Hero Audition Ch. 17



Naturally our destination was Lily’s room. I heard the lock click behind me almost as soon as I walked into the room.

Lily took a seat on her bed by herself. Since she hadn’t given me any instructions yet, I stood in the doorway and simply waited.

“What’s the matter? Come here.”

I didn’t move in front of the bed until Lily’s voice invited me over.

“You’re so understanding. If you had sat next to me, your punishment would have been even worse.”

Lily folded her arms and laughed through her nose like she was looking down on me. For some reason, it was like a switch had been flipped as soon I walked into the room, and her cold gaze caused a tingle to run up my back.

“So am I correct that Liffy stole my underwear? It would be appalling if I were to make a mistake. Tell me it wasn’t you, and I will be sure to properly apologize.”

After coming this far, I’ll get caught even if I were to lie here. I reached into my pocket to return the underwear.

“H-…..Huh? No…..No!”

I know I put it in my pocket. I fumbled my hand around in every pocket I had, but the underwear never came out. Did I drop it in the bathroom somewhere?

Lily laughed seeing me get flustered.

“Looking for this?”

Lily pulled out the blue underwear from her own pocket. She apparently recovered it herself.

Rather than putting it on though she hid them in her own pocket. She now had them pinched between her thumb and forefinger, and after extending out her arm, she let them go. Lily’s underwear fell silently to the floor.


“Then I shall ask again. But this time with a condition. You are allowed to lie here if you so wish. If you are the one who stole this underwear, I will let you have it along with the punishment you deserve. If it is my misunderstanding though, I will apologize and have you vacate the room immediately.”

Lily would’ve found her underwear in my things. So she knows I’m the culprit.

Adding the condition means she is letting me make the choice. Do I run away, or do I stay here and take my punishment. Of course, my answer is already decided.

“I…..I stole them.”

Lily’s eyes narrowed. I can’t tell what she is thinking, but I’d like to hope she isn’t angry.

“So it was……then as promised, you can have them.”

Lily pointed towards her dropped underwear with her foot. I guess she wants me to pick it up, but it was too easy. I didn’t move because of the disappointment.

“What’s wrong? Pick it up.”

Lily’s voice relieved me of the stiffness in my body. I knelt down and picked up her underwear with both hands. They were in her pocket until a second ago, so they were slightly warm.

“Those eyes….you really are a pervert. Go ahead. You can do whatever you want with them.”


“That’s right. Hurry it up.”

I knelt down to pick up the underwear, so our lines of sight were reversed. Lily’s cold eyes were looking down on me, directing me to pick up and smell them.

I bent my arms and pressed the underwear against my nose. It’s been a few days since I experienced Lily’s smell. Like young grass and fresh flowers, it reminds me of my hometown.

On a windy day, you lean against a tree in the shade, and the fragrance of the flower gardens are carried to you. You take a deep breathe through your nose while feeling the wind all over your body.

I took a deep breath in and then breathed out over and over again until I made myself dizzy. And even then, my arms continued to press the blue cloth against my face. I couldn’t see Lily’s face because even my eyes were covered by the cloth, but the room around me was quiet. My breaths were the only thing echoing in the room.

Was just breathing it in enough? The core of my body was gradually growing hot. It was just like when I watched Rose dance. Realizing that made my body feel even hotter.

The moment came unexpectedly. My body convulsed and spasmed. Any thought was blown from my mind, and I clumped down in front of Lily. My forehead rubbed against the floor as I waited for the spasms to subside.

“Oh my, did you really cum from just that?”

Lily laughed. I had to forcibly take control of my body which was trembling in the afterglow. I managed to just move my head.

When I looked up, I saw Lily’s face was in complete ecstasy with a bit of drool coming out of the corner of her mouth. It terrified me, but at the same time, I thought she looked beautiful. Her bare emotions were laid out in front of me despite her normally cold eyes.


“For what?”

I apologized without really understanding why. My sudden words calmed Lily down somehow, causing her to lower her eyes and give a wry smile. She moved off her bed and came right next to me, placing her hand on my face. Even after taking a bath, they feel cold against my skin.

“You’re more of a pervert than I imagined. Was that enough for you?”

To be honest, no, it isn’t. However, it would be bad for Lily if I kept enjoying things by myself. I sat up and returned the underwear to Lily who easily accepted it. Even though I’ve used it, she didn’t show any sign of caring, rolling it up to be thrown in her laundry basket for later use.

“Then, my turn. Lie down here.”

I lied down on her bed just like I was told. Lily’s scent was permeating from here as well. While I was enjoying the smell of the sheets with my face turned to the side, a blanket was thrown over my head.

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