Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 102

I was blindsided.
I assumed she hated me after that whole rival remark, but apparently the truth is something different from what I expected.

[Rinoa]: “I came here and after talking to you, I came to like Roselia-sama. Sophia-sama and Prince Eric too. Ah, but I’m not good with Prince William. I can never tell what he’s thinking, and he’s cold to everyone except you and Sophia-sama.”

And another surprising statement came out.

(I can understand Sophia-sama, but Prince Eric too? That’s kinda surprising~. And Will-sama being cold to everyone besides me and Sophia-sama……is that really true?)

[Rinoa]: “I’m, really glad that I came here. It’s……is this what people mean when they’re talking about expanding your horizons? …….back home, the only people I ever really saw were Routh and my family. Because I came here to see you, I got to speak with Sophia-sama, and I feel like I have a wider field of view.”

[Rose]: “……it’s certainly good to widen your horizons. However……doesn’t that…..have nothing to do with Prince Routh?”

[Rinoa]: “Hmm, doesn’t it? ……I’m not sure……but, if it’s Roselia-sama, then I feel like I can leave the Routh I love to you.”

Rinoa-sama’s already red eyes began to tear up as she spoke, but she quickly rubbed them away and forced on a smile for me.

[Rose]: “……Rinoa-sama”

I didn’t know what else to say to her, so I stopped after calling her name aloud.

[El]: “Rose……? ……Rinoa?”

I could hear El calling our names a little bit away.

[Rinoa]: “Routh came to see me! Hey, Roselia-sama, could you give me some time alone with him? Just a little bit. I promise, I’ll give him back afterwards.”

[Rose]: “Y-Yes. ……I’ll wait here for a little longer.”

[Rinoa]: “Mm, thank you.”

Jumping to her feet, Rinoa-sama ran off in the direction of El’s voice.

Chapter 101Rinoa POV 2

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