Grimoire Master Ch. 123


Chapter 13
Section 1: A Blessed Morning

The breeze drifting through the window carried a faint floral scent to it.

[Iris]: “……Nngh……”

Slowly I opened my eyes and found a hand resting in front of my face.

My head was half sunk into a cushy feather pillow, so I could only really see anything out of the one eye.

[Iris]: “……..”

I recognized my own hand, but I couldn’t understand why I’d go so far as to move it right in front of my face so it’d be the first thing I see in the morning.

[Iris]: “…..Rose-san…..?”

It took me a moment to remember that I had gone to bed holding Rose-san’s hand.

We went to bed facing each other, and our hands……were overlapping on top of the white sheets.

[Iris]: “……”

A tinge of regret crept into my heart after I called her name.

After all if Rose-san were to wake up, things might get embarrassing, and I’d lose out on valuable time I could have spent watching Rose-san sleep during this blessed morning.

[Iris]: “……”

I held my breath and watched carefully.

There were times Rose-san’s hand would stir, but each time it was just by a bit.

The sweet scent of the shampoo she used for her hair mixed with the floral aroma in the wind and almost carried me off to the world of dreams once again.

If I remember right, it should be Saluena sleeping behind Rose-san’s back.

She received a decisive defeat in cards last night which is how she ended up being the one to sleep on the seam between the two beds.

[Iris]: “……..”

The sun is shining, but I guess it’s still a bit early for people to be getting up.

Raising my head as quietly as i could, I took a look at the other side of Saluena.

Carol was there with an arm wrapped around her neck. It was like someone had come up from behind and tried to strangle her.

Needless to say, the arm strangling Carol belonged to Toslin.

Mornings are still chilly, so I’m guessing she unconsciously went looking for Carol’s warm body. This inevitably led to Carol unconsciously trying to escape.

Apparently a life or death struggle has been taking place throughout the night between these two as they slept.

*Cheep Cheep*

[Iris]: “?”

I looked behind me when I heard a bird chirping.

The semi-transparent, possibly silk, curtains swayed with the breeze. And a single red bird stood among them.

[Phoenix]: “Cheep”

Phoenix tilted her head when I put a finger up to my lips. However she did stop her chirping, so maybe she understood what I was trying to say.

As for Lapris and Plushie Unicorn……where are they? They always kind of sleep wherever they drop, so it’s impossible to know where exactly they could have ended up.

[Rose]: “…….Iris……san?”

[Iris]: “Ah……”

Shoot. Did I shake the bed too much?

[Iris]: “Sorry to wake you.”

[Rose]: “……, it’s fine…….”

Not yet awake enough to realize she was holding my hand, Rose-san tried moving her arm.

So I chased after it. Tangling my fingers around hers, I kept her hand locked into mine.

[Iris]: “……good morning.”

It’s a pity I can’t see more of Rose-san’s sleeping face. But if we can talk just like this…..that’ll be just as good.

[Rose]: “G-Good morning……”

Rose-san greeted me with a smile, but as a thought crossed her mind, she suddenly looked resentful.

[Rose]: “…..h-hold on…..were you watching me sleep again?”

[Iris]: “Yes

[Rose]: “O-Our hands…….”

[Iris]: “Rose-san was holding my hand when I first woke up.”

Her voice little more than a whisper, Rose-san tried pulling her hand away once again. So I tightened my grip and refused to let her escape.

[Rose]: “…..Uuu, Iris-san is always getting a peek at my sleeping face. And I…….”

[Iris]: “That’s right. But you got to see mine, so we’re even.”

We’re whispering as quietly as we can to avoid waking anyone else up. It’s a little exciting, almost like we’re sharing a secret with each other.

[Rose]: “The number of times I’ve been peeked at is overwhelmingly higher…….”

[Iris]: “You’re cute, so isn’t it fine?”

Whenever I say that, Rose-san will usually say I’m exaggerating.

[Rose]: “……really?”

But this morning was different. With teary eyes while looking like she was still holding a grudge, she asked me if I was telling the truth.

[Rose]: “Do you, really think so?”

And then, she asked again. This time while tightening her own grip around my hand.

[Iris]: “…….Rose-san is incredibly cute. Enough to make me jealous.”

[Rose]: “…….can I believe you? You aren’t secretly thinking in your heart…….I look strange when I’m sleeping?”

Eeh……what’s going on? Was I making a face that made her think I thought that way? I know I can’t stop myself from grinning whenever I see her sleeping face, but…….oh, maybe that’s why.

[Iris]: “Not at all. Rose-san is cute. And beautiful to boot.”

Your red eyes, long eyelashes, level nose, well-featured face, and the sound of your voice.

Everything about you is beautiful and cute. I’m a woman……and my heart still won’t settle down.

[Iris]: “So please believe me.”

[Rose]: “……okay. I understand. I’m happy Iris-san thinks so.”

Rose-san was finally smiling again.

A quiet morning. A time meant only for us two. Right now, Rose-san smile is just for me. Rose-san’s eyes are only looking at me.

[Iris]: “I’m happy too. Yesterday was a lot of fun.”

[Rose]: “Fufu, indeed.”

[Carol]: “Guah!?”

[Rose]: “Huh!?”

Rose-san jumped up in bed after Carol began gagging out of nowhere and surprised us both.

[Carol]: “H-Hold on Toslin! Too tight, too tight!!”

Carol was desperately beating her hands against the arm wrapped around her throat. But Toslin slept through it all with a peaceful smile on her sleeping face.

[Carol]: “Dying, Dying! Saluena, hey!!”

[Saluena]: “Playing this early in the morning?”

[Carol]: “Are you seeing something different than I am!? I’m about to die here!!”

Saluena is apparently up too. And judging by how much she’s stretching right now, her body must have gotten tied up into knots from sleeping on the seam as well. Who will end up getting stuck sleeping there tonight?

[Lapris]: “Gaaaah, shuuuut uuuuuup. It’s too early in the morning for this.”

I heard Lapris’s voice coming from an outrageous spot. She was tucked away in the chest pocket of Saluena’s pajamas, using it like a blanket. Apparently that’s where she decided to sleep last night. And when I take a closer look, I see that Saluena had been using Plushie Unicorn as a pillow.

*Cheep Cheep. Cheep Pipipipipipipi* Soon even Phoenix was taking advantage of the noise to start singing after meekly keeping quiet like I asked until now.

[Toslin]: “Mm, shut up Carol. Keep quiet in the morning.”

[Carol]: “Whose fault do you think that is!? Saluena please……geh……Rose too, don’t just sit there and watch. Help me!!”

[Rose]: “Ah, my apologies. I couldn’t tell the difference between this and your usual flirting.”

[Iris]: “Fuaa…….I guess I don’t have any other choice than to get up.”

[Carol]: “How about a little concern for the person dying over here!!”

Well you did ruin my alone time with Rose-san……..not that I’d think something like that.

[Iris]: “Sorry sorry. Yosh, let’s go. Sayonara lazybones Iris-san.”

My feet sunk into the fluffy carpet after jumping out of bed.

I stuck out my chest, taking a deep breath inside a bustling room that made the tranquility seem like a complete lie.

[Iris]: “Yosh, let’s do our best today too!!”

A knock rang out from the door at that exact moment almost as if on cue. Or maybe they were waiting behind the door this whole time, just waiting for their moment to come in.

After I answered the door, Noelia-san walked into the room.

She then bowed deeply and said,

[Noelia]: “Good morning everyone. Today is your audience with His Majesty.”

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  1. Not gonna lie, I completely forgot that all of them decided to sleep together and instead though that it was just those two on a single bed.

    That bit about Carol and Toslin’s struggle during the night made me laugh so hard. Never change you two dorks, never change.

    Here come the big day. Please don’t be a stuck up aristocrat, please don’t be an arrogant King, please!

    Thanks for the update!

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