Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 105


[Rose]: “E-El!?”

[El]: “I don’t want Rose to misunderstand anything, so let me be clear. I see Rinoa as a childhood friend, and that’s it. Nothing’s changed. You are the only person I’ve thought about since the day I met you.”


[El]: “Rose, I love you.”


[El]: “I know you’ve only ever seen me as a younger brother. But, the fact that you were concerned over Rinoa means you have to be at least a little conscious of me right? ……..I’m becoming a bit expectant.”

El looked so cute with his shy laugh that a sudden urge to hug him close rose in my heart.

(Eh, a-am I some kind of pervert!? BadRoseBadRoseBadRose!!! B-But it’s all El’s fault for being so cute!)

[El]: “Rose?”

El gave me a questioning look because I had fallen silent.


Now that I’m aware of how I feel about El, each little gesture he makes causes me to feel embarrassed while making me want to hold him close all the more!

[Rose]: “…….stop…….it”

I couldn’t stop my face from turning red, so I turned my eyes away from El and took a step back.

[El]: “…….R-Rose? …….Stop what?”

But that was a mistake, and El suddenly looked like he was about to cry.

[El]: “……did I say something wrong? ……or am I really no good after all? Is it because you can’t see me as anything besides a little brother? I know I’m not as cool as Allen or as good with women as Julius-dono. And I’m not smart like Lucas-dono either. But still……..but still, I know I love you more than anyone else ever could!”

[Rose]: “…..I-I’m happy to hear that…….but hold on! Why are we talking about Allen, Julius-sama, and Lou all of the sudden!?”

[El]: “Huh? Because you always look like you’re having a lot of fun whenever you’re with them…….”

He looks so cute with his ears drooping low that I just want to pet his head, but now isn’t the time for that!

[Rose]: “First off, Allen is my butler and a part of the family? Julius-sama doesn’t see me that way in the slightest. And Lou is just an important friend.”

[El]: “But that’s just what you think right? How do you know what they really feel………”


(Aah, I get it now…….El’s worried too. …….and of course he is. I still haven’t told him anything.)

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6 thoughts on “Villainess Wants to Live Freely Ch. 105

  1. Waah finally we’re getting somewhere. I can’t get enough of this story. Dont want it to end….

    As always thank you so much for your translations. I really enjoy reading all stories you have worked on.


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