Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 93


[Lou]: “Aah, so that’s why His Highness has been sticking so close to Lia these past couple of days. You’re too nice.”

Sophia-sama, Lou, and Julius-sama all turned to me in shock when they heard about what happened a couple of days ago.

[Rose]: “But, but, how could I say no when he was looking at me like a wounded puppy……”

[Sophia]: “Rose-chan is kind, so there’s nothing for it. But because of the incidents with Alex-sama and Erina-sama, His Highness has been left mostly alone during school. And once Rudolph-sama returns……”

I can understand what Sophia-sama is trying to say. Rudolph-sama has always been Will-sama’s aide, so there will eventually come a day when he will leave Prince Eric’s side as well. And while our classmates aren’t fully aware of the crimes Erina-sama committed, her troublesome behavior was a well documented fact. And the incident with Alex-sama happened in the middle of a crowded classroom, so every detail about that confrontation spread throughout the school the day it happened.

It was Prince Eric who kept those two problem children by his side and tolerated their mischief. As such, only a fool would think to get close to Prince Eric as things stand.

[Julius]: “Even putting the matter of Prince Eric aside, are you okay Roselia-chan? With Prince Routh and Rinoa-sama.”

And then after remaining perfectly quiet this entire time, in comes Julius-sama who decided to bring up something I absolutely did not want to talk about.

[Rose]: “…..good with what?”

[Julius]: “Everyone knows about the relationship between you and Prince Routh, and whether Rinoa-sama knows about that link or not, I was just thinking the two of them are spending an awful lot of time together. So I was wondering if you were fine or not~?”

[Rose]: “…..whatever the case might be, El and Rinoa-sama both come from Ashtel. It’s only normal that they’d be spending time together. She’s here, lost in a country she’s never been in before, so it can’t be helped if he needs to take extra time to help her get adjusted.”

I was responding to Julius-sama’s question, but my answer was more of a vague collection of mumbles aimed more at myself than him.

[Sophia]: “Rose-chan……”

[Lou]: “Hey, Lia, if you don’t properly address your feelings, you could end up missing out on something important.”

[Rose]: “Lou…..”

[Julius]: “That’s right Roselia-chan. You’ll come to regret it if you don’t properly convey what’s in your heart. …..just like me.”

(In my heart……so I should tell El about this hazy feeling I’ve been experiencing? There’s no way I could do that when we aren’t even dating. To begin with, El and I are……)

[Rose]: “Even if you say that…..what am I supposed to say to someone who’s like a younger brother to me like El is?”

[Everyone]: “””Heh?”””

All three of my friends blinked at the same time while blankly staring at me.

[Rose]: “Sophia-sama, go!”

[Sophia]: “Eh, oh, um? …..Rose-chan, you like Prince Routh don’t you?”

[Rose]: “Do I like him? Well, we’ve known each other since we were small, and there’s no way I’d say he’s like a little brother to me if I actually hated him. So of course I like him.”

[Lou]: “Lia… it because you think of Prince Routh as a younger brother that you two always express so much skinship?”

[Rose]: “Skinship…..yeah, it’s always felt nice to pet and hold El…..but, there have been times lately where just talking to him makes my heart get all thumpy.”

[Julius]: “Is Roselia-chan just a blockhead? Or are you only pretending to not know?”

[Rose]: “Excuse me! I am not a blockhead!”

[Sophia]: “Rose-chan…..are you feeling lonely without Prince Routh beside you? And does seeing Rinoa-sama together with Prince Routh twist your heart into knots?”

[Rose]: “……yes.”

[Sophia]: “Then…..”


[El]: “Ah! Rose! So this is where you were.”


When the subject of our conversation rolled in, happily calling my name as he waved at me, I found Rinoa-sama at his side once again, and my heart twisted into knots just as Sophia-sama had described.

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