Hero Audition Ch. 8


Hierarchal Relationship

“A…..A pervert…..you have the wrong person?”

Obviously I know what she’s talking about. I was enthusiastically sniffing her during our dance. I was doing my best to not make it obvious, but I guess it was all in vain.

“Did I smell that good, Ms. Pervert?”

“Hah…..let me go…..”

“I won’t. It’s part of your punishment. Did you want to sniff some more? Were you disappointed being made to wait?”

So it wasn’t by chance that our dance ended when it did.

“N-…..No….I wasn’t smelling you…..”

Lily Ruhuna’s hand slammed the wall right next to my face. A loud bang rang in my ear, and I jumped off reflex.

“Don’t lie. I don’t mind letting you continue so long as you’re honest.”

Carrot and the stick. Her narrow eyes and cold smile tell me trying to deceive her isn’t going to work. So I relented and answered with a silent nod. But rather than release the restraint holding me against the wall, the strength in her grip tightened instead.

“You should’ve been honest from the beginning. Only those with power have the right to tell a lie. And right now, you and I are the only ones here. You can figure out which of us has the upper hand here right?”

I’m the weaker one. Not just in status and rank, but in power, character, and civility. There isn’t a single category I’d be able to beat her in.

“Then…..the rest?”

“Of course not. Unlike you, I have the ability to lie. Unless you have any complaints?”


In just a few shared words, the hierarchical relationship between us was established. And as if to say she knew I understood that fact, the grip she had around my wrists loosened.

“Come to think of it, we share a name. It will feel like I am talking to myself like an insane person like this, so I shall bestow upon you a new name. ……Yes. Liffy will do, don’t you think?”


Deprived of dignity and a name. She’s doing as she likes. Actually, I was on my way to the bath before this wasn’t I? Is she going to let me go soon?

“Liffy. Seat yourself there.”

She pointed to the edge of her bed, and I sat down just as she told me to.

“Now cross your legs.”

Once again I did just as I was told. Once she was satisfied, Lily came in front of me and sat down on the ground. It made it seem like I was the one looking down on her.

No, that’s not really the issue here. Sure it’s become obvious who is on top between us like this, but theoretically we are supposed to be equals as long as this competition is ongoing. So it doesn’t necessarily matter that I am looking down on her like this.

It’s just, all she’s doing is staring at my legs. I don’t know what she wants from me, but time is passing us by with her just quietly sitting there and staring at my legs.

“Umm…..anything else?”

She looked at me genuinely surprised when I said something. No, please don’t look at me like you have no idea what to do after this. You were the one who told me to sit down and started staring at my legs. Obviously I don’t say any of that out loud though since I would definitely get punished.

“You have nice legs. You haven’t needlessly thinned them out by starving yourself to try and be skinny. Muscular yet supple. And a full milky white color too. With not a single hair growing on them.”

The look she is giving my legs right now is starting to scare me a little.

“T-……Thank you”

“Open your legs”

“Huh!? No….that’s kind of….you’ll see”

I’m wearing a skirt, so if I open my legs, my panties will be right there.

“H-Hurry up. I don’t care about that.”

She stumbled on her orders, but it was clear she wasn’t going to let me use any restlessness as an excuse.

I reluctantly opened my legs, and she buried her face into the side of my knee. Her fine hair tickled against my thighs.

I was finally able to realize that she was a pervert too. Every time she rubbed her cheek against my calf, her breathing got rougher. Meaning it was my chance to take the lead.

I tightened my legs and held her head into place. Although because she couldn’t move the way she wanted to, she forcibly pulled out her face and glared at me.

“Would you like to lick them next? I really don’t mind.”

There were a few seconds where she completely froze up before leaping at me like a beast. She seized my hands and shoved me onto the bed.

Silver hair twinkling in the light brushed against my face. It’s as soft as silk. If I were to run through it with a hand comb, I’m sure I’d be able to get all the way through without getting caught once.

“Don’t get carried away. Your legs, your name, and everything else belongs to me. I changed your name to Liffy, and I will do whatever I want with your legs as well. You are not the one giving orders here.”

“So you weren’t wondering whether to prioritize your own desires or training me? It’s okay to be honest.”

I looked her back in the eyes as I replied. But as soon as she heard my words, she hunched forward and bit my earlobe. It hurt a bit, so it was a little too strong to be seductive. Her hand went over my eyes, so I couldn’t see what she was doing when she whispered into my ear.

“I could bite your ear off just like this. Nobody would say a thing. You are the one being punished. You have a hard time remembering that.”

The combination of her breath hitting my ear and her scent over me sent a chill up my spine. The goosebumps wouldn’t go away. I unintentionally answered yes to her while her hot breath ran down my neck. From the bottom of my heart I was thinking that whatever she might say, it would be right. My judgement was being kneecapped by her diabolical scent.

Using her right hand as support, she turned her body 180 degrees and lied down next to me. It was the same posture as if we were sprawled out on an open grassland.

“I will take my time enjoying your legs next time. You may leave now.”

“Huh? All ready? Nothing else to say?”

“No. It’d be pointless for you to say anything after that. Understand?”

The power to turn lies into truth and truth into lies. She has it. So it doesn’t matter who I tell about what happened in here, it’ll be treated as a lie as soon as she gives the word. I nod my head silently because I am already painfully aware of that fact.

Unlocking the door, I turned the knob.

“See you later, Liffy.”

I heard a languid voice coming from the bed. She’s taken my name and bullied me the entire time I was in this room. It would be too annoying to not give some kind of retribution.

“See you later, Leg Fetish Lily-chan.”

I left the room before the enraged Lily could jump me again and dashed towards the bath.

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  1. I REALLY didn’t expect that, what a turn of event. But i’m glad our Lily still showed some backbone


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