Grimoire Master Ch. 126

Don’t mind me. Just shamelessly plugging the Kickstarter for a JRPG called Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes
I’ve been a little obsessed with it over the past couple weeks, and with one week left to the campaign, I thought I’d drop a small mention here. What they’ve shown is very promising, and the discord community has been very fun to interact with.


Chapter 13
Section 4: Sharing Secrets

We shared a table with the king right after the audience was released, and other than the food being completely tasteless because of how stressed I was, the luncheon ended without incident. Afterwards though……

[Iris]: “LAPRISーーーーーーーーーー!?”

[Lapris]: “Uoh, what is it!? Has the stress finally driven you insane!?”

As soon as we came back to our room, I wrapped my hands around Lapris and rushed over to one corner of the room. I then brought my nose right in front of hers and dropped my voice down to a whisper.

[Iris]: “T-The king being a woman……is that true?”

[Lapris]: “Hah? You think I’m lying?”

[Iris]: “No, that…..I wasn’t thinking……”

[Lapris]: “I don’t know about the other fairies, but I can tell with one look whether someone’s a man or a woman. It’s like the color of their magic power is different or something? It’s more vivid.”

Lapris proudly explained something I didn’t understand. Or rather, something I didn’t want to understand.

Olivar-sama is a woman……. The king, is actually a queen…….

Suddenly feeling dizzy, I unsteadily took a couple steps back before sitting down on the bed.

[Lapris]: “Oi, if you get it already then let me go.”

[Carol]: “……so what were you two talking about?”

Carol inserted herself into the conversation by waving her hand between my and Lapris’s locked gazes.

[Iris]: “Ah, to be so innocent. How I wish I could go back to that time. When I was ignorant and knew nothing of the world.”

[Carol]: “Um……did somebody break Iris?”

Carol shook my shoulders as my soul left my mouth alongside my fragile voice.

[Rose]: “Iris-san? Has something happened?”

Rose-san walked over and sat down next to me.

I could feel the warmth of her body through my arm and remembered the moment we shared in front of the canal yesterday. And just like that, I realized I needed to keep this secret to myself no matter what……


[Rose]: “Eh, EH!!?”

I clung to Rose-san’s waist as I sobbed.



[Iris]: “*Sniff*……….*hic*……..uuu……..”

[Rose]: “It’s okay, it’s all right. You have us here with you Iris-san.”

[Iris]: “Rose-san~……..”

I was still crying with my arms wrapped around Rose-san’s hips. My heart overflowing with guilt.

Because of my own weakness, I dragged Rose-san and everybody else down with me.

[Toslin]: “Heavens above, not just Ashel-sama but even Olivar-sama is a woman……”

Toslin was sunk down into the sofa with a face almost as pale as mine.

[Carol]: “But he had that thick, shaggy beard right? He’s almost certainly a man.”

Carol gave Lapris a quizzical look from her seat next to me.

[Lapris]: “What, are you doubting the great me’s eyes?”

[Saluena]: “If Lapris says it’s true, then it’s almost certainly true.”

[Lapris]: “Oh, just what I’d expect from you Anego. You get it unlike a certain dog around here.”

[Carol]: “What was that!? I’m not a dog!! I’m a wolf!”

[Toslin]: “Geez, don’t go yapping right in my ear.”

Toslin threw out her hand, grabbing Carol by the head just as she was about to leap at Lapris and buried her face into the sofa cushions.

[Carol]: “Ugu”

[Lapris]: “Heheheh, serves you right~.”

[Saluena]: “You keep it down too Lapris.”

Saluena plucked Lapris out of the air by her neck and stuffed the little fairy into her chest pocket.

[Lapris]: “Right. Shutting up.”

Lapris was so terrified of Saluena when they first met, but they’ve been getting a lot closer lately. Of course, it was always just Lapris’s one-sided fear, and Saluena never showed any kind of hostility towards her to begin with.

[Toslin]: “…….geez, you got it all twisted.”

Carol was messing around with the ribbon in her hair while sitting on the sofa next to Toslin.

Toslin sat there and watched her go for a moment. Eventually she did let out a long, drawn-out sigh and reached out her hand. This time though instead of burying Carol’s face into the cushions, it was to fix the ribbon.

[Toslin]: “Here, turn around. I’ll fix it for you.”

[Carol]: “Mm, thanks.”

A beautiful elf older sister and a small werewolf girl.

One decked out in armor ready for battle and the other draped in a dress. Just like a princess and their knight from the illustrations in my fairy tale books.

[Toslin]: “…… Hold on, what’s everyone staring at?”

Rose-san and I were both watching them. Me with my cheek dazedly resting on Rose-san’s lap as she stroked my head and Rose-san with her ever large, bright smile. Although Rose-san’s smile may have been a bit brighter than usual at the moment.

[Iris]: “No, nothing. I was just thinking I should apologize for the grave atmosphere. I dragged everyone into this…….but then you both started flirting like you always do, and I began wondering what I was feeling guilty for.”

[Toslin]: “H-Huh!? We weren’t really flirting or anything!!”

[Carol]: “My my, so Iris-san has figured it all out? Yes, Toslin and I are actually in lo-…….”

[Toslin]: “Shut up!!”

[Carol]: “Gya!?”

Toslin’s fist came down hard on Carol’s head, completely messing up the ribbon she had just finished fixing.

[Carol]: “Ku, owwwwwww!! C’mon, what was that for!? That hurt!!”

[Toslin]: “It’s because you were talking about stuff you know nothing about.”

[Carol]: “Huh? You know what I was going to say? Even though I hadn’t said anything yet?”

Carol twisted around in her seat, turning her teary eyes up towards Toslin.

[Toslin]: “What… you mean?”

[Carol]: “Hey, are you sure you know what I was going to say? If you’re wrong, don’t you deserve this Carol-san an apology? Come on, tell us. What comes after lo-? Come, come”

Carol placed her hands on Toslin’s knees and swung her face up right in front of Toslin’s. The light coming from the window shone against the red stone pendant hanging from around Carol’s neck.

[Toslin]: “Lo…..Love…….probably?”

[Carol]: “Eeh? I can’t hear you. What was it? Can you say it again?”

[Toslin]: “Oi, back up. Don’t stick to me!! Your face is too close!!”

[Carol]: “But isn’t it all your fault for being so quiet? I need to be this close in order to hear you. That’s all there is to it.”

Have they forgotten we’re here or do they just not care……..?

Carol was being unusually pushy as she closed the gap more and more between her and Toslin.

[Toslin]: “Love love……right!? That’s what you were going for!?”

[Carol]: “……Uhihi, correct I was going to give you a kiss as a punishment if you got it wrong, but since you managed to guess right, I guess I’ll let you off.”

Carol pulled her face away, leaving Toslin bright red and clutching her chest as she began to shout.

[Toslin]: “Wha-…….you, what the hell are you saying!? Are you stupid!? Ahh, you’re so stupid!! Stupid!! Think about the time and place!! Stupid!!”

[Carol]: “Right right. Since I’m done playing with Toslin, I have to give my answer.”

Ignoring the furious Toslin, Carol suddenly turned a nonchalant look my way.

[Carol]: “You really don’t have to apologize for getting us involved or anything.”

[Iris]: “Carol…….”

[Carol]: “We all like Iris and want to stay together, so it’d be fine if you relied on us even more. Right Toslin?”

[Toslin]: “That…….right. I can agree with that, but……you better remember this later.”

[Carol]: “Yep, I sure will

[Toslin]: “……..damn, what is with……”

Carol had Toslin wrapped around her finger from beginning to end. Probably because Toslin didn’t know how to handle Carol when she’s in dress-mode.

[Saluena]: “Lately Carol has been the one with all the good lines.”

[Iris]: “Saluena”

She turned to me with a bitter smile.

[Saluena]: “Just as you care about us, always remember that we deeply care about you as well. It’s much more preferable to just be bothered a bit than to see you looking depressed on your own. Isn’t that true for you as well?”

I thought about Saluena’s words in silence for a moment before nodding my head.

[Iris]: “Mm, right…… Sorry Saluena. Sorry everyone.”

[Rose]: “It’s okay. It must have been hard, Iris-san”

At the end, Rose-san’s gentle voice tickled my ear as she continued gently brushing her hand through my hair.

Sandwiched between her soft thighs and the warmth of her hand, I could feel my body quickly losing strength.

[Lapris]: “You are so weak-minded.”

But Lapris’s head poking out of Saluena’s pocket made all my emotions surge forth once again.

[Iris]: “Lapris is just too strong!! And while we’re at it, quit mumbling things to me when we’re standing right in front of the king!!”

Who does she think caused all this trouble in the first place?

Muu honestly, Lapris’s mouth is as big as her tongue is sharp!!

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11 thoughts on “Grimoire Master Ch. 126

  1. Thank the Lily the King turned out to be a fine (and even funny) queen. The other two who voiced their objection though… can I kill them? They are almost the perfect example of nobles that I hate.

    Lapris, what do I even say. While I can appreciate an honest character, this fairy has never managed to make me respect her. I find her rude, tactless and at times even ungrateful. Oh well, whatever.

    It’s good that Iris has such great companions, I imagine this story would have been cut real short if she hadn’t met them.


      1. Hm? Were they? Forgive me, I’m not too knowledgeable about Nobility ranking. So a marquis is of higher rank than earl? Maybe my hate toward them is not completely justified.

        But still, I can’t help but get a nagging feeling that they are scheming something. Maybe I’m wrong, we will see. I will withdraw my hostility toward them, for now.

        Thanks for the correction!


      2. It would go royalty, duke, marquis, then earl. Dukes usually have some kind of blood relation to the royal family, so a marquis is about as high of a rank as you could get without that


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