Hero Audition Ch. 9



The hero candidates were gathered in a conference room the next day. Heath was standing in front of us and just started talking when it looked like we were all there.

“Before you begin your first assignment, it is necessary for everyone to improve their abilities past where they currently stand. Your training will be telegraphed to the public, so please make sure to put in the effort.”

And it wasn’t our first assignment like everyone expected. The girls, all looked like they had been kicked in the stomach. Although I can understand how they feel. I’d like to get to the main event as soon as possible myself.

Although thinking about it rationally, this could mean we will all be expected to face a challenge so severe, we all need to raise our stats in advance.

Each contestant moved to a separate room depending on their role such as warriors, martial artists, and mages. While blankly watching them all go, I stayed behind until it was just me and Heath left in the room. It’s the natural result since there are no other dancers here. Heath looked straight at me once we were alone and walked over.

“Lily-sama…..Pardon. Liffy-sama.”

At Lily’s suggestion, I became Liffy Ruhuna for the duration of the auditions. We could’ve just used Lily and Lilly to tell the difference between us, but Heath agreed with Lily’s opinion since it would make it less confusing when it came time for voting.

“Since your participation was so sudden, we did not have a suitable coach prepared in advance. Luckily when I searched the capital, I managed to find a legendary dancer who could serve as your coach I think.”

“You think…..so it isn’t settled?”

“Correct. My deepest apologies. This is a letter of recommendation I made for you. They are an old acquaintance of mine, so if you give my name, it should go well.”

Saying that, he handed me a sealed letter which I could only assume is the letter of introduction and a piece of paper with directions for the coach to follow written on it.

“No, I mean, whether I train or don’t, I’m going to be useless…..”

Heath let out a small sigh.

“Think of what I am about to say as the ramblings of an old man. In the past, dancers were like flowers blooming on the battlefield. I cannot count the number of times I was saved thanks to the work they did for me. It is true that magic can conveniently increase my strength, but the muscle pain would leave me useless the following day. That never happened when I received a dancer’s support instead. I cannot say why it was the case, but I can say it is a fact based off experience.”

Heath was probably trying to tell me, “Dancers have an edge. They’re not useless,” in his own way. Does that mean a dancer’s support puts less strain on the body than magic does? Depending on the mage’s skill, perhaps the magic is too effective, and the body cannot keep up. In any case, the small edge won’t be enough to challenge a mage’s superiority.

“I understand. I will stick with the training for the time being. It would be a waste to come all this way and do nothing anyway.”

“That’s the spirit. Please do your best.”

With a smile, the wrinkles lined up in the corners of his eyes, which were already numerous, multiplied. Heath left the room without ever dropping that smile. I should head go to meet my coach as well.

I walked through the streets of the royal capital according to the notes Heath gave to me. Judging off the atmosphere, this is where the poor even by commoner standards live.

I’m fine since the sun is still high up, but I would have to work up my courage to walk through any of these alleys alone at night.

My coach candidate is apparently a bar owner named Rose Dinbula.

I found the place quick enough. It was a single house that was way too flashily decorated considering where it is located. I can’t exactly say the owner has good taste with that irregular, richly colored pattern.

I knocked on the door and walked in. It was dimly lit inside, and I couldn’t see anyone around. It all smelled of old wood and alcohol. How nostalgic. It’s just like the bar I dance in at home.

“Hello! Rose-san! Is there a Rose Dinbula-san here?”

“Shut up already! I can hear you!”

A drunken man’s voice yelled back at me. I braced myself to see who was about to come out.

The floor shook with each step taken until a muscular man wearing make-up came out from the back. Going by their size, perhaps ‘muscular’ doesn’t quite cut it. One flex, and they would tear their clothes apart. They could use just one of those arms and break every bone in my body. Their thick eyebrows and dark red lipstick only added on to the intimidation.

“Ah…..um…..are you Rose Dinbula?”

“Non non non. I am Rose Marie. Please do not call me by such an obscene name as Dinbula.”

“Dinbula isn’t all that uncommon though?”

“But doesn’t the din din sound just dangle there? It is the worst kind of name for me. Well, not that you would understand. So what do you want? The store is only open at night.”

“Heath Gray sent me hear. Would you be willing to teach me how to dance?”

Rose’s face lit up as soon as I said Heath’s name, but when the word dance left my lips, their face turned grim.

“You want to become a dancer in this day and age? How about….”

“I am already a dancer. I have become part of the Hero Auditions, and I want to increase my skills even a little for a chance to win.”

Rose crossed their arms, obviously worried. It is enough to make me wonder if this person is actually a legendary dancer like Heath said.

“Are…..you positive about this? Why not become a mage instead?”

“It is physically impossible for me.”

“Hmm…..even so, you could train your body to become a warrior instead. Is it a whimsy? Well, that’s fine too. If Heath is the one asking, I cannot refuse. What is your name?”

“Liffy Ruhuna.”

“Liffy, it is nice to meet you.”

After greeting me, Rose lit a candlestick to light up the store and started clearing away a table on top of a small stage further inside.

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