddess and has now returned a thousand years later thanks to the power of this girl.”


All emotion vanished from Yuhanna-sama’s face. Her gaze then fell on me in an attempt to confirm that Saluena’s words were the truth.

“It’s true. She is Saluena Hadion. She bears the title of Dark Violet Knight and is currently acts as my personal knight.”

The title of the Dark Violet Knight is irrevocably associated with betrayal. But it’s only by that title that everyone knows her. The name Saluena means nothing to people. At least, for now it doesn’t.


Yuhanna-sama looked incredulous at first, but after a moment of silent reflection, she nodded her head.

“Well, that was all a really long time ago, so let me finish the introductions.”

I tried making my voice sound more chipper in order to alleviate some of the heavy atmosphere that had settled over us and introduced Rose-san and the others.

First up standing right behind me is Toslin who currently has her hand planted squarely over Carol’s mouth so that Carol can’t say anything unnecessary here. Next up was Carol who, like I already said, had her mouth plugged up by Toslin. Then there’s Lapris who at some point fell asleep after crawling into my hair……..haa, well whatever.

“And then over here we have Rosalith Cuulbacall-san……”

Yuhanna-sama squinted her eyes as I motioned towards Rose-san who had taken a position to my right.

“Yes I know. It’s been a while Rosalith.”


“…….yes, it is a pleasure to see you again, Auntie Yuhanna”


Yuhanna-sama and Rose-san already know each other? And, did she call her Auntie just now? But it doesn’t look like there’s that much of an age difference…….

“Hmm? I had heard you were driven from that house as well, so that’s the name you’ve taken for yourself? Cuulbacall, extending one’s hand. Fufufu…….I don’t know if it’s a name you’ve given yourself or if someone else passed it on to you, but either way, it really doesn’t suit you.”

“It looks as though you’ve found a good name for yourself though Auntie.”

An ephemeral smile showed itself across Rose-san’s face.

“You…….are quite different from how you used to be.”

Yuhanna-sama rose up from her seat, accepting the cane from the attendant who had been waiting behind her and put up her hood.

“Sorry for the impoliteness, but with this, our business should be finished. My subordinates need time to rest, so plan on leaving here in three days. Well then, until we next meet!”

Yuhanna-sama turned away from us, leaving the church with her knights following after her single file while carrying the majesty of a knight commander on her back.




Once all the knights had finally left, Toslin moved her hand, and Carol’s mouth was finally unleashed.

“C’mon!! I thought I was going to die!!”

“Would you have rather been executed for lèse-majesté?”

“I hadn’t even done anything yet!?”

“It’d be too late if you had.”

Just as usual another lively exchange was kicked up, and the tense atmosphere disappeared all at once.

“Hm? Oof, I fell asleep. Are you guys already done?”

Lapris popped her head out from my hair and drowsily looked around her.

“Yeah, we finished. Just now actually.”

“Okay. So, did Carol get arrested for lèse-majesté?”

“Arrested!? I’m more than capable of reading the air you know!!”

“Tch… you didn’t get arrested. I guess even you aren’t that stupid.”

“Yosh, hand over those fairy feathers. I’m selling them.”

When Carol reached out her hand, Lapris jumped out of my hair and flew towards Rose-san. She then wormed her way into Rose-san’s fluffy locks.

“Kyaa!? Wait, um…….Lapris-san?”

“Endure for my sake!!”

Saying whatever you want to say whether it makes people angry or not and then telling an unrelated third party to endure it after you get them involved to cover for you. What an evil fairy.

But I kind of want to bury my face into Rose-san’s hair too. We’ve been sleeping in different places ever since we came to Solretta, so I haven’t been able to enjoy that soft, fluffy feeling.

“Tch…….only ever flying during times like this.”

Carol regretfully grumbled to herself. But she usually ends up continuing the chase until Lapris starts crying, so maybe she’s actually taking the fact that we’re in a church into consideration.

No, maybe not. Maybe they both realized that Rose-san has been a little off ever since talking with Yuhanna-sama. So Lapris and Carol put on a little act…….at least, that’s how I’d like to think of it.

“We should head back ourselves. Rosa, you can stay with us tonight. Are you okay with that Iris?”

Worried about Rose-san herself, Saluena came out with her own suggestion. Obviously there’s no way I’d say no, so I nodded my head.

“Yeah, of course.”

“……Yes, then, sorry to intrude.”

“Eh—? Then I’m going to be all alone with Toslin tonight?”

“Buh! Quit saying those kind of strange things!”

“Eh? Strange how? What is? Aren’t I just stating the facts? Hey hey, what’s so strange about it? C’mon, hey. Hey”

Carol put her hand to her mouth and started teasingly giggling aloud just like Rose-san and I had done a few hours ago. Watching on as an objective third party now, I realize just how irritating a face it really is.


I thought it was a given that a fist would fall on top of Carol’s head, but to my surprise, it didn’t.

“What the hell……. If you really have a problem being alone with me, you can go ahead and stay somewhere else tonight…….”


Carol’s body began to tremble when she saw Toslin lonelily looking away.  But that lasted for only an instant. She then immediately grabbed Toslin’s hand with one of her own while waving farewell to us with her other hand.

“When did I ever say I had a problem with it!? Sorry everyone!! We’re done for today!! Thanks for everything!!”

“Ah, wai-, oi, quit pulling my hand!! Even if we don’t stick so close together, I’d……”

“We made a ton of money, so we’re going off to have a bunch of fun todaaaaaaaaaaay!!”


“…….jeez, loud no matter where they are.”

“Yeah, but I really don’t think you’re allowed to say that Lapris.”

“Eh, why not?”

If she wants the world to be nicer to her, she’s going to have to work on her self-awareness.

“So then Aronda-san. Thank you for letting us use the church today. Oh, and thank you for the very generous reward.”

Aronda-san shook her head while looking at the ring I now wore on the index finger of my left hand.

“No, that was more than just a reward. It was me passing on what you’ll need going forward.”

She then softly held my hand.

“From now on you will most likely be made to walk down a road no one has ever traversed before. And that road will almost certainly be steep.”

I could see my face behind her glasses, reflected in those gentle, light colored eyes.

“But never forget. You are never alone. Always remember that you have comrades who are willing to grab your hand by your side, and friends at your back who are willing to support you.”

“I will”

Three days from now I will be departing from the town where I was born and raised. I will have to say farewell to the people who have always been watching over me.

But what I have gained from this town will never disappear. They will always remain in my hands, and my heart.

That’s why……I’m not lonely.

“Of course, you’ll have to be sure to return home as well. We’ll be looking forward to hearing all sorts of fun tales from you.”

I lied……I really am lonely after all.

“Yes, of course……”

For a long, long time I embraced Aronda-san who has always been the closest thing to an older sister I’ve ever had, and unable to hold back all my overflowing emotions, I began to cry.

She tightly hugged me back the same way she had always done when I was a kid. And then began patting my head.

When I was young, I never knew just how precious this warmth is. And I just assumed it would always be there for me.

But, the current me knows better.

I’m an adult now. And yet…….even now I will go looking for it. And that’s why……I have to leave this warmth behind.

In order to not lose sight of just how important it is.

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  1. So, if I’m right, we’ll end this arc by the end of this chapter right? And are we going to have bonus story first or finish a whole first season of the series?

    I couldn’t read well, but the illustration in a bonus chapter sure are promisingly delicious thing. Can’t wait for the days happen.


  2. “The current king of Osnell, Olivar-sama, is most impressed with your defeat of the dragon at the village of Relton. As such he desires a meeting and a chance to speak with you at once.”

    The “with your defeat” can be replaced with “with the defeat” or “with your victory against”.

    “Sorry for the impoliteness, but with this, our business should be finished. My subordinates need time to rest, so plan on leaving here in three days. Well then, until we next meet!”

    The last line should be “until next time we meet!” or “until our next meeting”! The word meeting can also be changed to encounter.

    There is another one that felt somewhat awkward, but i lost track of it.

    Thanks for the translations


  3. Yuhanna, at first I gave her good points for the name she chose for her Knight order and the fact that it is female-only. And then all those points went right out the window when I learned how much an elitist she is. Not a good first impression, I’d say.

    Thanks for the chapter! With this, I guess this arc is over. Looking forward to the next one!

    P/s: IIRC, the current “Prince/Hero” is actually a “Princess/Heroine”, right? I’d laugh my ass off if it turn out the the king is also actually a woman.


  4. Why do i have feeling, that this elitist jerk will cause problem? Being jelaous of Iris power&position and possibly betraying in the end?


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