Hero Audition Ch. 10



I climbed up the underused stage. I could hear the wood squeak beneath my weight, and I worried whether I would make a hole into it. I’m not that heavy, and I would hate for people to think of me as heavy just because of some old, decomposing wood. Well, Rose is the only other person here.

“So, let’s get on with it……what dances do you already know?”

“I know all the famous stage dances.”

“Then, the peerless ass (twerk)?”

The twerk is a dance focused on hip movements with a lowered waist. It is also the reason why dancers transitioned from the battlefield to brothels so cleanly. Originally it was invented for medical reasons to cure dysfunctional men, but it eventually became a tool for satisfying men just because of how effective the dance really is.

“I know how…..but I’ve never performed it in public before…..”

“Okay. Do it.”

They didn’t hide their frustration with me and started waving their hand to have me get on with it.

I’d be lying if I said I actually wanted to, but I ultimately ignored that part of my brain. I turned my back to Rose, lowered my waist, and started shaking my waist.

I spread the side of my body across the ground and stuck out my waist to put on a show as I slowly worked myself back up to my feet. The legs which have been generously endorsed by Lily were stretched out and fully exposed.

Halfway through a turn, Rose held up their hand and told me to stop.

“Look at my crotch.”

Saying that, they stuck out their waist towards me. Nothing had changed. Rose’s body was bulging with their pectoral muscles and biceps, but that was it. I guess this is their crass way of saying my dance didn’t work? They continued on with a growing annoyance creeping into their voice.

“Goal number one for you is to give me an erection.”

“An erection…..”

A deep sigh escaped out of Rose’s mouth as they held their head in their hand.

“Look, I don’t like this any more than you do. Watching a man dance is a hundred times more exciting than this. But each dance has a purpose, and the thoughts of the person who invented it comes through in the choreography. If you ignore that purpose and just copy the movements, your dance isn’t going to do anything.”

I could understand what Rose was trying to say. Like this, I won’t be able to provide the same level of assistance as an apprentice mage.

“Let me give you a hint. Have you ever heard the origin of this dance? It was invented for the lover of a certain dancer. Fatigue and stress left them with a case of ED……which made them even more stressed than before. The dancer wanted to help cure the man they loved.”

It’s like they are talking about themself. This story for how the stance was started is pretty widespread, but as for who started the rumor, I have absolutely no idea.

“So…..who invented it?”


“You!? For your…..boyfriend right?”

They are my coach. So their personal life has absolutely nothing to do with me. But, I can’t help but be curious.

“That’s right. I have no interest in women, so you have nothing to worry about.”

“But you want me to arouse you?”

“This and that are different things. There isn’t a soul alive who won’t respond to a dance filled with honest feelings. Hence the lesson.”

Meaning my goal is set. I have to give my coach an erection. This is one hell of a first trial.

“I understand. It’s getting late, so can I try again tomorrow?”

“Yes, that will work just fine. Let me tell you something important though. This dance is capable of flooding a woman’s crotch while knocking a man to their knees. Some people are going to look down on you because of that. Ignore them. Your dances have an impact on people; it is something to be proud of. There is nothing to be ashamed about.”

I gave a large nod, appreciating that Rose would say that much. The consequences of making the twerk were enormous, for better or worse, but it’s precisely because of that huge influence that Heath called them a legendary dancer.

I thanked them for all their help before leaving the store. The noon sun had already begun to fall as I stepped onto the street, and twilight was approaching.

Melia came back from training shortly after I returned to our room and threw myself on the bed.

She smiled brightly as soon as she walked into the room. I can feel my fatigue fading away just looking at that smile. Getting her as a roommate has been the best thing to happen to me here.

“Ah, evening! How was it Lily-chan?”

They announced early this morning that I would be participating as “Liffy,” but it sounds like Melia is going to keep calling me Lily. I’d walk over and give her a big hug if it wasn’t for the fact that I haven’t taken a bath yet today.

“Hmm…..my coach is a pretty peculiar person. How about you Melia?”

“It was so hard! I spent the whole time reciting the scriptures out loud in the church! I already memorized it…..”

Melia is a healer. Healing can’t be completely replaced by a mage’s magic, so compared to me, she still has an edge. The source of a healer’s power is apparently closely related to the church, so it is inevitable that Melia will receive her training there. And from what I’ve heard, everyone’s training  has been Spartan because it is the first day.

I decided to take a bath with Melia. I ended up being dragged into Lily’s room yesterday, so I couldn’t join up with her in the end.

While I was enthusiastic about praising the two hills hidden behind those clothes today, Melia’s little sister, Peony, walked into our room.

“Onee-chan, can we talk in my room for a minute? I can’t remember the scriptures.”

“Mm! Sure! Oh, you can go ahead to the bath first Lily-chan!”

So it was Melia’s turn to get kidnapped. Peony is apparently struggling with the scriptures even though Melia said she easily memorized them. I can’t know if that means Peony is bad at memorizing things or if Melia is just a monster, but it must be hard.

I had no choice but to head to the baths by myself. Just like yesterday, I had to pass by Lily’s room. I might get taken again if I walk too close to her door, so I moved to the other side of the hall.

But the door never opened–Lily never walked out–so I guess I didn’t need to be so vigilant.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t expecting something, so I arrived at the bathroom with the wind having left my sails a bit. When I opened the dressing room door, there was only one person undressing inside.

Their long, slender legs were moderately thick with some nice muscle on them. Their butt was also tight and firm with nothing sagging down.

Her beautiful silver hair hung towards the floor, dancing around like flower petals in the wind as she removed her clothes. After a second passed, she turned towards me as if she had sensed my presence.

“Oh my. Don’t stare at me so intensely. But, I guess it cannot be helped when you are a pervert?”

It was Lily. Oi, the smell is going to go away if you take a bath. I didn’t hear a single thing she said. I was too busy screaming “What a waste!” in my mind like a drunk that’s just dropped all their coins in the street.

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