Grimoire Master CH. 136


Chapter 13
Section 14: A Peaceful Place

[Carol]: “Hmm. So that’s why you’re so mopey?”

Carol poked my cheek as I buried myself in couch cushions.

[Lapris]: “You should’ve summoned Phoenix and rubbed her right in that pompous girl’s nose. That would’ve shut her up.”

Lapris was lying back ready to sleep on my stomach while looking a little bloated after the supper we just had.

[Iris]: “Uh-uh, it would’ve felt like I cheated.”

[Lapris]: “It’s still your power.”

[Iris]: “But it’s true that I couldn’t use any magic when the time came. Urgh, I would’ve practiced more if I knew this was how things were going to turn out…… If I was able to cast any kind of spell then Lou-chan wouldn’t have been insulted……..”

[Lapris]: “What the, that’s the part that got you so angry?”

[Iris]: “That’s right. But more than anything, I’m lamenting my own worthlessness…….and I’m also incredibly full, so if you could not lay right there.”

I tried peeling Lapris off my stomach, but she dug her fingers into my shirt. When I was younger, Mycena dragged me up to the mountains so we could pick up some stag beetles for fun. Even back then I was amazed at the strength that could come from such tiny bodies.

[Toslin]: “Pull yourselves together. Have you forgotten that we will be dungeon diving tomorrow?”

Toslin scolded us both while I wrestled with Lapris who continued to stubbornly cling to me without bothering to try and justify her being there.

She had just gotten out of the bath and was currently drying her hair.

It’s at times like this that I think about how bothersome it must be to have long hair.

Would it take me one, no, two years to get my hair that long? The thought that it’ll take that long before Rose-san will tell me how beautiful I look just makes me even more depressed.

[Iris]: “Uuu, Rose-san~”

It’s time like this when I want to be spoiled and called Rose-san’s name, but it was Saluena who answered back.

[Saluena]: “Rosa is washing off her sweat right now. She is worn-out from how much moving around she did today. Let her relax in the bath for a bit.”

[Iris]: “Ah, of course…….”

We usually take our bath together, but because we returned at different times today, we’re taking them separately.

[Saluena]: “I could console you instead.”

[Iris]: “………no thanks. There’s something unpleasant about the way you move your hands.”

[Saluena]: “You wound me. I am simply showing you my love.”

Saluena gave an overreactive sigh. But I won’t be fooled. The innocent Iris-san who would turn red just because you pet her head or stare into her eyes no longer exists. 

[Iris]: “… Now that you mention it, what were all of you doing while I was in class?”

[Toslin]: “I was teaching a couple of students some swordplay.”

[Carol]: “I just watched.”

[Saluena]: “Rosa, the knights, and I spent the day training.”

[Iris]: “Ohh, is that right?”

I kind of figured for Saluena and Rose-san, but it’s a bit surprising to think of Toslin as a teacher.

[Carol]: “Listen to this Iris. Can you believe that Toslin spent the whole day flirting with other women when I was right there?”

[Toslin]: “Geez, you’re talking crazy again. Has the inside of your head finally gone completely rotten?”

[Carol]: “It’s the truth.”

[Toslin]: “We weren’t flirting. I was just answering some of their questions?”

[Carol]: “And eating lunch with them?”

[Toslin]: “They offered.”

[Carol]: “Mmmhmm? So you’ll blindly follow after anyone who offers you an invitation?”

[Toslin]: “What are you so angry about? You were there too. You ate with us.”

[Carol]: “That’s not what I’m talking about! Stupid Toslin!”

[Toslin]: “Who’s stupid? Then tell me what I should have done.”

[Carol]: “Can’t you figure it out yourself!? Stupid, stupid idiot Toslin!!”

[Toslin]: “Enough you! The person calling other people idiot is the true idiot!”

Toslin picked up Carol and threw her at the bed.

[Carol]: “Kyaaa! Nice try.”

With as small as she is, Carol flew through the air, but she’s still a thief. She made a perfect landing upright on top of the bed.

[Toslin]: “Oops, my hand slipped!!”

[Carol]: “Gack!?”

Already figuring that would happen though, Toslin immediately threw a tightly wound together bath towel and hit Carol square in the face.

[Carol]: “That hurtーーーーー!!”

Carol threw it right back…….so queue the usual brawl.

[Rose]: “Ara ara, so it has started once again already?”

[Iris]: “Rose-san!!”

[Lapris]: “Oi what the heck Iris!! Don’t suddenly stand up!!”

I jumped into Rose-san’s chest as soon as she got out of the bath and returned to our room.

[Rose]: “Oh, my, is something the matter?”

Rose-san is already wearing her pajamas, and smells, as you could guess, like soap.

[Iris]: “School didn’t go too well today.”

[Rose]: “Oh, is that so?”

[Saluena]: “I told her I’d comfort her, but she insisted it had to be you Rosa.”

[Iris]: “H-Hold on Saluena! You don’t have to tell her that!!”

I peeled my face out of Rose-san’s chest to yell at Saluena. But she just laughed at me with a smile on her face and didn’t look like she had any plans to repent.

[Rose]: “Fufu, you don’t say. Then I’ll take responsibility and listen.”

[Saluena]: “Let me listen in too. I need to properly keep tabs on the troubles facing my lord.”

[Rose]: “Then let’s do it together. We can have Iris-san sleep between us tonight.”

[Lapris]: “Oi dumbasses!! Are you going to be making that racket all night!? You’re noisy! Shut your traps!”

Lapris charged towards Carol and Toslin, yelling at them to knock it off now that they’ve started throwing pillows instead of towels.

[Lapris]: “Huh? Huuuh!? Wait, I’m not a pill-………KYAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!”

Sure enough, almost predictably, she was scooped out of the air by Toslin and launched across the room.

[Rose]: “Now, Iris-san, over here.”

[Iris]: “Yes!!”

Rose-san tapped the center of the bed. For the record, the pillow fight’s main battlefield is the other bed. Rose-san laid down on the edge of our spacious bed, and I dove in right next to her.

[Saluena]: “Hold on Rosa. Wouldn’t this mean that I’ll end up sleeping on the edge of the beds again?”

[Rose]: “Yes I suppose so. Is there something wrong with that?”

Rose-san was looking directly into Saluena’s eyes with a bright smile on her face.

[Saluena]: “…….are you……still upset because I joined that student in the gazebo this morning? I should have already apologized for that.”

[Rose]: “I don’t recall ever receiving any such apology.”

………Hm? Oh no, don’t tell me…… there a quarrel going on over here as well?

[Saluena]: “All right Rosa. Listen to me one more time.”

[Rose]: “Listen to your excuses? I don’t have the ears for something like that. Isn’t Oneesama interested in that student? If so then shouldn’t you quickly go join her?”

But well, I saw her do it with my own eyes, so I can’t say I sympathize with Saluena here.

[Rose]: “Come, Iris-san. What happened today? Tell me everything.”

[Iris]: “R-Right. Um…….I actually had practical magic training today, and……..”

…….but, what is this?

I’ve been wondering about this since a while ago.

[Saluena]: “Rosa, I’m begging you. Listen to me……..”

[Rose]: “Fufu, that sounds fun. So, how did it go?”

On one side we have a couple of girls having a pillow fight where the pillow has been replaced with Lapris, and on the other we have a couple of sisters in the middle of a tense, cagey quarrel.

Is it really okay for us to be entering a dungeon tomorrow morning?

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9 thoughts on “Grimoire Master CH. 136

  1. Hmm? I was assuming we have some danger coming up where Grides needs to be rescued, but it’s not going to happen quite yet, huh?

    Oh, well, it’s a Friday chapter anyway. Thank you


  2. Well if Iris tells Rose the story, one can be certain Rose will put that bitch in her place the next time she sees her.


  3. I think it is all Iris’s fault for letting that playgirl out of the prison. (I doubt that Saluena is the actual final boss of this series. Iris would have to defeat her in order to be together with Rose.)


  4. I think it is all Iris’s fault for letting that playgirl out of the prison. (I doubt that Saluena is the actual final boss of this series. Iris would have to defeat her in order to be together with Rose.)


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