Grimoire Master Ch. 138


Chapter 14
Section 2: Knight Pair

Bold Loire. 

The simple description for these kinds of monsters is a kind of giant moving knight statue. 

They’re a mysterious kind of monster. Despite technically being golems they have no core, and it is still unknown how they function.

[Saluena]: “Rosa, destroy the legs first.”

[Rose]: “Roger Oneesama.”

Standing by my side, Saluena pointed towards the feet of the colossal knight. 

In response, Rose-san sprang forth like a deer towards the Bold Loire. 

[Rose]: “Hah!”

The spiked mace still dripping with the blood of goblins swung down towards the slow-moving statue’s legs. 


However the statue was fast enough to move its shield down and block the mace’s strike.

[Saluena]: “I see. So one wields a shield and the other a sword.”

There are two bold loires here. One is holding a huge tower shield while the other wields a longsword.

The two knights looked perfectly in sync, skillfully delegating their roles between offense and defense.

[Carol]: “What level is this guy?”

[Toslin]: “It’s a pretty rare monster. From what I here though, they’re around level fifteen. Give or take individual differences.”

Toslin and Carol followed after Rose-san, jumping in front of the enemy. The other bold loire brandished its steel longsword towards the two newcomers.

[Carol]: “So they’re the same level as that ice golem? Then this will be an easy win.”

However both of them evaded the attack with room to spare.

[Toslin]: “Well, probably yeah. Rose, you have that one?”

[Rose]: “Leave it to me.”

Rose-san readied her shield, and to my amazement, met the bold loire head on.

Rose-san wasn’t budging despite her enemy being three times her size. She completely suppressed her enemy’s attack while simultaneously throwing in her own. 

Her spiked mace moved like a flash of light, scraping off bits and pieces of the knight statue until finally breaking off its leg entirely.

[Iris]: “She did it!”

Rose-san is amazing! While giving a round of applause in my heart, the arm of the other colossus fell to the ground as well.

[Toslin]: “Ah man~. The blade’s gone dull. I’m going to need to grind it again when we get back.”

Toslin was grumbling to herself, looking over her sword with the knight’s arm at her feet.

[Carol]: “Just buy a new sword with the money from your reward?”

[Toslin]: “This one’s still usable. It’d be a waste to just toss it.”

[Carol]: “Toslin’s stinginess won’t change no matter how much money she has.”

Carol darted through the bold loire’s legs. She then jumped unto its back, hooking a rope around its neck.

(Oh, that rope. It’s the one I bought together with Rose-san.)

That rope is tied together with threads of silk from spiders that live in a special region call the Quartz Crown. While the rope is more flammable as a result, it is also lighter and supposedly so sturdy that it’s impossible to tear apart.

Once the rope was knotted off, Carol leapt off the monster’s back with one end of the rope still in hand. She ran back towards us before tying off the other end of the rope around Goldmund’s horn.

[Carol]: “Goldmund-san~, show them what you got!!”

Goldmund immediately understood what his role was here and charged back the way we came.

The rope was pulled taut and yanked the bold loire’s head forward.

[Goldmund]: “GUOOooooooo!!”

The colossus struggled to keep standing while Goldmund was determined to drag it down. It was a competition of brute strength, but the end result was easy to guess.

Goldmund is a comrade who has battled together with us against a dragon and the carbuncle. His strength has naturally grown as a result, and at this point he is far stronger than the bold loire. He planted just one of his muscular legs firmly down onto the ground, and with one tug, the knight statue’s head shook as its entire body leaned forward.


[Iris]: “Whoa……so strong……”

The knight statue crashed down on the hard floor, shattering into pieces that scattered across the ground.


At almost the same time, Rose-san’s spiked mace came crashing down, splintering the head of the bold loire that had already lost one of its legs.

That merciless blow caused the colossus to cease functioning outright and collapse right where it stood.

[Saluena]: “Wonderful.”

Saluena clapped her hands together and called out.

[Iris]: “So amazing…….”

It’s incredible. Just one of these bold loires are supposed to be as strong as the ice golem we fought outside of Relton, and they just killed them so easily.

Plus, there were two of them this time. And Rose-san beat one of them all by herself. It’s just way too incredible. I mean, they didn’t even break a sweat……how cool is that!?

Watching Rose-san, it really feels like I’m looking at one of the warrior priestesses I read about in my books come to life.

[Carol]: “Oh, look look! If you look closely, this guy’s got gems all over his body!!”

[Toslin]: “Hey, this sword is pretty good. It’s a bit rusty, but maybe I’ll take it.”

[Carol]: “The shield too!? There are gems embedded in the shield!”

In the second that I had looked away, moved by the performance I had just seen, Toslin and Carol had naturally begun fishing for loot.

[Iris]: “………”

No, I mean…..I guess I can understand how they feel? I was wondering what kind of fabulous loot we were going to be able to get back when we defeated that ice golem too.

It’s just…..I really would have liked to enjoy the afterglow of victory for a little while longer.

[Iris]: “Good job out there Rose-san.”

When I offered Rose-san a word of congratulations, she returned a soft smile you wouldn’t think could come from a war goddess who had just mercilessly lay waste to her foe.

[Rose]: “Did any shrapnel hurt you?”

[Iris]: “I-I’m fine! Saluena protected me…….. But, I……I feel bad I couldn’t help you any in there.”

I scratched my cheek and gave her a bitter smile, but Rose-san looked a bit puzzled in return.

[Rose]: “Oh my, are you worried about that?”

She then looked back towards the two party members happily hunting for loot.

[Rose]: “Do you know what the two of them are thinking about right now?”

[Iris]: “……Toslin and Carol? Um……..I wonder…….”

After thinking about it for a second, I confidently mumble.

[Iris]: “H-Hooray?”

[Rose]: “Fufu, indeed. I believe that to be exactly what they are thinking.”

Rose-san burst into a fit of giggles at my answer.

[Rose]: “At the moment, I am pretty sure……there is nothing else going through their heads.”

[Iris]: “…….?”

So what exactly is Rose-san trying to say here? My head hung to my side as I waited for her to continue.

Thereupon Rose-san turned towards me as she brushed her hair behind her ear.

[Rose]: “We are all friends here. There is no need for any of us to be thinking something as pointless as who may or may not be helpful. We like Iris-san, and we want to stay together with you.”

[Iris]: “……..”

So, that’s how it is. Just like I’m happy to be with everyone, everyone else…….is thinking the same thing.

I don’t want anything special from any of them…….and they aren’t asking anything special from me.

“Just be here”

Those words were all I needed to hear from Rose-san to make all the impatience and frustration in my heart disappear.

[Rose]: “Understand?”

[Iris]: “I-I do!”

When I straightened my back to give my answer, Rose-san nodded with a laugh.

She then slowly extended her hand outwards as if she were afraid she would hurt me, and……

[Rose]: “Good girl, good girl”

she patted my head as if she were trying to directly feed those words into my brain.

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  1. I understand that Iris falls head over heels for Rose. But isn’t that is too much unfair for Toslin and Carol? I hope next chapters will highlight the other members of the crew.


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