Grimoire Master Ch. 141


Chapter 14
Section 5: Primordial Spirit, Again

[Lapris]: You’re not supposed to break those things you know. What are you going to do without your weapon?”

[Toslin]: “I’m thinking about that now!! Damn it! Was it already cracked? There was the ice golem, the dragon, the carbuncle, those stone statues earlier, and now for these gnome golems to be the ones finishing it off? Hold on those are way too many enemies!! Obviously this is going to happen now that I think about it!!”

Toslin didn’t pull away despite her sword having snapped in two.

She continued to voice her irritation aloud while still trying to keep one of the gnome golems preoccupied.

[Iris]: “Ah, that’s dangerous Toslin!!”

The gnome golem brought its column-like arm down towards Toslin.

It was just as I threw out my hand to have Unicorn throw up a defensive barrier, 

[Toslin]: “HYAaaaaah!!”


that Toslin kicked the gnome.

[Iris]: “Huh?”

The golem lost its balance, crashing down on its back.

While I dumbfoundedly stared at her, she shouted at Carol.

[Toslin]: “Oi Carol!! Get over to Goldmund and give me that sword we took off those stone statues!!”

[Iris]: “Eh, you’re going to use that thing? There’s no way right?”

Those statues we fought are at least twice as tall as Toslin. And they aren’t even close to being the same weight class.

Does Toslin intend to push through that weight difference by simply gritting her teeth and pushing through?

There’s no way……unless……she really is part orc……..

[Carol]: “Oh jeez, you’ve been a real slave driver today.”

Carol magically appeared right by Goldmund without me ever seeing her coming while lazily saying something rude like that. She unfastened the looted sword off his back and grabbed the hilt.

[Carol]: “Hwoh! No, it’s impossible!! Unreasonably impossible, this thing is going to crush me!! Come here Saluena! I need your help!”

Carol managed to pull it down, but lifting it up was too much for her. She couldn’t support the weight and looked like she was about to be crushed.

[Saluena]: “Her broken sword was heavy enough, but this one is at least twice the weight. Can she wield it?”

That’s what Saluena says, but she’s still holding the looted sword up with one hand. Rose-san included, these people able to fight with these kind of weapons are amazing.

[Carol]: “Yeah I’m not sure. But we should probably give it to her anyway.”

[Saluena]: “Hmm…….. Well, I suppose we’ll see.”

Saluena was suspiciously looking over the sword for a moment, but she soon tossed it over to Toslin anyway.

They kept talking about how heavy it was, yet the sword still flew in a perfect parabola as it spun through the air.

[Toslin]: “Thanks. You saved me.”

*ShaShing!* The sword fell point down, digging it straight into the ground.

Toslin reached out towards the sword’s hilt without taking her eyes off the gnome golem. She then easily, and I mean seriously without any effort at all, pulled it out.

[Toslin]: “O~kay! I’m going to start by smashing in those puny little legs of yours.”

She immediately got to work on her threat. Toslin charged forward, swinging down the huge, blunt sword.

Her body didn’t give out from under her despite the increased weight. She swung it like it was her usual sword, with both feet firmly planted on the ground. 


The gnome golem had risen back to its feet and met Toslin head-on.

However its thin needle-like legs were immediately snapped in half from Toslin’s strike, and its body slammed back down onto the ground once again.


The ground shook as a loud crash split through the air.

[Toslin]: “Hooooooooo-raaaaaaaaah!!”


Unable to stand up with its legs gone, the golem had no chance of winning. Then, with a massive battle cry, Toslin crushed the golem’s head with a lump of iron and silenced it completely.

[Saluena]: “Step by step she’s becoming less and less like an elf.”

[Lapris]: “Oh, so you think so too Anego?”

[Toslin]: “I can hear you Lapris and Saluena!!”

No but, I mean it’s kind of…….I saw the same thing they did, and I sorta had the same impression.

I mean, the impression given off by somebody easily swinging around a giant chunk of iron over their heads is just so far off from the image I have of an elf.


[Rose]: “It seems both of us managed to make due somehow.”

Ah, I was so preoccupied with Toslin that I forgot Rose-san was dealing with the other gnome golem.

My gaze darted over just in time to see Rose-san about to deal the finishing blow on the fallen gnome golem.


Rose-san did as Toslin had done before and shattered the golem’s head with her mace.

[Iris]: “Woah, that’s kind of amazing…….”

The golem Rose-san had dealt with was in much worse condition than what the other one was.

Its torso was covered in cracks along with its limbs. 

It was clear that her spiked mace was driven into its body over and over again.

[Iris]: “Good job out there Rose-san.”

Rose-san held her hand out to me as I trotted over.

[Rose]: “Do not get too close. The gnome itself is still in there. Is that right Oneesama?”

[Saluena]: “Mm, that’s right. These attacks mean they’ve regained their primordial power. It’s best if we stay on guard.”

There are spirits pretty much all over the world, and the reason why they never attack anybody is because of the restrictions the Goddess has imposed on the world.

In the Goddess’s world, spirits are unable to use their own power when they want.

It’s only when spirits are supplied with a person’s mana that their power can be used. And even then, it manifests itself in the form we want and with the limitations that the Goddess set. 

That is the effect of the still-binding chains imposed on them a thousand years ago during the Illyarian War. It is the reason of this world.

[Carol]: “Is it okay to open this glass window-like thing then?”

Carol moved close to the golem’s still body.

Those lenses had emitted so much light before, but now all that was left was a light flicker.

[Carol]: “Is it unlocked? I’m not sure if it’s something we can even open.”

It happened as Carol said such and touched the lens. 

The golem’s entire body began rattling around as a plume of smoke erupted from the body.

[Iris]: “Carol!?”

And in the next instant, *KABOOM!!*, the whole thing blew apart.

[Carol]: “Fuwaaaaaah!?”

I managed to keep her safe by throwing one of Unicorn’s defensive barriers between her and the exploding body.

[Lapris]: “Ah, hey! The gnomes are getting away!!”

But the gnomes, who would have been at the center of the explosion, spun through the air and fell to the floor–their bodies melting into the ground just like that.

[Iris]: “T-They disappeared…….”

For just an instant, I managed to get my first look at a gnome.

She was a small and very cute girl, just like stories say.

[Carol]: “*Cough* *Cough*………”

Carol managed to walk out from the cloud of dust kicked up by the explosion with just a light cough.

[Toslin]: “Oi, are you okay Carol?”

Toslin rushed over to check, but it didn’t look like she was injured.

[Carol]: “I dropped my guard there a bit. Thanks Iris.”

[Iris]: “I-It’s okay! As long as you’re safe.”

Bits and pieces of the debris remaining from the golem bodies rolled across the floor.

The gnomes themselves are gone, so was this just their ride? The broken bits of the golem bodies aren’t disappearing and just sitting there in the dirt.

[Saluena]: “Toslin. We still have a ways to go, but it’s better for us to turn back for now. These gnomes are almost certainly that new type of monster we were looking for.”

[Rose]: “Yes, it matches the description we received before coming here. I agree with Sally-oneesama Toslin-san. Whether we wish to continue further later on or not, we should bring this information back to Litzreich-san at the very least.”

[Toslin]: “Yeah, sure. I got it. You’re right. We’re here for an investigation, not to conquer the whole dungeon. Bringing back these things’ bodies will be good enough.”

[Carol]: “Plus you broke your weapon.”

[Toslin]: “Haa~, you don’t need to remind me. Can I even fix this……..?”

Toslin held up the hilt of her former sword in one hand and the broken off blade in the other. Her shoulders drooped down as a helpless sigh passed her lips.

She’s had the sword ever since she left home. It’s like her partner. I hope it can be fixed…….

After loading up the more intact fragments of the golem bodies onto Goldmund’s back, we began the hours-long journey back the way we came.

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  1. Toslin is so different from the typical elf, it’s a refreshing change of pace.
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