Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 89


One day, months after the incident with Erina-sama had passed, we received word from the neighboring Ashtel Kingdom that we would be receiving a visit from the daughter of one of the nation’s duke households.

[Rose]: “Will you be meeting with her El?”

[El]: “Well, I suppose? After greeting her, Prince Eric is supposed to be in charge of showing her around. At least, that’s what Prince William told me.”

[Rose]: “Eh? Is……everything going to be all right?”

All kinds of problems pop up in my head when Prince Eric’s name comes up. Sure his sword skills are wonderful, but everything else is a dire work in progress. Well, he has been taking classes a bit more seriously ever since Will-sama gave him a good scolding.

[El]: “His Highness as of late has been changing in all sorts of ways, and he’s been actively participating in public affairs with positive results.”

[Rose]: “If you say so”

I can hardly imagine Prince Eric taking part in any kind of official business, but perhaps something happened to give him a change of heart.
Thankfully it looks like he’s making a turn for the better.

[Rose]: “What kind of person is this duke’s daughter from Ashtel?”

[El]: “She’s a childhood friend of mine. Well, she was always closer to my younger brother though. If Rose is the standard for how a noble girl should act, then she’s nothing like a noble girl. Saying that though, there aren’t very many nobles in the beastmen’s kingdom Ashtel. The royal family being the obvious exception.”

[Rose]: “So her way of thinking is closer to that of a commoner?”

[El]: “Hmm, I wonder about that? There are some beastmen nobles who learn etiquette to avoid being shamed as aristocrats, but there aren’t very many of them. Most nobles focus themselves into being a knight household. It’s why Ashtel is so isolated from other nations.”

[Rose]: “We, the human nations’ nobles do value etiquette above much else. As a matter of fact, seeing someone completely lacking in manners might be enough to give some of them a heart attack. In the worst cases, it’s even led to war.”

[El]: “Yeah, that’s why I started feeling a bit worried when I heard she was coming to this country. I really hope she doesn’t do anything to offend anybody. Maybe I should go speak with His Majesty, Prince William, and Prince Eric. Explain to them about my country and apologize for anything that happens in advance.”

El made a troubled face, clearly worried about what kind of careless blunders might end up coming to pass when he’s not there to deal with them.

[Rose]: “Well Prince Eric is the one watching over her, so isn’t it equally possible that something might end up happening on our side as well? Oh, what kind of beastman is this girl? I’m really looking forward to meeting her.”

I tried changing the subject to something a little more harmless to take his mind off things.

[El]: “She’s a cat beastwoman. Which means she’s an especially moody person……”

But as El laughed dryly and stared off into the distance, I think I only made things worse for him. For his sake, I really hope nothing goes wrong.

Eric POV 2Chapter 90

7 thoughts on “Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 89

  1. I really hope this new girl won’t be interested in El, because that’s crap, but also I know she will be. At least maybe that will give Rose the perspective to realize she loves him? And then they get married the end

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  2. I know the most likely path this will go down, but… Wouldn’t it be hilarious if she was the cat Rose saved and swore loyalty as her knight?


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