Lucy Blanchett Remembered Extra 1   "Yes, Claudio" "There's no need to talk so nervously regardless of it being an interview." "Haa.....even though I didn't want to do an interview in the first place," Lucy returned, and the man opposite her gently laughed, "Okay. By the way," and changed the topic.   The current location was a room inside … Continue reading Lucy Blanchett Remembered Extra 1


Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 109   Go East! Ah-nyan, using {Change Human} to imitate Katie's figure, was standing beside Katie inside the bath. "Hey hey Katie, could you listen to me for a bit?" "Nyat Ah-nyan?" "Actually, I went to Skycastle the other day nya." "Hoh hoh, that sounds terrible nyan." "Then I, suddenly I started croaking like a … Continue reading Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 109

Lucy Blanchett Remembered Ch. 27 So here we have a small announcement. Welcome to the last chapter. Like with the previous story Armored Girl Monette, there are two extra chapters that I will be doing after this, but this is technically the last chapter. Compared to Monette, this story went by so quickly I forgot to mention it. I'm … Continue reading Lucy Blanchett Remembered Ch. 27

Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 108   Thanks For the Information Frau was leisurely patrolling around Cross Town when she found Ra-chin crawling out of the live house. Curious, she walked over to the miniature lizard and picked him up off the ground. "Can I help you with something Ra-chin?" "You don't need to take a polite tone with me … Continue reading Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 108

Lucy Blanchett Remembered Ch. 26 Snow is so beautiful until the hypothermia kicks in. #ItsTooCold #SnowIsThedevil #SomebodyGetMeSomehHotChocolateBeforeThisNegativeFiftyDegreeWeatherMakesMeTakeASnowNapRatherThanADirtNap   "........Eh, Exchange Diary!?" The venue was already crowded by the time Lucy and the others arrived, and the sound of the orchestra beautifully reverberated off the walls without being so loud that it hindered conversations between students. The students who usually … Continue reading Lucy Blanchett Remembered Ch. 26

Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 107   Ah-nyan Katie took off her Resistance bra top and shorts she was wearing and immediately changed into her new Battle bra and spats. It was like she was wearing a set of sexy lingerie. Furthermore, when Ah-nyan was wrapped around her neck like a scarf, Katie looked exactly like one of those sexy foreign models from … Continue reading Harassing Thief Girl Ch. 107

Lucy Blanchett Remembered Ch. 25 Sorry for the delay with this one. Some IRL things have been keeping me busy this week, but hopefully that'll all disperse with the snow and cold soon.   "Come on, let's go. Together" Lucy sat in a chair wearing her dark purple dress in front of a mirror. Everyone would be dressed in … Continue reading Lucy Blanchett Remembered Ch. 25