Grimoire Master Ch. 161


Chapter 15
Section 11: Gnome Sisters Part 2

She had the same black hair as her sister, but her’s was braided. And her body was gradually turning into sand.

[Iris]: “Eh……”

My mind went blank when I saw her, and my body stiffened in place. It wasn’t until Saluena nudged my shoulder that I was able to reboot myself. 

[Saluena]: “…….she’s disappearing. Iris, gently set her down. Take care.”

[Iris]: “R-Right!!”

[Lapris]: “Oi, put her over here!”

Before I realized it, Lapris had unloaded a towel from our luggage on Goldmund’s back and laid it out on the ground. 

[Iris]: “T-Thanks Lapris!!”

[Lapris]: “It’s fine, so just be gentle!?”

The two gnomes together weigh less than a set of silverware. I took a deep breath to steady my hands and slowly lowered their bodies onto the towel. The older gnome sister immediately tried lifting up her younger sister after they were back on the ground, 

[Lapris]: “Don’t move her!! She’ll crumble away!!”

but Lapris stopped her. Tears were welling up in the gnome’s eyes as she watched her younger sister crumble away.

[Saluena]: “Rosa, we need a healing miracle.”

[Rose]: “Understood”

Rose-san immediately rushed to the gnome’s side and knelt down. She folded her hands together before beginning to pray.

[Rose]: “The adherent Rosalith Cuulbacall offers her prayers. Goddess, heal this person’s wounds.”

[Toslin]: “Is that going to work on a spirit?”

Toslin asked the question I was thinking. 

[Saluena]: “So long as the spirit is a believer in the Goddess. The Goddess’s miracle is capable of healing any of her followers……supposedly at least.”

Almost as if it were waiting for Saluena’s cue, the palms of Rose-san’s hands began emitting a warm light and wrapped around the little sister gnome’s body.

Rose-san’s healing miracle won’t work on someone if they’re too injured or if their vitality is too low like how Carol was on St. Noglint.

But apparently my worries were groundless. 

[Iris]: “Ooh, she’s healing……. It’s certainly a miracle.”

The younger sister’s body gradually began piecing itself back together, the cracks in her body slowly fading away. After seeing her improved health, Lapris let the older sister go. She rushed back over to her younger sister’s side, her eyes welling up with tears of joy this time around.

[Iris]: “Haa, I’m glad she could be saved…….”

I hadn’t actually done anything, but the relief still made me sink to my butt.

[Ashel]: “No, stay standing Iris”

[Iris]: “Fue?”

Ashel grabbed my arm and pulled me back to my feet, not letting me expel the tension that was hanging in my body. 

[Ashel]: “It looks as if the reason why these two were so injured will soon be upon us.”

The reason……oh, right. Something else should be coming here from further in the dungeon. Carol had left to go check up on it.

[Carol]: “Oi~, I’m back~”

Carol’s voice from inside the darkness didn’t sound any different from normal. 

She lightly scampered out of the shadows a second later. She then immediately made her way over to Goldmund and began rifling through our luggage.

[Carol]: “Let’s see, there are around a hundred or more bold loires making their way over here right now.”

[Iris]: “Eh…….hya…….”

[Toslin]: “A hundred!?”

[Carol]: “Oh, there was some kind of strange ball floating above them too. They’re almost here, so we should get ready.”

Carol threw a large bundle of rope over her shoulder. 

*Badum* *Badum* *Badum*………now that she mentions it, I can certainly feel something through the ground. It feels as if it’s trembling, and with each second the tremors become more and more intense. Soon pieces of stone began falling down from the ceiling.

[Saluena]: “Rosa cannot move for a while. I’m sorry Ashel, Litzreich. We must request our clients’ assistance.”

[Ashel]: “Of course”

[Litzreich]: “This is my chance to show off my good points to Iris”

Ashel drew her slender sword and Litzreich activated her magic shell and made it envelop her arms.

[Saluena]: “There are over a hundred level 15 monsters in the capital’s basement? This is most definitely a job for an order of knights.”

[Rose]: “Good thing there happens to be one here at the ready.”

Any anger Rose-san felt towards Saluena had long since dissipated.

And when Saluena pulls out her sword, she becomes the strongest swordswoman in the history of mankind.

[Toslin]: “I wonder if it’s fine to call a handful of women a knight’s order…….”

Toslin drew her sword out with a side, and Carol walked up next to her.

[Carol]: “You’re the one who said we’d join. So we have to do, what we have to do.”

[Toslin]: “And our princess says we’re saving the gnome.”

[Iris]: “Geez, not you two too……..”

I tried protesting to the princess-talk, but it made me feel reassured all the same.

But I’m not just someone to be protected anymore. I’m an adventurer and a companion to everyone here.

[Iris]: “All right, first off we’ll need some light. Phoenix!!”

I funneled some of my magic power into Phoenix who was flying overhead to have her light burn even more violently.

The line between our light and the darkness moved outwards as Phoenix transformed into a massive fireball stronger than a hundred torches.

[Carol]: “……they’re here.”

There was a passageway at the far back of the room where multiple bodies…….no, an army of bold loires sprung forth.

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