Building a Yuri Harem~ Ch. 23


Episode 23: Letters in Class

“When I was your age~, I would jump out the window to get one of the few yakisoba breads~. Children your age~, how to say it, that’s how healthy you are~. Yeah, that’s good enough.”

“Sensei~. That’s dangerous~”

“Heh. A young lady like you dreams about telling an adult like me what is and isn’t dangerous? Kids today may be a bit too adventurous.”

For some reason, our teacher was regaling us with tales of her heroic youth in the middle of health class. In a strange turn of events, Honoka was the one to deliver the tsukkomi. 

Unfortunately I couldn’t pay any attention to her interesting story because all it takes is a glance……for me to see that someone is watching me.

I opened up my textbook and notebook when the teacher took a breather and secretly checked beside me again…….I am being rigorously monitored…….

It’s been like this ever since I spoke with Ranko. 

What does she want to say? While I was worrying by myself, the sound of chalk on blackboard sounded for the first time since class began. With the teacher finally looking to teach, Saki pulled out a pen and paper and looked away from me.

Thank goodness. Now I can concentrate on the lesson.

It’s not that I mind her; I just don’t want to easily give up my position as the top student……. The school may not be a particularly high level one, but I’m not inherently a good student either. I can’t afford to overlook a single lesson. Preparation and review are the most important parts when it comes to learning.

I was wondering if I could confidently take notes for the time being……but just when I pulled out my marker to copy down a particular equation…….


A soundless breath leaked out. What just hit my head?

I glanced down at me feet because I heard something similar to a leaf falling onto the ground. On top of the beautiful, stainless wooden floor, there was a small scrap of paper folded into a square……

What is this? 

I thought about it for a second, but it wasn’t long before I was looking towards Saki. She was taking notes while looking at the blackboard, but she kept glancing my way as she did it. This is probably her work.

Which means this is a letter…….

I picked up the scrap of paper and unfolded it. It was some cute, pink fairy tale stationary with a gothic tone overtop the silhouette of a black rabbit. There was some cutely scribed lettering located at the top.

[What were you talking with Suzushiro about?”]

Um…….the contents are pretty straightforward compared to the fluffy appearance. Whenever we text each other on our phones, she always adds on a bunch of emoticons like hearts and cats at the end of her sentences……..why is the lack of those emoticons making me scared right now?

If there’s a bunch of blank space on the paper, that probably means I’m supposed to write my answer below it. I’m not sure what the rules for exchanging letters in class is, but since she sent me a piece of stationary instead of a small post-it note, she may have guessed that this would end up being a long correspondence.

[Nothing special? I want to get along well with her, so I talked to her about books.]

I smoothly folded the paper along the already established creases and placed it on Saki’s desk when the teacher turned around again.

She quickly read through the contents, and after giving me a strange glare, she started scribbling something else down on the paper. She’s cute when she’s acting weird too.

[But you kept saying how cute she was.]

Ohh, so that’s what this is. If I think something’s cute, I always say so without thinking about it. While reading the note sketched out on the stationary, I once again lamented my bad habit.

[It was some friendly teasing (LOL)]

To keep an adult-acting child waiting is the highest of sins――and while I’m not revealing my true intentions, neither am I telling any lies. So without thinking about it too deeply, I quickly ran my pen across the paper and returned the letter.

She immediately opened it. She once again glanced towards me, a small flicker of what looked like doubt dancing across her face.

[Is that really all?]

Her reply came immediately. It was four short words. A small response, but it pierced me to the core like a pin sent straight through my heart. No, that’s certainly not ‘all’. 

Saki really is sharp. Out of everyone I’m targeting for my yuri harem, she’s the one I need to pay the most attention to.

[I want us to be friends.]

There was a second there where I hesitated, so I gave an answer that changed the subject slightly. I passed the letter over to her desk as soon as I finished writing it――


She grabbed my hand. Saki unfurled the letter and took a quick glance through what I wrote. Did she already guess what I was going to say? I can’t say I’m surprised I guess. The contrast between the chill from my cold desk and the warmth of her hand on top of mine is making me falter.

Is that really all?

She mouthed the words to me without bothering to take the time to write down what she had already asked. Her eyes were serious and unblinking. My heart rate had probably doubled between our handholding and locked gazes.

It was like I had dunked my head underwater while taking a bath, and all I could really hear was my own heartbeat. The sound of chalk scraping against the blackboard sounded a world away. A tense sense of urgency had been thrust upon me, yet my mind had completely frozen trying to figure out what to do next. 

At that time, 

“You two, what are you doing back there~?”

a voice suddenly echoed through the room and broke me from my trance. I hurriedly broke my gaze away from Saki’s eyes and turned it towards the confused teacher who was looking back at both of us.

“She dropped her eraser, and I was just picking it up.”

My brain cycled through every bad excuse in the book before it picked out an easy to understand reason for this compromising position.

“…….Is that so? Well, let’s hurry and get back to class then.”

The teacher was clearly doubting me, but she soon lost interest and returned her attention to the blackboard. It looks like I was able to successfully deceive her there.


Please don’t. She’s erasing the blackboard.

Somehow she had written an extensive amount of content on the board while I was focused on our letter exchange, and I hadn’t gotten a chance to copy down any of it. I’m going to have to borrow someone’s notes later…..

While mourning over the current situation, my mind slipped back into a sea of thought.

…….I’m being suspected.

When making a yuri harem, doubts over affairs could easily lead to relationships souring. I didn’t think I would have to navigate around this issue until I had properly positioned my future harem members, but it seems like I will have to change my priorities. 

I’ll have to deal with Saki before anything else.

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