Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 92


A few days had already passed since Rinoa-sama had come to this country, and she had now started attending school, joining the same class as El.

For some reason seeing those two together always makes me feel anxious. That’s why whenever I see them, I unconsciously do a one-eighty and walk away.

[Rose]: “Haa…..”

That’s what happened a short while ago and why I’ve escaped to the school’s courtyard now.

[???]: “Hm? Who’s there?”

[Rose]: “Ah, Prince Eric”

Where I happened to run into Prince Eric, who I found idling in the courtyard as well.

[Eric]: “Roselia?”

[Rose]: “Y-Yes. Sorry to have disturbed you.”

I couldn’t stand the awkward atmosphere that immediately settled once we both recognized each other, so I tried making a quick escape.

[Eric]: “Ah, hold on. …..that, well… bad.”

[Rose]: “Huh?”

How am I possibly supposed to understand what Prince Eric is talking about when he just suddenly throws out an apology as I’m about to leave?

[Eric]: “Tch! I’m telling you I was in the wrong.”

[Rose]: “S-Sure”

(What kind of person snaps in the middle of giving an apology?)

[Eric]: “…..I said some insulting things to you when we were kids…..and then there were those things my friends did to you…..I really am sorry.”

[Rose]: “…..Your Highness…..raise your head. A prince should not lower their heads so easily. I was not hurt by your words back then, and as for Alex-sama and Erina-sama, you took no part in those incidents and therefore have nothing to apologize for.”

[Eric]: “……but”

It looked like there was still something Prince Eric wanted to say.

[Rose]: “If it really bothers you that much, I’ll accept your apology. Would that satisfy you?”

My answer was a little sharp, but instead of getting upset, Prince Eric’s face reddened a bit as he turned away.

(Hmm, is he maybe sick or something?)

[Eric]: “…..would you… my friend?”

Prince Eric grumbled something under his breath that I couldn’t hear, so I asked him if he could repeat what he just said.

[Eric]: “!! I was asking…..will you be my friend!?”

[Rose]: “Huh? Your friend?”

[Eric]: “Y-Yeah. I was hoping you and I could be friends from now on. You’re already on good terms with my big brother, and even though I’m a prince too, you’ve never approached me. Most of the guys get along with me because of my rank. I thought it was fine until now because it meant I could make friends……but Big Brother scolded me really bad this time because I couldn’t tell the difference between the people who were actually my friends and the ones just using my rank.”

Prince Eric’s face turned a ghastly pale as he remembered the scolding he had received from Will-sama.

(Just how angry does Will-sama get? He’s always so kind whenever I see him, so it’s hard for me to imagine it.)

[Eric]: “So…..I wanted to ask, if it’s all right with you, if you’d be my friend?”

Those pleading eyes of his left me baffled.

(The more he stares at me, the harder it’s getting to say no……)

[Rose]: “If all you’re asking is for us to be friends……then I don’t mind.”

I eventually consented, worn away by Prince Eric’s desperate look.

(Well, if I just give him some light advice as a friend, maybe steer him onto the proper path, I can then silently distance myself!  And if I so much as hear a ‘fi’ from fiancee, I will immediately speak with Will-sama! Sounds like a plan!)

While I was having a few mean-spirited thoughts running through my head, Prince Eric was wrapped in a quiet bliss with slightly rosy cheeks. I thought I heard him murmur, “friends” underneath his breath, but I decided to ignore that for now.

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