Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 96


[Eric]: “Hey Roselia, what did you get for this problem here?”

[Rose]: “Let’s see, that one……isn’t it something like this?”

[Eric]: “Ah! I see! As expected of you.”

For some reason, at this moment, I am studying for the next exam together with Prince Eric.

(Why!? How did this happen!?)

Prince Eric did ask me to be friends with him a couple days ago, but I never thought he’d take it seriously……

I figured it was just one of Prince Eric’s whims, and I only gave him a hesitant yes because it was impossible for me to do otherwise due to the atmosphere that was hanging over my head at the time. I didn’t know this would result in him asking me to help him study.

[Julius]: “How strange to see Your Highness here. Has something happened?”

Julius-sama was the one just walking in, a befuddled expression on his face.

Lou, who had been studying with me since before Prince Eric, had remained silent all this time.

[Eric]: “Hm? Oh, Roselia and I are good friends now.”

[Julius]: “Eh?”

Even the always eloquent Julius-sama was so floored by the sudden development that he was left speechless, having to take a moment for himself before turning towards me.

[Julius]: “I-Is that so!?”

[Rose]: “…….apparently.”

(That’s about all I can say……isn’t there anyone out there willing to switch places with me~?)

[Julius]: “…..are you okay?”

Julius-sama knelt down in front of me, whispering to see if I needed any help while Prince Eric was too engrossed in the material to notice.

[Rose]: “… long as he doesn’t try anything, it’s fine.”

Putting my head into my hand, I let out a long sigh.

[Lou]: “Lia, this problem……”

[Rose]: “A difficult one…..but you should apply this here to get your answer.”

Lou continued to study as if Prince Eric was not here. He did however greet Julius-sama since the two of them get along so well.

Julius-sama ended up joining in on our study session halfway through while I did my best to focus on the paper in front of me and not on the looks the girls passing us by were giving me.



[Sophia]: “Oh~ Rose~ chan~”

I instantly felt uncomfortable, only able to pull off a crooked, awkward smile when I saw Sophia-sama suddenly walking up to me with a huge grin from ear to ear spread across her face.

[Rose]: “S-Sophia-sama, how can I help you?”

[Sophia]: “I heard a rumor you were studying in Library 1 with Lucas-sama, Julius-sama, and even Prince Eric! It’s the hot topic everyone’s been talking about all day!”

Sophia-sama with puffed up cheeks, whining, “Why didn’t you invite me!?” is incredibly cute, but I can already feel a headache coming on from the thought that this has spread throughout the entire school.

(I understand why……but this is still too fast. It’s a bit troublesome.)

[Sophia]: “It’s rare though for you to be together with His Highness. Did something happen with Prince Eric?”

[Rose]: “……it’s part of us being friends together…..”

[Sophia]: “Heh?”

[Rose]: “……Prince Eric fully intends for us to follow on that thing about us being friends.”

With eyes that must have looked like a dead fish’s, I reminded Sophia-sama of the off-handed discussion we had during our last tea party.

Chapter 95Rinoa POV

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