Slow Prison Life Ch. 16   Noblewoman Does Volunteer Work Sykes was going for a walk when a group of children being led by a priest crossed his path. "Onii-chan, hello!" "Ah, hello!" "Oji-chan, hi!" "I'll beat you to death." As the procession left, he had a thought though.   Hm? Why are a bunch of children from an … Continue reading Slow Prison Life Ch. 16


Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 125   Mebett My name is Mebett Chaffee.ยน I'm six years old, and I live in the Royal Capitol Skycastle. Father is always working inside the castle, and Mother always works at home while telling me to study. I can already do my multiplication tables to the end. Father and Mother praise me for it … Continue reading Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 125

Slow Prison Life Ch. 14   The Prince Brandishes a Discussion "I come to see you for the first time in several days and find you in this state............oi, Rachel. What is all this!?" With the already commonplace scene of Prince Elliott roaring, Rachel flipped up her eye mask and peeked over at him. "Nnn, Your Highness........coming into a … Continue reading Slow Prison Life Ch. 14

Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 124   The Party Arrives The next morning while Ellis was enjoying breakfast, a messenger from the council came in. Duke Marsfield had arrived with the messengers from Skycastle and wished to have an audience with them before noon. There was no doubt that this was about the five dragons, but this time they weren't … Continue reading Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 124

Slow Prison Life Ch. 13   Noblewoman Kills Time Often on clear, sunny days, Rachel would stare out her window. "Good makes me wish I could fly through the sky like a skylark." Trapped inside a dark prison, there are times where she misses the outside. "However, I can't go out..........." Just because she says she can't go … Continue reading Slow Prison Life Ch. 13