Villainess Wants to Live Freely Eric POV 2


Big Brother didn’t summon me again until after Roselia had been rescued.

[Will]: “Rose is safe. So then Eric, do you have any information for me?”

I sighed in relief when I heard that Roselia had been found, but I immediately straightened my back when Big Brother directly addressed me.

[Eric]: “I’m still not sure. Miss Erina has been acting the same as ever with me and the other boys she’s close to while Roselia was gone, but she did tell some of the other girls ‘Roselia is never going to come back.’ Whenever I tried asking her for any details however, she only ever replied with ‘it is her fate’……”

[Will]: “Fate, eh? Keep digging.”

I gave my big brother a small bow before leaving his office.

From then on I continued to report Miss Erina’s actions to Big Brother every night.
I thought she’d grown a bit more meek since the incident with Alex, but it seems like she managed to make up with all the boys she was on close terms with only a few days afterwards.

She still comes to visit me regularly as always, and while I find it impossible to turn her down, I no longer have the ‘interest’ I had when we first met.
She came across as a free-spirited noble at first, someone that was fresh and interesting for a royal like me to speak with. She was also cute and friendly, almost begging for somebody to protect her, so I left her to do as she wished.

Alex was the same age as me and was meant to be the next prime minister, so him becoming my aide was only natural.
Rudolph is my brother’s aide, but since he and I are the same age, he became a sort-of escort for me during our time in school.

Both Alex and Rudolph naturally came to my side as a result of the positions we held, but Miss Erina chose to be by my side by her own will. However, I couldn’t keep up appearances as a member of the royal family.

And it’s because of this that once Roselia was safe and Miss Erina had been sent to a monastery for the crime of lèse-majesté​ that my big brother gave me the scolding of a lifetime.

[Will]: “……Eric, you already know don’t you? You’re lacking the self-awareness required of a royal.”

There are only ever two times that Big Brother speaks with me this informally. When he’s dropped his guard and is treating me as just his little brother, and when he’s positively furious with me.

Right now……is the latter.

[Eric]: “Yes…….”

[Will]: “I thought you’d grown up a little……but that apparently only holds true for your sword arm. Your skill with a blade is greater than most of our knights, but you understand that there are many other lessons you still need to learn yes?”

[Eric]: “…..Yes”

[Will]: “Then work to expand your horizons, and before you do anything, think about your position as a member of the royal family and how your actions would reflect back on us.”

[Eric]: “Is, that it?”

Maybe he’s holding himself back?
It’s true I was a little naive in trusting Miss Erina so easily, but it’s also true that I had nothing to do with this past incident.

[Will]: “On that matter, yes. As for the next matter……”

The sun would just be breaking through the horizon by the time Big Brother had run out of things to lecture me about.

Eric POVChapter 89

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