Grimoire Master Ch. 129

Chapter 13
Section 7: Admission

[Toslin]: “Like, a request for us as adventurers?”

Toslin leaned forward with a bemused smile.

Ah, it’s suddenly becoming more adventure-like in here.

Yeah, this is it.

She has a request, and we’re the adventurers receiving it.

The atmosphere I’ve been longing for for so long is finally here.

[Litzreich]: “Hmm, something of the sort.”

And that’s where Toslin our party’s leader and main negotiator comes into play.

[Toslin]: “Hoh? Are you sure? Just a warning in advance, but, we’re expensive.”

Toslin is getting bullish.

We’re getting a request from somebody with a high social status. And an orange rank party like ours is exceedingly rare. These two facts are probably the two reasons why Toslin decided to play hardball.

[Litzreich]: “Of course I’m already aware. But your client this time will be the academy itself. There’s no way they’ll stiff you on your remuneration, so if you take this request, you can do so without worry.”

[Toslin]: “Heh? The……academy……?”

Just from what I’ve seen of the gardens and these buildings tells me all I need to know about the kind of funds the academy has access to.

It’s a place where noble families can leave their important young daughters, so I guess it’s to be expected?

[Carol]: “What do you want us to go underground for?”

Probably calculating the potential reward the same way I was, Toslin had fallen dumbly silent. To make up for it, Carol popped in and asked a follow up question.

[Litzreich]: “Mm, you should take a look at this before I explain.”

Litzreich unfurled a large piece of parchment in the middle of the table as she spoke.

[Litzreich]: “This is a map of the dungeon that stretches out below this academy. The reason why I was visiting the Magicians Guild yesterday was actually to grab this.”

[Iris]: “Woah, amazing…… Oshunel was defeated right here a thousand years ago……”

[Litzreich]: “That’s correct. Oshunel constructed a castle on the lowest floor of this dungeon where he waited for the Hero Ranroot.”

The final battle with the evil dragon Oshunel. It happened right here, in the royal capital Oshunel. And the most famous spot of the entire capital city would be this underground dungeon.

It’s supposed to be huge with an overtly complicated structure. Moreover, traps litter the floors throughout, and there are more than a couple anecdotes about how difficult it was for Ranroot to make his way through.

[Litzreich]: “The dungeon remained active even after Oshunel’s death. It’s level of difficulty has fallen dramatically since, but even now low-level monsters will boil over and leave the dungeon if it’s left alone…….”

[Iris]: “Eh? I never heard about that before……”

[Litzreich]: “If you heard that a school of noble girls were testing out their spells against a bunch of low level monsters from a dungeon, what would you think?”

[Iris]: “Eh, well……I’d probably think you were joking……”

[Litzreich]: “Naturally. Even if someone were to try and spread word, nobody would believe them. So any rumors die before they can become widespread. And it’s not like a monster from the dungeon has ever managed to get far enough to cause any damage to the town.”

[Toslin]: “I see. Well you’re killing two birds with one stone by tying monster exterminations in with their studies I guess.”

Toslin had regained her focus and jumped back into the conversation.

[Litzreich]: “……and until now it was working just fine.”

But Litzreich returned with a vague response.

[Toslin]: “Did something happen?”

[Litzreich]: “The dungeon’s monsters have been becoming stronger lately. The worst monsters you’d find in there were on the level of a goblin, but lately we’ve been experiencing whole nests of level 5 monsters. Although we’ve encountered even more powerful monsters like golems in there at times.”

[Carol]: “That’s no good. There’s no way a student could manage if something like that were to spring out at them.”

[Litzreich]: “Yes, no good indeed. It’s just as you say, the girls’ magic can’t compete with these kinds of enemies. And worst of all, the monsters’ strength is only increasing. The other day, a group of knights were sent down to investigate and later reported that they encountered a type of monster they had never seen before.”

[Toslin]: “A new species? That’s troubling.”

[Litzreich]: “Mm. Ten knights challenged it, and while they did emerge victorious, one of the knights was wounded during the battle. Fortunately they were able to return without suffering any casualties, but we must remain cautious. Our school is one for well-off noble girls, and if monsters that can compete with a group of knights are wandering around, we will have no choice but to shut down.”

At present, an order of knights stands at the ready at the dungeon’s entrance in preparation for any unexpected situations.

[Toslin]: “The brave¹ has returned, why not ask him for help?”

[Litzreich]: “As you may have already heard, Ashel doesn’t have an adventuring party he regularly travels with. Even if he is a red rank, I can’t have him investigate a situation we know almost nothing about by himself.”

[Carol]: “Why don’t you go with?”

[Litzreich]: “The situation won’t change just by adding me on. On the other hand, you all are always together. And then two knights, a priestess, and a witch? That’s a well balanced party right there. And most important of all, your thief.”

[Carol]: “Me?”

[Litzreich]: “Correct. This mission is one of research above all else, and the location is that of a dungeon. What’s the point of even going if you don’t have a thief with you?”

[Carol]: “Hmhmm? I guess Litzreich knows a good thing when she sees it after all. Okay, we’ll take the case.”

[Toslin]: “Oi, don’t decide that on your own.”

[Carol]: “But, we’re doing it anyway right? Even Iris said she wanted to do something adventure-like. So we’ll take the case.”

Carol’s already eager, looking up towards Toslin with bright, sparkling eyes.

[Toslin]: “Uu, that, well…….okay, but……”

[Iris]: “You remembered Carol? Thank you.”

The place is the original fortress of the evil dragon Oshunel. The situation, a mysterious monster no one knows about has appeared.

This if an adventurer-like job.

I want to take it no matter what.

I’m a little scared, but that’s just part of being an adventurer. I need to learn how to live with my fear because that will always be part of the job.

[Toslin]: “What does Saluena and Rose think?”

[Rose]: “I have no objections. If dangers lurk beneath the school, we must get rid of them for the students’ sake as well.”

[Saluena]: “I would also like to accept the request. Iris must be protected, but it’s also important for her to gain experience and become stronger.”

[Lapris]: “If Iris is going then I’m going too. The Goddess entrusted me with babysitting her after all.”

Lapris confidently patted my cheek as she declared her intent to come with us.

Her words make me happy, but then the incident with the king flashes through my mind and I become anxious again.

[Carol]: “Speaking of babysitting, Lapris knows not to make too much noise in the dungeon right? We don’t know where the enemies might be waiting for us.”

[Lapris]: “Who are you talking about?”

[Carol]: “You!!”

Despite things starting to get a bit off track, this means that everyone is in agreement and we’ve officially taken the request.

[Litzreich]: “My thanks everyone. Then if you could just wait 2~3 days while I finish the preparations for the dungeon.”

[Toslin]: “Three days……..? It won’t take us that long to prepare. Or do you need to get permission for us to enter the dungeon or something?”

[Litzreich]: “It’s nothing in particular really. I would just rather give the school some extra time to prepare in case we’re about to poke a hornet’s nest.”

Litzreich waved off Toslin’s question, but she then quickly clapped her hands as if a thought had suddenly struck her.

[Litzreich]: “Oh yes. Everyone, Iris especially, how would you like to become students here?”

[Iris]: “Eh, student? Me?”

That came out of nowhere. I had to clean my ears to make sure I was hearing her right.

[Litzreich]: “Indeed. You’ll have ample free time while you’re waiting anyway right? And with our excellent staff, wouldn’t you be able to learn as much about magic as you want while you’re here? And if you ever need them, we will give you priority for any spellbooks you might wish to read or any training space you wish to use. How about it?”

[Saluena]: “Isn’t it fine? You were just telling me how you wished to practice more of your magic which makes this a well-timed offer.”

[Litzreich]: “Right. And I can guarantee that our facilities are all well-equipped. So how about it?”

Certainly, there were more than a few spells I wanted to try out while I was reading the book Grandpa gave me.

And it would be most helpful if I could borrow a place where I could practice.

[Iris]: “B-But……only nobles are allowed to attend here……”

[Rose]: “His Majesty himself said Iris-san was to be treated as an esteemed guest, so I would imagine that would not be a problem.”

[Litzreich]: “Hoh, did he now? Well, even if he hadn’t, I’m still a professor here. It’d be no sweat for me to squeeze Iris in.”

Eh………wait? Why does it feel like things are naturally flowing to me attending the academy?

[Saluena]: “So long as it’s something my master wishes then I have no issue with it. I will watch over you regardless.”

[Rose]: “I think it’s a fine idea as well.”

Neither Saluena nor Rose-san are against me entering the academy.

[Lapris]: “Well I object. We’re talking about a school here right? Where humans all gather around like they’re part of a bargain sale? I won’t be able to get any sleep it’ll be so noisy.”

I’ll just ignore Lapris for now…….

[Iris]: “W-Well then…….I suppose, for just a little while, I could take a quick peek?”

Thrown off by the unexpected show of support, I joined this country’s……..I enrolled in Eleonora Academy.

1. Brave is a Japanese term that is synonymous to hero even though they’re different words. So to keep things straight, Ashel is the brave while Iris is the hero.

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  1. Building an academy for noble girl right in top of a still active dungeon. Am I the only one who think the King who chose this site to build the school was a little funny in the head? Even if you get free target practice out of it, I still find it a little weird.

    No matter. What matter is will Iris manage to score another girl during this school mini-arc? Looking forward to it!

    Thanks for the update!


    1. They might think that the dungeon is no longer a big threat because of the weak monsters that appears and no one expected it to recover. They just experienced it just now in that world it Is a stereotype in fantasy novel but they never experienced it.
      Then it suddenly became more active with stronger mobs and they take the threat seriously and they try find out what is happening there by sending one of the strongest force they can send to investigate. I can say its a good precautions.


      1. Easier to understand ver. : they never experienced a dungeon recovering and getting stronger (while its jp fantasy novel stereotypes for us and we know it). They suddenly find it suddenly gets a little stronger for the first time so they investigate it properly. They make proper preparations and precautions. And its a good attitude from a government that meet a sudden unknown level of threat.


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